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  1. *tosses the coffee behind me* because, this right here started my day lol
  2. I wonder if that's what Gwenth's candle smells like, fish sticks and pickle juice?
  3. Why? something to do with tha Cucci?
  4. https://www.newsweek.com/effort-curb-afghan-heroin-trade-total-failure-440596
  5. I'll eventually eat the chip, I am just not ready yet.
  6. Got ya. I was thinking along the lines of accent lighting for a kitchen or something. Yeah, i know nothing about the growing. SMDXL may be able to help. I heard she is an expert at growing hemp.
  7. When ya don't pay @mr.yuck , ya don't get a shower https://toofab.com/2021/09/20/colorado-contractor-smashes-bathroom-with-sledgehammer-over-unpaid-bill/
  8. @One Man Banned I have the same issue with the rotation device for the CDs. I opened up the stereo but could diagnos the issue so I closed it back up and try to avoid accidentally touching the cd button.
  9. Still rocking mine. This unit was flooded twice, still works, other than the amp pops and the sounds will stop, but turn of the vol. knob, and sounds comes back on. Easy fix but just haven't done it, yet.
  10. Yo @Dark_Knight I meant to ask, what ISO Whey do you recommend? I am looking for something pure, no artificial additives. Some really good stuff.
  11. @mr.yuck not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but if its anything to do with residential/commercial lighting e.g. led strips/strands, then you will want to look at voltage regulators and all that other good stuff. Having the proper voltage per length will keep your leds lit and not cause fatigue then burnout.
  12. I don't know man, I purchased it as a novelty item with no intention of eating it. I'll have to think about it. Because I think when they say 'This chip will destroy you.' I have a feeling they are talking about your butthole.
  13. She makes all that noise for no reason.
  14. Check out adafruit.com should be able to help you. As for the diodes, Cree maybe made in China but are top of the line. Cree is pretty much in everything if not then it's Philips.
  15. I am still rocking mine. I have my Awia in my office so when I get in tomorrow I'll snap a pic.
  16. As I was reading the meme half way through, I thought, "isn't that pretty much every wife?" Then the punch line came through.
  17. One chip challenge caught my eye while waiting in line at the convenient store. Not sure if I am gonna try it as I intentionally purchased it as a novelty item, but maybe. The clerk said to have a gallon of milk ready...
  18. This is basically what I am trying to achieve. Good for you. My proble is, is that I can eat amd eat but never gain anything. A fast metabolism is a catch 22. As for the the girl at the gym. Just ask her out just to see what really going on there. Only one way to find out. Anyhow, keep up the progress and try to stay away from the stress.
  19. Why is her post on English speaking as a whole, but port's origin looks yo be russian? I guess the Russians are still trying to keep racial division alive, eh? Still funny tho
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