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  1. Get rid of all these stupid boomers by having a Re-Grand Opening at Auschwitz.
  2. No, no pun intended. Well, hopefully the person who did the evaluation will begin to see what you do is the backbone of the company.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Morgan
  4. Psychologists are Sociopaths with PHDs
  5. I am sure you have please the company since you higher date. Hopefully you get a pay bump.
  6. Props to the Right...lol Anyhow, so going back to the federal reserve. So I am waiting on some details from a job, but in the mean time I am speaking with my customer and explaining how complex the job is going to be in the state it is in to do my job. And I was kinda jokingly but more so as a hint-hint, the job isn't gonna be cheap. My words to them were simply this. I am not sure who you are billing The DoD or Ferederal Reserve. Because the DoD works on a budget, The Federal Reserve just prints money. I'd bill the federal reserve. My customers just pause for a moment and just look at me. I may post pics of what I gotta do if I can even get it done.
  7. You're just jealous you didn't get the bj burglar to stop by in the night at your house. But sounds like she's gonna do it again so leave a window open.
  8. Why don't you have best of both spectrums and add an addition to the family and get a Canadian Sphinx.
  9. there's only one way to find out @Schnitzel go find a roo and sqaure up with the cunt and right hook the hell out of it. Sure wish we had Oontz Live @misteraven for what Schnitzel is about to do for all of us.
  10. That's a tough one for me. I am kinda leaning towards fake, because I don't think a Roo would stand there and take a punch like but maybe so since it's animal logic.
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