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  1. When Twitter won't let you screen shot tweets, next next best thing, use your other phone to snap a photo and post . Anyhow...
  2. That whole page is lolz
  3. I'll have to check it out and repot back.
  4. https://www.click2houston.com/food/2022/09/24/the-future-of-pizza-arrives-in-houston-this-machine-can-make-your-favorite-pizza-in-less-than-3-minutes/
  5. That's one thing I like about higher-end products. It's well thought out and designs do not follow traditional rules. Take highend audio for example, alot of the hookups are some kinda military/aerospace similar design.
  6. I am digging the electrical fixtures. Looks like something to upgrade to in the future.
  7. In December it will be 10yrs since this release.
  8. Owning an HP Printer is like baby sitting a retarded kid.
  9. ndv


    Y'all hear about this Sleepy Chicken ?
  10. So from kilz post, suck runs in the family ?
  11. Is this the same Carr as the Texans quarterback back in the day? @KILZ FILLZ
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