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  1. does tinfoil work to block RFID?
  2. dont @ me bro What’s the deal perfume? Who told these bitches they need to smell like nana’s condo in West Palm or the rim of a flowers asshole?
  3. How often do you test your water? I do it once a week, when I do a 25% change on my lake tank. I assume you test for NH3 and NO3-, what else do you test for? Does the coral regulate the gh level?
  4. Millennials and gen x have less sexual partners than baby boomers and silent generation.
  5. Yea I meant visually cause I can’t see the ph or salinity
  6. https://www.ers.usda.gov/webdocs/publications/45014/30940_err140.pdf
  7. Hope you scrubbed the geo tag
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