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  1. the trinity is better evidence for god than any evidence anyone has against god
  2. the creation started evolution that created humans, we chose to be better and not animals, even if you dont try to ascribe meaning to that it is a thing
  3. I love simple people, they come in all shapes and sizes, have a good one.
  4. Rather be debating than freebasing, and I feel fate is.................BUY THE ALBUM
  5. you trying to imply meaning and that i dont already know this shit just makes you look a certain way and we were trying to have a dialogue Im not going to mix words I dont seek conflict but if someone disrespected god in my presence i would put hands on that person, the setting would determine if i actually touched them but there would be an altering of the vibe thats for sure
  6. there is a correction to this, i wouldnt impose those conditions on society thats the hadron times infinity and i fundamentally appose that economically
  7. @abrasivesaintI give you credit for actually having a dialogue cause there's dozens of people that wouldn't even have the balls to do that.
  8. Im not telling what to do but if you said that shit to me i would do to you what I feel was right in the moment and worry how things would be handled appropriately later , i understand from what you have said that this is why you dont like religion because it empowers behavior like that, thats just the way it is playboy nut up on a life level before you try to swing dicks about your opinions of god (little l in your respect)
  9. I don't mean to be mean to anyone, and i wholly believe in god because of things ive seen but trying to find a unifying theory of god and all the condition it would impose on society i fundamentally appose. The question was posed well, can you disprove the existence of god, and the answer seems like its no.
  10. theres levels too this im hella flawed but i dont tell people how they should think, we're different.
  11. As long as you's are talking
  12. The father is the creator of existence. The son is the elimination of natural intentions in humans that people trying to live outside of nature. The holy spirit is nature.
  13. its actually not hilarious it would show more about your communication skills or lack there of
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