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  2. think lil baby gotta go in the top 5 worst rn category, new uzi is trash too even worse was fire for a minut3. That OT the Real is probably the worst rn, ngl chance is making a lil revival rn but he would have def be in the trash 5 last year@Tails0nE
  3. I hadnt been posting as much on 12oz false prophet but yea I mess with the new migos isaiah rashad is ok 36 bite ali is great on the beats tho What the top 5 worst mcs rn?!??!!!!#$$%%^
  4. Ok guys its funny I get it but this is a serious thread (pushes up glasses slumping down nose)
  5. Good next idiot I hear talking about crypto I’ll break their teeth and say, but it’s okay cause you can pay the dentist in mexico with bitcoin
  6. A good one to all the other real dads out there. And to my step children on here I didn’t bring you into this world but I will raise you up from boys because somehow somewhere someway someone has to before it’s too late, now take this 20 dollars to cumberland farms and get me a pack of reds and a half gallon of whole milk (cause you can’t carry a gallon)
  7. @KILZ FILLZyou really are a stupid bitch now, see you wanted to throw shit with the monkeys til you realized they don’t give a fuck if they smell, you’re done kid hang it up, your mom got cancer cause she’s ashamed of how fucking lame you are, so go hit your gf or whatever pieces of shit like you do, rest in piss, you’re fucking up
  8. @KILZ FILLZoh we are deleting posts, you’re fucked
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