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  1. At that point, I'll hose her down and make an exception. Edit: I'll whack her with something else
  2. I would have played off that and been like, I know those birds are good grilled.
  3. You made me think of a potential method to eliminate the wet soggy spots. Perhaps the pineapple should be grilled separately to sweat it out then applied on the pizza as the last topping right before the baking process. Maybe that would ?
  4. If an Amazon employee shows up popping out of a box on my porch. I gonna play wack-a-mole.
  5. ndv


    Two antennas got married, horrible wedding, but a great reception.
  6. Y'alls convo made me think of this Tee on top of other topics going around in discussion amongst politics.
  7. Thanks. I am good to go now. Just a weird flu like experience.
  8. Tell us the story. No, I am not a writer, I am a publisher... LOL.
  9. Care to share the details?
  10. America. In Debt We Trust.
  11. ^^ Yo! Great post to this thread.
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