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  1. good luck having success with your brand. really interesting to hear the creative end of what goes into these kind of projects...
  2. i dunno...never saw it before, figured why not lol
  3. wow, the first survivor. i have watched some over more recent years but i bet that is completely different than what it has become now.
  4. i noticed some glitches...thought it was on my end, thanks for clarifying!
  5. since last i was on here: while doing yardwork got bit by a random dog for one of the first times ever in my life...pit bull, but i think he could have done a lot more harm than he did so i think he was just trying to scare me.
  6. wow my 12oz account still can't post most photo/video today. not even a quick gif. not really sure why this is happening. no explanation, nothing. weird...peace out.
  7. lol what is this all about? backstory on why this guys head is in all the photos????
  8. man this sounded like such an interesting opportunity. i was seriously weighing the pros/cons for a while there....
  9. geese are actually hella scary close up if they don't want you around. big wing spans and some pretty intimidating noises, posturing, etc.... an example:
  10. maybe you're right. i could just try to bury them deeper in the cooler or something, not sure lol nothing concrete or anything like that, just daydreaming about it really.
  11. i go to music festival(s) on yearly basis, couldn't do it this year for obvious reasons. point being, i honestly might try mass producing some of those nutcracker jungle juices to sell at the next festival i am able to attend. that would be one hell of an ice-breaker to meet people as well... never thought of that, and have never seen it before.
  12. @One Man Banned thanks. i already @ misteraven & dirty_habit in a recent post in the "random thots" thread about this, don't want to blow up their notifications too much. then not likely to get help if i piss them off lol
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