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  1. https://www.thedodo.com/amphtml/daily-dodo/guy-snaps-photos-of-a-bald-eagle-then-notices-whats-in-her-talons
  2. NS layed up where their siding is.. and found another one of these:
  3. filled their feeder with some syrup today, only took a few days for them to take in about a gallon! VID_20230324_133150.mp4
  4. got my start today.. VID_20230322_152407.mp4 VID_20230322_153853.mp4
  5. idk. just no plans on yellow mustard here. not my deal.
  6. actually, after some discussion at a party it came to light that i've probably had some sort of honey mustard type as a topping on a lentil walnut burger at whole foods, etc. but i have still 100% not had the yellow mustard!
  7. the pizza was actually great. best one yet.
  8. veggie supreme, from scratch(other than shell..). sauce simmered all day while i took care of some stuff around the house.
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