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  1. Other than the Tay Tay thread, don't we have an Ai thread ? https://www.hitpaw.com/voice-changer.html?linksource=home
  2. Anymore on this? Can't one just remove the camera? If there is a cam, I would think there is a microphone too
  3. No, it was around 1997-2002, roughly. I can't even remeber the band. I think it was Sevenfold. Years later, Avenged Sevenfold sent them a case and desist letter because of their name. It was ridiculous really. But I they changed lead singers around that time too. All I remember is the dudes first name, Lawrence.
  4. No, I don't think so. When I go outdoors, rather it be mountains the beach, I always consider wearing or at least packing a bright color that would easily be seen from the sky or long distance worst case scenario. Also a compact mirror is a good choice to take incase you need to use the sun's reflection to attract eyes in the sky.
  5. Lol No he was guitar amd lead singer. The dude was,or is, into nu metal/chin rock.
  6. I really did. All I can member is the guys name is Lawrence. Him and my buddy was in a band together, that's how I met him.
  7. I knew a guy who owned an escort service. Ex NFL player. It was not what I really expected. Girls would go out with two or four body guards. These guys would go out strapped with body armor on. It was wild.
  8. But this is one of my immediate concerns regarding AI doing simple tasks we take for granted (or eventually will). Like for example remembering phone numbers. Most of us these days really don't memorize phone numbers any more. So not memorizing simple things isn't exercising the brain as it should which what doesn't this do to our mental health? So when we start using an apparatus like Ai to perform complex creativity like emotion, feelings, and such a society as a while becomes numb, numb to a point we live in this dystopia nothing less. Or nothing less as in what the valley has programmed us to think. Like I replied to DAO's reply, that's totalitarian. That's bad, specially when you have half the pollution on Neuralink.
  9. I agree, but that seemed more towards totalitarianism in the long run, but in a short amount of time.
  10. ndv

    Hawk Tuah

    This is a good time she can rebrand herself with a lama as her logo
  11. ndv

    is WW3 going on?

    Fingers crossed WW3 goes full effect by Nov. Really need my crypto to be worth something by years end.
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