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  1. Listened to this podcast recently and made the decision going forward to only buy Cage-Free Eggs for consuming at home. It only costs a few dollars extra(or less!..) to make the switch, I figure if it helps a living thing have an even slightly happier existence it's money well spent. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-stuff-you-should-know-26940277/episode/the-truth-behind-cage-free-and-free-range-94643778/
  2. doesn't even squeeze her own toothpaste tube, has dispenser.
  3. wow until i saw keri russell in the trailer i thought it was just a joke but it's a real movie. looks funny.
  4. ^yes i had to rewatch as i thought the crabs were alive going into the steamer. lol weird but to each their own.
  5. VID_20221130_184958~2.mp4
  6. lol thought of everything hasn't she?
  7. just finished searching, & was just going to post that! thanks @LUGR
  8. could very well be, they were hollow inside. thought they'd have seeds in them, was gonna take some, but sure enough just dew/moisture caught inside.
  9. VID_20221129_160623.mp4 ^^these little dangling bulbous things had water droplets accumulated inside them.
  10. ^^lighting a match is a simple trick to this problem. it works by burning off the excess gases in the air, leaving behind mostly only the sulfury match smell. works like a charm honestly.
  11. i always thought "tank man" was run over by the tanks in tiananmen square in 1989. only now did i just realize he survived and is unidentified to this day.
  12. i'm pretty positive this was probably my logic in high school days at some point..
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