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  1. ndv


    Are wombats that chill though, I mean I'd figure the one int the videochas to be domesticated a little, huh?
  2. Ghlisaine Maxwell got 20.
  3. ndv


    We will have to sumon @Schnitzel to get us a better video. Schnitzel, can you feed a wombat a couple cans of beens and fosters? Get this on vieo and post pics or gtfo 12oz. Thanks buddy!!
  4. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2022/06/28/civil-rights-groups-abortion-providers-to-challenge-texas-abortion-ban-tuesday/
  5. I was sold on the RO benefits, but at the time I wanted to look into other RO systems Tham just buying the first one introduced to me.
  6. So basically each stage is a filtration level, RO systems normally go upto 7 stage. So the higher the stage the more you filter the water but don't equate that to a good thing. Because the higher the micron filter the more you filter the water, the more you filter you begin to filter out the good nutrients e.g iron, alkalinity ect. So with that being said, with your higher stage filters you then have to put the nutrients back in the water and this is where some people really get into it. Adding back the right nutrients that they life style and body needs. This is where it gets interesting because some systems use uv light to kill specific bacteria and strip the water to basically nothing but pure liquid. Whole House ROs are better all around if you are tapped in a water source with high calcium part per million as the calcium gets washed and dried in your closes which cause them to fade and break down quicker. Plus all of your appliances and plumbing fixtures will not build up and not prematurely breakdown or replace. Now is RO water directly from your faucet better than bottled water. Yes! I had a salesman show up to sell me an RO years ago (wish I would have bought) and he did his whole sales pitch hooked his adapter up to my faucet ran his water test. Then I placed a bottle of Ozarka water on the table and had him test the water too. Ozarka had impurities in the water but the RO didn't. That's when I was sold but I wasn't ready to buy. Your stage 4 should be good enough, but if you feel you want more, you can always add more filters. Or at least you should, but I don't know your system.
  7. What in the Dungeons and Dragons is that?
  8. Makes sense. I just defaulted to thinking the video is in the US.
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