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  1. The goalie for Fulham fc last name is Areola and I’m such a dumbass I laugh audibly everytime the announcer says his name
  2. That’s like some Seinfeld shit Kramers like “bob sacameno will drop off the fake mags in jersey newman and I just need to borrow your saab jerry”
  3. Manufacturing magazines without a license to do so is probably a felony so idk how that will go over when you bring those to the pd lol
  4. Would def put my stinger in her
  5. The song cats in the cradle but it’s about dicks
  6. Too bad Anne Frank never got to throw out the first pitch at the dodgers game
  7. Having a hive would be sick af, I copped a beekeeper suit that I wear when I dj lol the article says homie was breeding climate resistant bees so I was joking that it could have had really bad environmental consequences and time travelers had to return to our present to destroy the hives and stop that shit. naturally.
  8. congrats, how old were you?
  9. and tbh his still riding that bruce jenner joke cause thats actually what gave him clout, his comedy sucks but so does most of his guests except tim dillon and whitney cummings
  10. dude goes from introspective to total bro at the drop of a whatever the phrase is
  11. damn fam well yo you became a good parent so there's that but can you ask your mom about his dick
  12. maybe my dad will show me his dick on facetime.......
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