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  1. lol what's up with the beastiality jabs at me lately?! HAHAHA!!
  2. @ndvglad you were able to view it. i stay streaming things on there
  3. no that tiger thing is weirding me out b
  4. was a good watch. and yes they were super bold w/ faces/locations....except ich, go figure lol
  5. here's a link to the new graff documentary that came out, for those who don't have cable. watch with adblocker or it's unviewable..enjoy! https://fmovies2.cx/watch/rolling-like-thunder.html
  6. tbh those male cans have been clogging on me in my milk crates left and right, thankfully stores have been accepting exchanges and i'm getting paint out of it..flaw in the design if you ask me. i think the newer can designs of krylon and rusto were a pretty bad choice and i know i haven't bought a single can of krylon since they switched to that fan tip years ago..
  7. i hear ya, they are male cans though so not sure exactly how old we're talking..they better work(maybe if they don't i'll "exchange" them at a chain store for new paint..). they have like 10 cans of painters touch almond i might go back n stock up on, that'd be a dope fill color. but they cost a buck more apiece so it's not as much of a bargain..
  8. man i haven't had a bmx in so long, last one was a DK 8-pack i sold over a decade ago. used to enjoy street riding so much but could never get down with dirt..
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/police-suv-ambulance-overturn-in-south-jersey/3082719/%3famp new jersey backhoe rampage flips police cruiser and other vehicles, ends with suspect shot
  10. at the mall today people were having no social distance whatsoever it was hella packed too w/ people christmas shopping
  11. i'd have reported it too to be honest, nobody needs a violent loose cannon as a neighbor. that's no way to live..
  12. corpser katsu whistleblower tex goth aware nice post
  13. got these rustos today for $1.99 a pop at a clearance store, couldn't resist....
  14. the top two are by far the best looking...
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