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  1. This comment sucks, go put a rubber band around your testicles and lay in a ditch for a week.
  2. I don’t feel bad about throwing bottles and cans in the ocean, if gives crabs a place to hold their food til they’re hungry
  3. I feel like we have traveled past the zenith of cinema, and it crushes me.
  4. If it’s not from some obscurely guarded avant-garde house on a hill of cinema then it’s too obscure and worthy of a neg.
  5. @MercerDon’t get my dick hard
  6. Do you got a bulletin board with everyones username and avatar with sting connections?
  7. Ketchup by itself is gross but something magical happens when it mixed with mustard.
  8. I’ve been saying that verbatim on here for a decade but live your truth playboy
  9. Goes into kam man Chinese market in Quincy, to everyone “yea do you have stuff from the COUNTRY Taiwan?????”
  10. That’s gravy not chili, made my own version of ny system
  11. This is the gospel
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