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  1. working on a bit of canvas painting for the first time in YEARS yesterday/today. been going thru a bit of a minimalist kick and figured one way to unload some artwork(and use up supplies..) would be to finish my unfinished things and stick them in a show. show should should be middle of april. not really a show per se, but more of a cafe where they will be on display for a month or so. also, went on a nature hike. the trail was like a sheet of ice for the most part and i was traveling in sneakers when i decided to do it so it didn't last too long but was nice while it lasted. need
  2. yeah i guess i was haha. finishing second half this evening. kind of a chill movie i suppose but definitely not full of action or anything.
  3. haha i liked blue tank top best in the freestyle video 😆
  4. been locking it down almost daily since my post about starting to work out again. my feeling is that i can possibly come out of pandemic better than when it started. positivity.
  5. oh man that looks banging. looks like something alcoholic but i am not too positive exactly what it is 🙂
  6. and this shit is still coming up: https://futurism.com/the-byte/google-car-batteries-ocean
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