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  1. I completely agree with you on this. It's crazy how the media can light a fuse and there's nothing at the other end of the fuse but people automatically assume there's explosives. Stupid people need to wake up.
  2. lol... Truth! No, I didn't mean it to be complex, I just was making note of the efforts and energy they are putting in which out weigh the inferior materials "shields" used so to speak. This may not be the best analogy to use but, it's like someone or a group with the drive and intelligence to engineer a good product but use piss poor methods and materials which causes the failure down the road and that's if the product takes off. That's how I am looking at the entire thing, when it's politically backed "motivated". Not that I agree with it. But it's these individuals who are throwing gas on the fire, and trying to over throw trump, or whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. 'these individuals' are using inferior methods/materials "destruction/coffee house hipsters" which I personally think it is actually hurting their cause all while you and I both know regardless of our views on politics and or economics, burning and destroying a business big or small, DNC voter or RNC voter, small business owner or corporate. It's become a nuisance. I get that BLM, I get that there is injustice, and understand the meaning of Driving while Black. But the truth is regardless of some police officer fatally end the situation. The first thing I notice is the false flag (a Caucasian) dressed in black instigating a riot. Not in the name of BLM, but in the name of "look at me, I am a suburban white kid, and I am easily manipulated by others, and I can prove it by burning and destruction of this innocent business. And it's because of the actions of destroy/burn it's now making the whole BLM movement look bad, I do not care who it is but someone of color has to step in and take back control of the image for BLM, before it's becomes a joke by the end of the year. Because right now, all that BLM is saying is "we are still easily controlled by white people. If you do not believe us, "HEY OPIE" break that window. CRASH!! Hell yeah, that window is broken! FREE GUCCI!!! I ern dis, dis mines! So it's not hard to rent a U-Hual, but it is hard to watch how some of the black community easily looses site of what they are fighting for because some Dopey "Coffee House" Opie threw a brick through a window so it's loot time. In the end doesn't matter, all the public sees n tv is black people looting. So what does that say? Doesn't look good.
  3. Yeah, it happened to me yesterday but didn't really think much of it until today. Double checked my passwords in settings and my saved password list was gone. I have to start fresh. Of course I still have chrome so I was able to export my passwords then import. Which worked. But I just found it weird. As for my mobile, not a problem, everything there. Beats me? But scared me because what happened yesterday could happen again at random down the road and not a fan of those kinda inconveniences. Specially passwords to important stuff for business.
  4. when I seen the clip the media was playing, I laughed because it was so blatant it looked so staged. I thought to myself and said, rioting cannot get any gayer than that. Riots are not suppose to be organized, ITS A FREAKING RIOT! But whoever is behind all of this riot fagtifa crap is really beginning to make the whole cause look less favorable politically so to speak. It's making the dems look desperate. I guess thats why George and bloomie are doing whatever they can at this point? IDK but if you ask me, its all stupid.
  5. ndv


    In that case, I guess it's better to keep em. Although, I am sure that's a catch 22
  6. Whats up with brave on PC. All of my saved passwords are complete gone. I apparently have to start fresh? Did this happen to anyone else? Weird thing is, my passwords on brave mobile are still saved.
  7. ndv


    Still have some typos in there, but I am working on it. Phones and me don't mix. Bare with me.
  8. ndv


    I agree, in my case I have been dealing with smaller amounts of money so some of these customers invoice totals would be equal to my lawyer's bills (in some cases, lawyer would cost more) or the litigation processes (time) and all said in done with I would take 2 steps forward and one step back. But I hear you DHabz, i am done for suing if need be, I do have a great legal team, I just hope it never comes to that.
  9. ndv


    Don't be too pissed, I let mine go on for more than a year, my issue was that I started on the wrong foot with them, and let things slide. And now I let myself no way to negociate, its like i have a stuborn bull. And allowing it to happen is my biggest mistake. In their eyes I allowed them the have higher ground and they know that. Now it's time to correct it, and the only way I can is to cut them loose. And if, if they decide to come back, that's where I will have the opportunity to renegotiate. Of course it pisses me off, but I am not so much pissed at the customer as I am at myself for allowing it to happen, however, i am still pissed at them because of the disrespect they have toward people and that doesn't fly. I would just be even more pissed in the end the longer it delay corrective action. In your case, and definitely not trying to persuade your better judgement, but I definitely would cash out and cut them loose. You know, not sure if this is relatable in general as well but I have a customer that gets his knives etched and it basically is exact to the "just bill me for it" because his orderes are not steady. So basically I would have a couple knives to do one day, then maybe one knife a few days to a week later type of thing. Well, I wasn't going to invoice him six different times in one or to weeks, so I told the guy, I'll bill you at the end of the month or two. Which we both agreed and said was cool. Well short story long, due to this COVID thing (however I did think about this scenario well before covid). I said to myself, one day the tab is going to be high, and that may sticker shock him (he's small business too, but regardless) and he may back out or ask for a price break. Well, COVID came along, sales are down, and sure enough, I he ran a tab of around 400+ , I invoice him and a day later he comes to me asking if he could have a price break. So I guess what I am trying to say, is when you cash in on your tab, he may get shocked because it's a big number and that's all he sees. But the problem could work it self out and he may go else where and make tour job easy. If he is negotiating the total, I am not telling how to collect or what to collect, but I that's a good indication it's probably a good time to cash out and run. Although, if he tries to negotiate the total, that may say he is cheap or he has no where to go but either way he doesn't wanna pay is share of the bargain. And again I'd let him go either way. I hope I made a little more sense in this post than the previous. Now let's see what DHabz is saying while I was typing.
  10. ndv


    Retirement boring. Funny you say this, I have thought about it, but remember how bored I get when I have taken vacation days and didn't leave my city.
  11. ndv


    I have a few invoice issues too. Mine are being delayed on payment. As for the the "customer" who I am about to let go pretty soon, the issues have been brewing for a while. It's basically one of those companies with the mentality of thinking they are you're only customer or you're biggest customer. So my mistake was allowing it to keep happening but, it has come to a point were I think the customer thinks I wait by the phone for them to call and drop everything everytime they do call. One main reason i think its this way is because the owner treats employees like crap so i guess that mentality is trickled down and employees begin to act that way. IDK? But one thing I do know, the boss sets the tone. So with the O&G so slow 🐌 I think it would be a good time to clean house. I just do not have the patience for people of the morementioned, professionally or personally. I know times are tough but sometimes things need to be done regardless of timing so to speak.
  12. ndv


    I am getting ready to fire a customer.
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