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  1. That's what threw me off the most, it was so random.
  2. What did I just watch?? ^^^ lol 😆
  3. I was asking the same thing this morning.
  4. So then how is the government able to haul trading crypto on the robinhood platform? I am confused then.
  5. Earlier this week I was speaking with someone who has 10k of crypto in the hands of robinhood. He said due to the ongoing law suite his 10k is pretty much frozen at this time. Can't do anything with it. Edit: I think one of the biggest problems with trading/buying/selling crypto is the lack of education of which platforms wallets/exchange forms to use. The problem is so many people do educate themselves amd just throw money at crypto amd whatever exchange platform shows up first for the day on Google and thats it thinking they wakeup the next day "big rich".
  6. All of my nieces are civilized but one, she'll out of nowhere smack me, and I am instantaneous with a smack right back. Problem is she never learns, and is always crying foul play but everyone knows she's misbehaving. So, no, I stand with with you on Uncles Against Bad Nieces aka Smack Attack.
  7. I'll have dig for it, but there's a documentary/ history lesson talking about all of this. When I find it, I'll post.
  8. ndv

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    It's like placing multiple bets on a roulette wheel, hoping at least one will hit.
  9. ndv


    I'll have to check'em out.
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