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  1. Sounds like Hand held EMPs are a thing now.
  2. That's one of the issues small business owners face, they just suck it up and take it. They get paid when they get paid, and some of these people think that's how business is done. This is pretty much the reason I asked my question in the first place. I mean, I pretty much already had my mind made up for this customer and let them go. I just wanted to get a general consensus from you all which I had a feeling the answer already lies in the question. You all basically validated my thoughts what to do with this customer. I mean, the thing is, if you break down $680 on a net 360 that's $56.6666666667 a month. At 57 bucks a month, that doesn't really pay for anything in business terms and not to mention factoring in inflation. With the math being said, I can spend less time in pursuing other financial goals than the energy and time it takes to have to stop what I am doing to go chase down 680 bucks for months on end. The smart thing to do is to cut my losses and invest my time and energy in something more rewarding. I appreciate all of y'alls input, sounds like we are all on the same page.
  3. I agree, oil and gas have the money to pay in full. For the most part. The thing about the oil and gas motors, is when they say they are gonna pay net 60, 90, 120, then that's when they pay. The problem is all these other companies working for them think they can adopt the same pay periods. Which I laugh at and bring up the grocery store anology. Now, don't get me wrong, some of these companies can't pay when nothing is coming in. Keep in mind the oil majors control the faucets too. So it can get tough for some companies cash flow. But that's not the case with my customer, I mean the company has been around since 1908. That tells me you should have your things in order. So I am guessing they are paying when they want like you mentioned.
  4. That and bombshells. Yeah, I was out today and seen a hooters billboard and asked myself exactly my previous post.
  5. Hooters is still a thing?
  6. If it happens again, I am gonna send Mr. Yuck in there and piss all over their desk. Pants down, hands on hip, letting it flow.
  7. I have entertained the thought of this 10% late fee. I am pretty much at the point with this customer, where I am forced to COD. Gotta pay to play. All other customers pay on time.
  8. Honestly, they paid pretty promptly, but during 2020 lock down, 2yrs now, they been dragging their feet.
  9. What would 12oz do? So, I have this customer that orders 10 nameplates once a year. PO is 680 bucks. That's it, that's all. I always come through when they need it, but I have to chase my money for roughly about 6 months. I basically have to threaten them to get my money, 1. I shouldn't have to and 2. It's just bad business practice. I am considering on dropping them. Would you?
  10. ndv


    2mins ago I just learned what catfishing means.
  11. A couple years ago, I think I watched a crime show about thus guy.
  12. Lol, where is this from?
  13. I think Bill Clinton is next year.
  14. @girlsstreet211 do you have a brochure/catalog of your ladies? Got any pics? We need a list of your inventory.
  15. I was going to checkout the site, but tor keeps crashing so I guess I'll take that as a sign.
  16. https://www.click2houston.com/news/politics/2022/11/23/740m-in-crypto-assets-recovered-in-ftx-bankruptcy-so-far/
  17. Energy capitol of the world and you can't even keep your power on.
  18. Power keeps going out. I think I can hear Sen. Cruz' jet engines start up. Sounds like another trip to Cozumel.
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