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  1. This notice came in the mail today. Amazing! Simply amazing.
  2. Honestly, this is a tough one for me. And the reason being, is that fabric has a tendency to absorb in the fibers and may be impossible to lift and completely remove a paint stain, specially spray paints. Depending on the fabric and definitely dye used may or may not be suitable to use acetone. Mineral spirits mayyyyyy, help but don't know? I would try a small dab of acetone in a conspicuous area and see what happens just with the fabric and dye. If the dye isn't removed, faded then thats whe. I would again, small bad the paint stain and see what happens. Let us k
  3. ndv


    https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/adidas-yeezy-foam-rnnr-ararat-sneakers-item-15625937.aspx?storeid=11218 Yes, that is correct. All it is is the foam mid sole or what looks to be for a mere 600+
  4. I figured this link is more appropriate to post here rather than the shoes thread considering the prices. Cool kicks however the prices are total nonsense. https://www.farfetch.com/stories/men/stadium-goods-edit-fw20.aspx
  5. An affordable minute repeater is on the market. https://www.chrono24.com/citizen/citizen-signature-grand-complication-bz0000-50a-master-perpetual-calendar-minute-repeater--id16458430.htm
  6. https://www.chrono24.com/ulyssenardin/classico-minute-repeater--id12959630.htm
  7. I think that's what the maker was getting at. Its apparently a 1 of 1. But for 140,000 id rather opt for a few high end pre owned. 1 of which would be a minute repeater. https://www.chrono24.com/andersengenve/eros-presidents-pleasure--id17300918.htm
  8. I agree with all the way on the D&G. That was the impression I get with a lot of commercial generic scents without smelling them. Not trying to sound like a snob. Besides, the only commercial generic cologne that is the best would be aqua di gio IMO. Again, you're exact on the Italian leather. It's tough to figure out but very inviting.
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