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  1. where


    If you could play golf with anyone living or dead who would it be? Id have to say Mother Teresa cause she helped all those sick Indians
  2. where


  3. where

    Divot Dogs

    Do the shadows on the wall frighten you? You seem to have a thing for exaggerated delirium
  4. where

    Divot Dogs

    Wow those are coherent sentences, not
  5. where

    Divot Dogs

    What size was your school bus?
  6. where

    Divot Dogs

    Im gonna break into the 70s this summer.
  7. where

    Divot Dogs

    Nobody hates on you its a result of how you carry yourself.
  8. where

    Divot Dogs

    Its just that no one cares about your pissy boy bullshit if you ever wanna get a factory reset come out here and we can make that happen, lots of bullshit going on these days and its not apparent weather you are dealing with it or contributing but you picked the wrong dude to become obsessed with, your bad I guess. Go work on your golf game.
  9. where

    Divot Dogs

    @Mercerdo you have clubs?
  10. where

    Divot Dogs

    Are you overheating?
  11. where

    Divot Dogs

    No it was me giving you a chance to talk about the thread topic I wasnt sure if you thought it was an option, im definitely not a racist Id even consider myself actively anti racist so show me posts dhabz said racist shit and ill condemn it, but what you're doing is try to play checkers with me and compel what I say, fuck that ill keep up the leg kicks, I doubt you could stay awake for even a full minute if a fight was to actually take place so just fall back homie I take shits that are tougher than you
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