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  1. 321184309_691659312452277_6456690535175819884_n.mp4
  2. maybe jsut use up old seed once just to try..
  3. yeah i didn't go forward to season 2 b/c the matthew/woody season ended so satisfyingly. didn't want to be let down!
  4. screen grab of a cool quote i just saw on the show i am watching. reminds me of the haters.
  5. started this last night, will probably continue to try it out
  6. been loitering down there since the end of highschool (lol..), for the vast majority of the time it wasn't even locked to my recollection. i know i've driven back in there, too. just never noticed it before until yesterday. seems logical the rr would repurpose their scrap iron though so good point.
  7. this is what it leads to, was back today exploring a bit.
  8. For the life of me I'll never understand why people do this this truck has a nut sack hanging from the back of it I almost didn't get the photo for you guys
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