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  1. ndv

    Forward Party

    @Elena Delle Donne truth.
  2. Those look really good ! Not sure if it's the sunlight, but they look really healthy too.
  3. I went with a more traditional bed and picked this bad boy up. I even got the slippers too.
  4. You don't need none of that. Just get you a mic with USB plug, plug that in to your laptop and auto tune everything. Apparently it works. A lot hots off auto tune. Collect yo money and do it all over again.
  5. I should report this post.
  6. ndv

    Forward Party

    the used auto industry. They threw all kinds of mad used car money at his campaign
  7. Seeing videos like this or hearing all of these political radio shows, These hosts are basically commentators for pedos.
  8. but that 's my point tho, I would hard wire it in, I am sure a low voltage regulator will be needed but it would work
  9. They hurt my ankles after about 2 days. Not sure if its the lack of support. But if I were to get flip-flops They would be these. https://tiddiesshack.com/collections/three-layer These things are like walking on titties
  10. Wish I could wear flip-flops
  11. If it looks like fleshlight, it probably is. If it doesn't look like a fleshlight, it's probably something else ~ moogle
  12. I was just checking out the site, and I see the plates are battery powered. Why not hardwire it in?
  13. This is for certain... a bad example of this is an old employer of mine; The CCO's buddy was given a job with a company as CEO, brought along all his employees that were hard core loyal to him (like 3-5 guys). Long story short they guy was not CEO material and the company wasn't doing so good, investors were getting upset. Fired the guy and all of his loyal fans. None of the above surprises me, met the guy, wasn't the most intelligent for one, two, he ripped off all kinds of products (reverse engineered) and made cheaper versions with inexperienced people at the trade. I guess he took that crap with him, thinking the "Fake it 'til You make it" thing was gonna work... But this Mero/Duses thing can be repairable. Probably not getting back to another show on another network, just wouldn't be the same, kinda like bands and stuff, * lead singer dyes, some new guy/gal/goat/tranny (the auto kind) that sounds like him replaces him/her/they/them... Sounds kinds Alice N Chains familiar ? Anyhow, I am sure they will go on their separate ways, develop their own brands, may be successful or not, or just one a second success and the other not... ??
  14. I am trying to find a supplier for currogated sheet metal and alibaba apparently did but when the seller doesn't exsist so this is the page that i was sent to...
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