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  1. ketchup tooth brush is making me wretch wtf lol
  2. is it, like, legal anywhere just to buy seeds online??
  3. idk maybe he just put yogurt in a clean sour cream container for shock and awe?
  4. i'd do the whole chip, one shot, not drag it out like that
  5. watching the ravens/chiefs game, might take a little walk for a bit though...nice evening
  6. over the past few days...edged a few flower beds along/around the yard and weeded them all out. trimmed a few shrubs/bushes. mowed the grass. swept chimney. been trying to get everything winterized early this year while i'm in the mood for it...
  7. i'll eat one if you eat one...and post a video as well. no lie..
  8. that looks really interesting, unfortunately it also seems to be super hard to find.(same as the ja one posted...)
  9. i rented this for free when i worked at a DVD rental place back in 09...might give it a rewatch now.
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