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  1. I'll take down a turkey with the recurve bow.
  2. Is that Chiefs Bills game still on?
  3. where

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    Ducks are chill
  4. Seriously tho I should be a rep for this company I refer everyone to them, keep all your passwords on there with encrypted 2fa
  5. If you dont buy your socks from homeless people do you even care about society
  6. Wow Charles Manson's favorite movie was Friday After Next, would have never guessed it
  7. Oh you just wanted a taco, well now its inside a burger, you scared pussy?
  8. Papa Johns just took a pizza put it inside a quesadilla and flipped it on its dick
  9. Its the pits not being dipped
  10. A plus is famous, so get the anus
  11. They're gonna come up with a pill that gives boners
  12. Check your privilege
  13. I hope @Mercerdies like electrocuted crushed or hit by a car, am I playing the game right?
  14. John Jacob jingleheimer schmidt, im on my john Jacob jingleheimer shit
  15. Its like your foot, halfway up your behind
  16. Best game of the year, gutting finish for the chargers they showed a lot oh heart
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