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  1. Thats because its set in England where nobody gives a fuck about gangly negroes.
  2. Surely just eat Chinese take out
  3. You maaad barsted. Neville fackin baaartos.
  4. Seen would be awful but smoking stogies while painting without a mask for 40 odd years somethings gotta give
  5. Don't really care if he didn't tour all his dates. Everything brother put on wax was hip hop hall of fame. Toast to the most..
  6. My fren used to hang at the counter of tool hire stores pretending to be on his phone but 'overhearing' tradesmen rent tools and plant machine on their trade account scoping their account conformation code (usually verbally exchanged). Then hop across town to another branch 'renting' $$$ worth of expensive tools to that account then selling them for profittttt$$$$.
  7. Erm.. i think no.3 is a convicted pedophile
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