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  1. watson

    trailer park boys

    season 8 was on point *three year old thread bump
  2. watson

    The Nonsense thread

    oh whaaasup
  3. watson

    Old Forum?

    i'm leaving if the new forum comes back again. it's weak, laggy and horribly designed i don't want to post like i'm commenting on some shitty cnn article/tumblr post
  4. apparently that continuous shot took 7 takes i was betting on sam dying last episode but i lost that guess if ayra dies, i think that's the one death that'll piss me off the most
  5. no one talking about this season? one episode to go. gonna be insane.
  6. watson

    The Nonsense thread

    No Gore.
  7. watson

    The Nonsense thread

    if you watch one video from this thread all day, let it be this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmNvLbeOr04