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  1. Taking a shit at the zoo. All this walking around, and the heat, made me drop a load.
  2. Eating pizza with the kids putting up oontz stickers
  3. I know a sure fire way to get guaranteed success, hire these guys:
  4. My third cat and one of my dogs, chilling on the bed with me.
  5. False only because I can’t remember the last time someone asked me for a drink at a bar. I go to a lot of bars, and was a bartender for awhile, and women here just don’t do that. “Buy your own drink, cunt” TPBM Once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
  6. Indian dudes are so desperate for girls, it makes them do some seriously stupid shit. I just never understood why they all don’t just fuck more over there.
  7. I’ve always wanted to know whose face that actually is? Is that really DAO?
  8. Haha don’t be scared of strong women. They have feelings too.
  9. It’s nonsense how many people wouldn’t understand this.
  10. About to get up. Have a doc appointment this morning.
  11. Don’t flip any tables. Nail them to the floor.
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