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  1. Posh part Birkenhead Real Scouses would of called him a Woolyback
  2. Where in Mersyside is your Dad from? I used to Work up there in the 90's..
  3. Eh? Fulham just got promoted and have the Champions bounce factor that's why they got the draw, caught LFC cold.
  4. Our site electrician's foreman drives site to site all day drinking tea chatting to contractors see if they have any issues ( never do) chat to site managers about issues ( never any ) go home, repeat.
  5. Being Lefty handwriting was always a cunt mission because my hand smudged whatever i'd just written left to right so holding the hand off the page while pushing the pen down becomes tiring after a few lines. Do banging flare tags tho
  6. I said my peace Chrissy
  7. Thats because its set in England where nobody gives a fuck about gangly negroes.
  8. Surely just eat Chinese take out
  9. Seen would be awful but smoking stogies while painting without a mask for 40 odd years somethings gotta give
  10. Don't really care if he didn't tour all his dates. Everything brother put on wax was hip hop hall of fame. Toast to the most..
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