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  1. wow random. truthfully i actually just deleted my socials, all of em, a few days ago. deleted: fbook, insta, soundcloud, bandcamp, discord....and possibly more(can't remember..) all in one day. i just realized that when i was waking up.....my day couldn't move forward w/o checking it all, sitting staring at my phone endlessly. it was unhealthy...and no matter what i tried i couldn't curb the urge. i stared at my phone a lot thru dinner, too, made my eating experience rather unpleasant. had to ghost some pretty nice people(and some pretty girls, too), though, which kind of bummed me out in a way.
  2. gotta try those one of these times too! never had em.
  3. nicklesndimes


    nice. always a rewarding feeling to be successful at DIY bike tune-ups. i replaced my brakes in the beginning of 2020....hydraulic disc brakes though in my case. i just found the exact match on ebay and replaced the used ones(i'd had them for about 7yrs, riding often). was actually able to flip my used brakes on ebay as well to get some of the money back i'd spent on the replacements!
  4. now finally getting started on watching m. night shyamalans "old" after that little detour
  5. truth on the benching spot... just got back from a walk. friend of mine of about a decade was sitting on her porch and we hung out for a an hour or so....funny thing, we didn't even realize we were neighbors now until we were talking online and were only 5min walk apart after all these years.
  6. ^^it's hitomi tanaka, to those who might be wondering lol.... tbh those mammoths hang way too low for my tastes personally
  7. after a quick google search, here it is(stolen):
  8. "provoke" has a massive highway spot in cleveland that stuns...
  9. goin on a little trip to the southwest this fall.....and today i got a permit to do a wall on venice beach. don't ever fall for it when people tell you you can't go far in this world
  10. ketchup tooth brush is making me wretch wtf lol
  11. is it, like, legal anywhere just to buy seeds online??
  12. idk maybe he just put yogurt in a clean sour cream container for shock and awe?
  13. i'd do the whole chip, one shot, not drag it out like that
  14. watching the ravens/chiefs game, might take a little walk for a bit though...nice evening
  15. over the past few days...edged a few flower beds along/around the yard and weeded them all out. trimmed a few shrubs/bushes. mowed the grass. swept chimney. been trying to get everything winterized early this year while i'm in the mood for it...
  16. i'll eat one if you eat one...and post a video as well. no lie..
  17. that looks really interesting, unfortunately it also seems to be super hard to find.(same as the ja one posted...)
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