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  1. I'll tell yall this much, if you do not see me use the word Faggot every once in a while then, that's probably a good indication my acct had been compromised. Although, I think... I have 2 Factor on? Checking on that now...
  2. @misteraven Right on man. I know I joined a year ago and within that time from being busy with work I would log on from time to time and stay in the shadows as I was trying to understand what your site is all about. But the more I would visit and check out the forums I was beginning to see most people here I am more relate able too than most people in real life. Honestly, it's 12oz that has gravitated my attention to more and more on a daily basis as I have been noticing I have been distancing myslef from the fb life (kinda getting ready to deactivate the fb profile just for personal preferences). Me? Yeah I have heard of reddit been there, but all of the popularity of it is what makes me feel like a forum of the the answer to the age old question: "If every body jumped off a cliff, would you?" Instagram, I get it but not really so I deactivated that profile. 12oz, what I like about 12oz is that it really feels like fight club, it's different, it's cool, and it's not for everyone. It's like us oonzers are not gonna hurt anyone but if you cross us, then Suicide Squad it is. Anyhow, I have recommended one person from fb so far because they are cool, and can relate to a lot of you here. But yeah, I think what makes this site cool is that fact that we all can express ourselves by any means of content with out all the "unfriend" hype. As for one topic I would like to see added on here would be thing hacked to relate able stuff like for e.g. Tom Ogle Heard of the guy? El Paso Mechanic, probably one of the greatest mechanics of modern industry. Check him out! Or just go watch the Doc Gas Hole. If any of you know who he is and tried to pick up where he was murdered off, let us know? Anyhow, I am glad to see 12oz exists, because there are a lot of intelligent people with very rational point of views. ooonz! oonz! oonz!
  3. What's weird, is that episode, used to be free to view on youtube.
  4. I can see were you're coming from. It's like a bunch of spin off shows pulled from random networks and every once in a while there is something interesting.
  5. I saw this a couple years ago while flipping through channels over the weekend. Apparently viceland is selling the episode for $1.99 now. But anyhow, here is the youtube link for The Great Meme War . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbbee5_HX3A&has_verified=1 Thought it was pretty interesting.
  6. I completely understand both sides of this. Although, I think as @misterave had stated about computational power and investment return, very few entities have the equipment and financial resources to make it cost effective. With that being said, you also have to make your self a target to those entities. Anyhow, speaking of security what are your thoughts on http://www.invisiblesecrets.com/ Personally I think the concept is cool, but I think anyone with the software who intercepts the encrypted content could run it through the software which really doesn't make it classified.
  7. Yeah, very interesting. I serched for the case document and attached the PDF File for everyone to get an official review of the case document opposed to media filters and so forth. Roh, Ruling on R 29 Motion.pdf
  8. I have to admit the Creed Aventus is the most expensive bottle in my arsenal but the least I am impressed with. Not by scent, it is a great scent. What makes it the worst to own is the low silage, dies quickly (about 2-4hrs tops), the spray volume per shot which is a gas guzzler in my opinion burns fast. So with those few things and the price point it more so classifies it as over priced for a average scent. On the other hand Tom Fords perfumes last all day, silage is heavy for the first few hours to a moderate linger. The spray nozzle is perfect, very little goes a long way. Worth the price point compared to most other colognes. Now the Quercia. This is my signature scent. When I wear this stuff women compliment it as well as men. But one of the things I immediately noticed about it it forces women to take a deep breath. Not sure what it is about this stuff, but I have had a few women flat out tell me "whatever your wearing is panty dropper" which could have lead to other things. This in my opinion is a gentlemens cologne.
  9. @KILZ FILLZ haven't tried the Burberry, but that D&G is the bomb. Another cologne I forgot about is the D&G Velvet Patchouli, that stuff is panty dropper.
  10. Not sure what you oonzers wear but thought it would be cool to share for others looking for something new or spread the word on your fav colognes or perfumes. Me personally, I have a large collection of the colognes that have caught my sense of smell. But do not wear them all as I have evolved towards my top choices I wear in weekly rotation. Acqua Di Parma - Quercia / Cedro Creed - Aventus (original) Memo Paris - Afican Leather / Italian Leather TOM FORD - Tobacco Vanille Gucci - Envy (discountiued 2008) Have but rarely wear. Estee Lauder - Intuition Versace - Blue Jean's Mont Blanc - Presence Acqua Di Parma - Sandalo Hugo Boss - Hugo Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Robert Graham - Fortitude Mont Blanc - Legend
  11. ndv

    Hong Kong

    That's exactly it. Years ago I was googling product marketing for my business as I wasn't sure what directions I wanted to take in establishing diversity. So during my google search on product development and marketing I was becoming more interested in the psychological side of marketing which also led me to look at the products functionality, demographic, and long term use from the consumer aspect. As I am searching I found myself going further down the rabbit hole which ultimately led me to a starting point of the Rothschild Family and specifically speaking Adam Weishaupt ideology and/or illusion. Long story short (this crap again)... I began to question more so, why do some products/services become mass success and other products struggle to never take off and eventually die away. When I started questioning great products that never took off I would begin to evaluate the use and psychological implications it had if any. Now I see a whole lot of what you said in almost ever thing from products, services, content, to political manipulation on the masses. However, come to think of it, I could honestly say that I seen this a decade before my startup product marketing searches began due to past experience which basically I had my right of voting taken away for a brief moment. During that moment of silence, (silence is sometimes the best answer). It allowed me to sit back and really listen to all of the candidates from both sides, (and hell! even the rare running, Independent) from all levels of office fulfillment from local, state, to federal. The more I listened the more I began to hear the same lies, deceptive practices from all candidates with choice of different words were the hammer that fired the same ammunition to hit the same target. *If you are a Mayor, Senator, Congress Member, to POTUS and you are reading this. THANK YOU, FAGGOT! You didn't take a right away, because there was nothing to vote for to begin with. 😉 I guess what my "long story short" is is that each country has their own form of fascism and depending on the the initial liberties given (if any at all) during establishment will determine the evolution of such foundation and out come what empires last, how long they last, and ultimately how they fall. P.S. to all: Wanna hear something cool? That's cool too, I am going to tell you anyways. So to go back on the effects of not voting, two years ago I got my parents to stop voting because of me explaining to them about what I began to see when I couldn't vote. Yeah, they don't vote any more. Very Cool! So again, Thank you, FAGGOTS! Ha! Tables turned Queer! Don't ask me how all of this ties together, I don't know, you're asking someone with self-diagnosed aspergers.
  12. ndv

    Hong Kong

    You nailed it on the head.
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