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  1. Kults

    True Detective

    Eastern Book of the Dead People ragged on it hard. It didn't have the creep out factor or the killer setting of the 1st season but it was great nonetheless. I think a lot of fans were bummed out cause when it was originally announced it was gonna be about "the secret occult history of the US transportation industry" whatever that meant. What we got was more a story of Eyes Wide Shut orgy parties, elite debauchery and a post industrial failed county in LA that was corrupt to the bone. Was still good but not what was promised. I would still highly recommend it. The same way season 1 was loosely inspired by The King in Yellow, season 2 takes its inspiration from The Eastern Book of the Dead. Here's an older reddit thread breaking it down it was a good read if you're at all interested. Eastern Book of the Dead
  2. Kults


    Woah. This is so sick. Id like one of these. Is it heavy enough to wear in harsh winter temps if I layered it up
  3. Kults

    IT was pretty damn good

    Unpopular opinion but I really didn't like it. Way too heavy on the special effects and I just didn't get creeped out by the vibe at all. Technically well made but I just couldn't get into. I couldn't believe they replaced that unnerving station in the swamp for a "haunted" house, really disappointed.
  4. Kults


    ^ Sauconys never really been my thing but I like those. Only pair I ever owned were the Hemp Jazz ones. They were comfy.
  5. Kults


    Oker is dope
  6. Kults

    The Great Photography Superthread

    Go for it man that whole release is awesome. Im surprised it hasn't received more hype, with all the 90s sportswear stuff coming back in vogue
  7. Kults


    Picked this up today. Supreme MC Escher cap. The camp caps usually don’t fit me right but this one does must be the lighter material. I pulled the trigger
  8. Kults

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    The remake was trash. The OG is a classic though.
  9. Kults

    The Great Photography Superthread

    With the new ACG cap! Was just discussing this capsule on the boards earlier this week, good taste man
  10. I use TOR if I'm doing something sketchy or looking up stuff I shouldn't be be otherwise I still use chrome. Did not know about duck duck go will look into that, appreciate the recommendation. I do use ABP thought so the adds aren't so much of an issue these days. Didn't know they sold aback door, it would explain the few adds that seep through.