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  1. nicklesndimes


    @Ko SprueOnesorry to hear that, sounds painful... ribs are still killin on and off but still getting a lot of riding in, ironically haha
  2. why pay so much for something you drag across the ground everywhere you go. obviously quality is important so they last, but i gave up a long time ago trying to keep them looking fly.
  3. cool. some nice ones in here, and looks like nice benching spots, too. thx 4 sharing.
  4. looks like a good quality burger n fries right there.
  5. both sites get lots of traffic. probably both, just to reach more possible buyers quicker.
  6. also, just so everyone knows...they have to be latched on for like 48 hours or something like that for lime disease to set it. we have them the worst here in pa.
  7. had a couple on my jeans in the spring. then also in spring i had one on the back of my neck, along my hairline, was the biggest one i've ever seen and it terrified me. thankfully it didn't latch on. took it out back and eliminated it like in the prior video.
  8. @Schnitzeldamn, those are all incredible.
  9. incredible post, thanks for sharing! back when sh1t was good... interestingly, i spotted the west coast stuff on that gvsr(at about 2:48 in your video..) in around 2011 i believe. nwpa. here's the flick i caught, sorry to clutter the thread:
  10. @Schnitzellooks dope. one time soon i would like to do a homemade pizza a lot like that. sauce from scratch, home grown toppings and all that...
  11. nicklesndimes


    was riding my bike downtown friday evening and was "doored", i think for the first time ever. and i am noticing more pain when i breath deep or laugh, causing me to think my ribs are bruised. ouch, but just going to give it time to heal. can still ride in the meantime too. for those who don't know about "dooring" in the bike world, this is it:
  12. ^this was a pretty good tune, decent good rap era 2004-ish
  13. just out for an evening bike ride, but got caught in basically a torrential downpour. thought the chances of rain were slim until the overnight. oh well, it's needed... VID_20220808_193414~2.mp4
  14. just line it up & do a rail of it, dude..
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