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  1. early 2000's shit was so fresh
  2. lol had this one stuck earlier while i was making dinner, the music video as much as the song:
  3. i don't get brainfreezes. i don't know why, but i'm just immune to them. i mean...i can sort of "imagine" what they feel like, but cold things don't affect me that way. an example of this phenomenon would be the fruit smoothie i just downed straight out of the freezer in a matter of minutes and felt nothing, i became full, but no brainfreeze. i've done it with pints of ice cream & milkshakes as well...nothing.
  4. decided to try this one since it got such good reviews in this thread. real dark movie.
  5. strange. i just googled it myself after seeing your query...it's a name for an aussie foamer lol
  6. some pics from the last nice days of summer before it all starts to go downhill here. these were taken while my posting privileges were out of order.
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