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  1. so what's the couric threshholed?
  2. depending on the posts, I think it's kinda funny
  3. where do you live? asking for a friend
  4. I am still very interested in kinetic bombardment. I just love the fact (theorem) that one can completely enilate a geographical area without any radiation fallout. Makes my tummy warm inside
  5. Prostitution is not a job. But atheist you can take your work with you.
  6. The Houston Tampons are not either.
  7. Anyone else watch tractor pull competitions here and there? It's kinda intense, but for no reason.
  8. That's actually not that bad considering when Adam and Eve discovered intercourse, that pretty much left us with 7+ billion idiots.
  9. The differences between a penitentiary and a university. One of them you will leave a little more educated and no debt, the other, you leave with just debt.
  10. You gotta get in there! Lol
  11. So it's basically a stingers party for the entire weekend?
  12. Not my pooch, just on the road and seen this.
  13. Waiting on a customer to drop some parts.
  14. ndv


    Be right there. DM you're contact info.
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