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  1. Have you seen the doc The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia? Interesting doc.
  2. @Kults I am genuinely impressed. You have done better than me. It took me several attempts over the years to quit. But you're better at putting your mind to and doing it better than me. One of the things I was told when a heavy smoker quits (and I am really hoping it's really not true) they will get really sick. It happened to me, and I never been that sick before in a very long time, 10yrs or so. Although, I did hug my niece at the same time which she had the flu. So I do not known if that is coincidental or a smoker does get sick because of the chemical changes.
  3. When I was living in a duplex, the neighbors who lived above us (which were buddies) my roommates and I agreed we would get att because our buddies above us already had so that is just gonna be an easy install. Not so much, att kept telling us that they do not have service there and can't get it unless they run lines which they were not going to do. After explaining the second floor has att, att still stood their ignorance of believing service is not available. So we just opted for satellite.
  4. @Kults how's the anti smoking campaign going?
  5. Sounds like something my mom would say as well.
  6. I hear ya. I decided to let it go.
  7. Apparently when you try to type inequality, you get spell checked to inequity. Those damn ducks are all over the keyboard.
  8. 5.) Breast implants In 1988, an exotic dancer wrote off close to $2,000 for the depreciation of her breast implants, saying they were a “stage prop” that increased her earnings. The U.S. Tax Court allowed the deduction, saying they were used for her work instead of a personal benefit. https://www.click2houston.com/features/2021/03/01/strange-tax-deductions-that-were-approved-by-the-government/
  9. Sexual Inequity. Some people are getting some and I am not. This has to stop!
  10. @KILZ FILLZ. Thanks! Just looking at the blank format is funny in itself. This is gonna be great.
  11. The meme format is epic!! ^^ What would this format be called? Do we have names for these?
  12. ^^ do they have a course on how to properly sexually harass? Asking for a friend
  13. I can't stand chucks of iceberg lettuce. Amd that's what really made it worse.
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