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  1. There's a manatee named Lizzo.
  2. Crypto is going to become an acceptable form of payment with some grocers. If/When this happens this will be the beginning of phasing out paper currency.
  3. This is prettyuch how my day is going. Thanks for the illustration Mudder.
  4. Finishing up a plaque. Wish I would've "No Quoted" the job.
  5. ndv


    at least she questioning the scheme
  6. It's a photo that I was editing for laser. I aperantly saved over the original.
  7. So I posed a shot in the dark on Craigslist Missed Connections and wishful thinking was maybe she would see my post or she post herself. No dice! but these two reached out talking to one and the other is a bot... Craigslist Missed Connections maybe easier and cheaper that a dating app.
  8. The Weeknd looks like Redd Foxx from Sanford and Son
  9. I like how all of a sudden the n95 rated masks are now becoming a inferior grade and a new grade is in the works. I can't wait to see hoe they are not only gonna push the narrative to mask up with the new 2.0 but how they gonna make us buy them. Bwahahahaha...
  10. Well so I asked my buddy if he tried any breast milk. He said his girl got mad at him. I asked why, and his response was. I went home and asked her if I could knock her up so I can suck on your titties because I wanna see if breast milk upsets my stomach. He said, she told him NO, and you're not having any of my vreadt milk, that's gross and that's for babies. So at this point I told him about the ladies selling their milk for 6 pounds and ounce. So now I gotta get him some. Hang tight everyone, this may take a little longer to get yall answer than I thought.
  11. Lol. I got you fam. Basically it's a politician looking like he's beating it, general public stares, and of course trump thinking it funny.
  12. I just realized my two photos were intended for the How to Draw Quackly thread. When I see OMBs duck photos above, I thought I was in that thread and figured I'd play along.
  13. It's the broken window that sucks.
  14. Yes, or at least in Montrose Houston they do. When I was living in the Montrose area, which is right out side of down town h-town we would get a lot of homeless people making their way thru (using our street to get to shelter homes) when they were out of their fix, needed a shower, and food. So they would break into people's cars for whatever they could steel and pawn to support their next fix.
  15. The stealth jet is pretty cool but woopsies
  16. Here's what I was trying to post. https://twitter.com/SamosRell/status/1181971868993146880?s=20
  17. Yo Ladies! Just found a side hustle as an extension to your onlyfans! https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/weird-news/bodybuilders-buying-breast-milk-online-5196530
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