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  1. I have a pair of blue ones with white stripes but not sure where they are. Gotta find them. Adidas does sell them any more that I know of?
  2. @where But isn't it just as much a right "not to vote" as it is "to vote"? I guess it's not any different than someone not voting for another candidate because it's their right to choose "not to vote" for the other Candidate/opponent. So if it's ok to have a choice to vote for one and not to vote for the other. Then how it is shitless for someone to not vote at all because they do not like the choices giving because they are all shitless assholes that deserve a flush? What's shitless, is year after year I keep seeing the same lies being sold to the people, and the people keep voting, and keep getting the shitless results. Again, Brother, I do not vote because that right was taking away from me a long time ago as an extention of my punishment. And for that, what the law didnt understand is the state gave me no choice but to sit back and listen to all the lies candidates will say to the people to get their votes. And when in office, I now have to hear all of "We the People" complain how nothing is being done, we were lied to, Candidate X is so horrible... Blah blah blah... I dont vote because: 1. The State took that right away from me, but then again, they didnt because there was nothing worth voting for in the first place. **So jokes on them** 2. It's a really tough hump for me to get over when I consider we all breath the same air and our blood is the same color red as everyone else. So who to say anyone past or present is anymore worth of being in office than anyone of us or the average Joe. 3. I'll vote if and when there is something worth voting for... Until then. No Dice!! Cats Eyes everytime!!
  3. No. Not at all. I have just learned a long time ago. You play stupid games. You win stupid prizes. And quite frankly, anyone one who still believes that a president is going to make your life better, equal too, or cares about your well being. Well, let's just say your mom has already been raped, because out popped you! For the record: I dont vote. Never have, never will.
  4. I should have used some of your memes as my profile pics. Maybe next time.
  5. @T4M* Interesting... 🤔
  6. I didnt know there was more than one shuffle. I was speaking in general. But now that you mentioned LMAFO Shuffle. I like that Shufflin! I just dont get the style I guess? I am trying to understand where it came from? Swing? Crip Walk?
  7. I just do not see how Bloomberg is choice for president? What I am saying is, a guy with that type of wealth/status/power. My question to Bloomberg would be, Why are you all of sudden wanting to make change now, why presidential office run? It doesn't make any sense for a person of this type of stature to run for office, he doesn't need an office, he has plenty of money to influence and lobby a change. In other words, if amd when I do have money like that, no need to run for office, just put politicians on pay roll. G Code, Yo! Just doesn't make any sense unless it's the good ol bait and switch tactic.
  8. Not sure if I should start another topic based on Shuffle (Dancing?) or ask here since I do kinda find it Non-Sense? But anyhow... What up with the Shuffle Dancing? Is it really dancing or just another alternative to aerobics?
  9. I am still confused with this topic. Not sure if it's suppose to be a Joke/Pun of some sort or this is for real?
  10. Hey! If those Adidas pants are the OG Tear-a-ways, then sign me up!!
  11. Other than Mercer's post and something I read this morning, this is the third time I am beginning to notice a common denominator. https://nypost.com/2020/02/22/dont-buy-chinas-story-the-coronavirus-may-have-leaked-from-a-lab/amp/ Fact check nypost anyone? @Hua Guofang I hope the best for your Family and Friends and one can only hope they do not become effected. God Speed to a strong immune system.
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