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  1. Kinda… but not really for long distances. “Still, some activity around battery-electric freight trains has begun to stir. Wabtec’s new battery-electric locomotive, for example, will make its first runs on a 139-mile route from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the town of Conneaut, Ohio, chaperoned by the newest iteration of the company’s fuel efficient diesel locomotives. The diesel-electric combo may disappoint electrification fans, but Wabtec still expects an overall emissions cut of 30%, which is no small potatoes. Fuel cells offer another route to electrification. Sierra Northern Railroad in California, for example, recently won a grant to build a fuel cell electric locomotive for freight applications. It will be confined to work in a switching yard”
  2. If it was just a standalone period piece it woulda been ok. It’s not Sopranos
  3. Kults


    damn, MS taking the early lead https://charlieintel.com/microsoft-to-acquire-call-of-duty-publisher-activision-blizzard/157981/
  4. In large part I agree with you. The vax doesn’t do much in terms of stopping the spread though and if you’re around 40 and have no other health conditions your chances of falling seriously ill are next to none. Esp now with this new variant. YMMV of course but i’m not seeing the use. It made sense at first but now they’re driving off the cliff
  5. Bang on. Why the hell are they forcing us to take these boosters to fight variants they don’t even cover. The whole thing is so strange. Up where i’m at we’ve got a 10pm curfew, a vax pass (can’t go anywhere public without it) and now they’re proposing a tax on unvaxxed. All for a shot that doesn’t cover the current variants anyway? Bizarre
  6. Well yeah, everyone knows you need 2 jabs and 2 boosters cmon now
  7. First deliveries this spring -Ford is planning to nearly double production capacity of the all-electric F-150 Lightning™ pickup to 150,000 vehicles per year at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, to meet soaring customer demand -F-150 Lightning moves to the final phase of pre-production as pickups roll off the line for real-world durability and thousands of miles of testing ahead of customer deliveries this spring
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