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  1. The Kia driver shoulda threw a turtle back. Newbie.
  2. I was think of that as well. I have spacers on my volvo. Now I am kinda concerned.
  3. This incident just reminded me of a similar incident that almost happened to me a few months back. The difference was just the tire came off. So I am driving down the highway (in one of the middle lanes) and I see this camry coming up on the left amd as I see him pass I noticed his rear passenger tire blow out and wobble rapidly. Anyhow basically the tread separated from the wall and came off toward me. I had to swerve a little but pretty quickly. Didn't hit me but came really close. That would just suck though. I'd be more pissed really.
  4. I'd like to know what happened with the insurance at that point. I mean, what happened if he just came from getting new tires, wheels, brakes or something like that. Just curious.
  5. Hope it passes pretty quick as in feeling better by morning.
  6. We have a couple just like them in my neighborhood. Follows her around all day just waiting for her to lay eggs.
  7. Did that really happen!? That's crazy! Never seen something like that. That's crazy! Uh oh! Better get maaco!
  8. Funny thing is at times I still say, "ain't nobody got time for that" when I am really busy and get interrupted.
  9. Hey Marco, I have a question for you. So, I understand photos are your work and such. Am also aware of contract in place. But when shooting celebs do they have contracts where your photos are their ownership for distribution reasons. Or is basically yours? I mean, your post pretty much answers my question, but this is a contract with Bun B. I mean I would think some celebs would wanna protect content for whatever reasons relating to their image/fame. Just asking from curiousty.
  10. Alaska offers incentives from their oil rich state. Have you tried moving to Canada? IDK did some searching on this all while considering your post is from 2006. I didn't see anything supporting your numbers but I did come accross several stories reporting different numbers with a pretty large spread of little as $3,500 to $18,000 a month. Anyhow, it's not the oil companies that owe you or should pay tour bills anything. In fact nobody owes you anything. Quite frankly you are not entitled to anything in this world. Not even oxygen to be quite frank. I am do not go to work to pay your 700 a month life style. but if that's how you wanna see it, then whatever taxes I pay that fo to you then that's cool too because you are your own suppresser. And if you wanna receive government handouts then that's fine with me, less competition I have to worry about. But yeah, don't take what I said personal, just go to Alaska, claim your land, and get some money from the state.
  11. Found this thread and thought it's appropriate for the coming months. Not sure how hot it gets in your region but HTX gets perry hot but what makes it worse is the humidity here. Curious how summers are like in the land down undah? @Schnitzel
  12. Oh, I was just making fun. Sexual pun I guess. But on a serious note, I wouldn't know, here HTX we here sloppy noodle we would be perplexed. And probably respond, not sure what that is, but I know what a sloppy Joe is.
  13. I mean I am not gonna fault someone paper chasin' but I will ignore their existence when they chase paper like that. That just makes him look like a whore to the machine. So yeah!
  14. Moogled Sloppy Noodle and these where the most interesting images I found
  15. Around my way a sloppy noodle is something completely different.
  16. I can agree just about everyone in TV is bipolar. I mean pretty much they are good at making money on TV being whatever character they have to be for ratings and money. But someone completely different IRL. I get it.
  17. So, let me get this straight. Of all the chaos that Tucker condems on his show, he simply feels and said this attending his funeral? Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke at the funeral. Carlson said that he had been a fan of Barger since his college years, quoted Barger as saying "stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor", and adding "I want to pay tribute to the man who spoke those words".[118] Barger was laid to rest at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon.
  18. I was reading something a while back about those guys and from what I was reading, they were basically hated on becuase their music amd lyrics are so well written it makes them look like posers. So I figured they are similar to AI being too perfect where it's easy to call out.
  19. @Mercer can't wait to catch a wave with that boot licking board.
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