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  1. some oldiez in there. sick bench thx 4 sharing!
  2. my buddy started up a design in her web out there..maybe i'll name her charlotte?
  3. i also thought fantastic voyage was a cooler tune than gangstas paradise. rip coolio king of 1994 rap
  4. haha nice! poor chloë btw just having fun..
  5. finished resurfacing this seam between the houses cinder block and the driveway, it was a real easy way for water to get in. the difference has been great, way less water pooling downstairs. VID_20220928_183718.mp4
  6. ...or, better yet, ride out the storm in a ground-floor florida apartment bumping bailamos and hero!
  7. been doing these on the regular: breakfast type burrito w/ pepper and onion, habenero(this time i added enough and it's pretty damn spicy..), sausage(tofurky), shredded cheddar and a scrambled egg.
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