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  1. Eyar

    I FUCKING HATE cold sores

    you guys are no help lol.
  2. Eyar


    i dont even know how to pick up ammo
  3. do any of you get these? i've had em since i was a kid but fuck, ive gotten them recently and have one right now. fucks up my day, week, and then theres always that one douchebag who yells out "herpes!" .i dont want to go out in public right now, so im here on the oontz making a thread. if any of you get em also, got any tips?
  4. Eyar

    Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

    casa diablo vegan strip club
  5. Eyar

    Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

    make sure to try some voodoo donuts. you'll be standing in line for 30 minutes though...
  6. make sure to say $1 if you get called up and they have you guess how much a speedboat or some crazy expensive shit like that cost