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  1. I gotta try it then
  2. Too little too late or is it fun?
  3. Gotta be some PTA thing but I can’t place it
  4. @gasfacevictmcheck out TOTDY if you haven’t already
  5. Love this one. It’s a little disjointed and self indulgent but it still looks great
  6. I make sure to include the drop box instructions when I check out but you’re right they don’t always do it That shit with the shoeboxes too, noticed a Nike box sitting in the lobby few weeks back, not exactly subtle
  7. @KILZ FILLZour building had a similar issue last year. They installed one of those secure drop boxes and the thefts stopped. They’re kinda pricey but could be worth looking into. Its convenient, you get a code in a msg they send you and only your code opens up the right box
  8. Kults

    Divot Dogs

    Lol fuckin loser
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