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  1. where


    Never was much of a melee person until recently, that shits so fun to demoralize fools
  2. Your Dads Dick: an epistemological discussion on the influences of social hierarchies (2021)
  3. Had he lived they could have put out another banger and they would be in the conversation but The Cars are hands down the best American band oat
  4. We fancy like Applebee's
  5. In 2016 only 38% of Indian houses had toilets and in just 5 years its up to 82%.
  6. Michael Chiklis' wife's name is Michelle.
  7. Yea cause I want military personnel doing cheeky shit like that gatfwoh
  8. I've been playing basketball with my daughter vs these middle school kids, we just run the pick and roll but they haven't beat us in the year we've been playing, I have Rudy vibes like a mf. The best kid is a Puerto Rican kid named Chris honestly kinda a piece of shit who tucks his chain whenever he hits a shot, but they look up to me like a lot of yous so at the end of the day its worth it.
  9. where

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    That makes sense, if they are bled and iced I hear you can sell them and I guess they are sent to Japan for sashimi, im in MA if you hadn't already acquired that knowledge, they only let us trawl once it was kinda weak but we were way out near block island following birds. Definitely want to go on another charter before the end of the summer, I actually catered this last trip for 60 people and it was rather profitable.
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