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  1. ndv

    random thots

    I'll pay top dollar if worn during a workout.
  2. So some you oontzers have kids, with that being said what do yall think about Greenlight card?
  3. Updated the meme to be more current to current times. Sad but true...
  4. as soon as I heard of her arrest. The first thing I could think of is a meme about her killing herself.
  5. Are "they" going to "come and take it" in the same manner as "they" have people wearing masks? 🤔
  6. I thought I heard and seen these. Aren't they Japanese denim??
  7. What the hell are those?
  8. However, i think the moto jeans look sexy on the ladies.
  9. COVID, proving how incompetent humanity is since 2019
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