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  1. At times throughout my absence over the past couple years i’ve wondered, “i wonder what fools on 12oz have to say about this..” Then i come back and see shit like this, and i remember why i stopped coming around here, ha. The situation and circumstances involving AZOV, Ukraine, and Russia are far, far more complicated than that Lil Wayne edit you produced as evidence to your point. So you’re either not as educated on the matter as you’re portraying, or you’re willfully choosing to omit information to further your opinion on the matter. ..and it’s for these reasons, i’m out, again.
  2. I wrote a similar post to that one above when i was posting the other day, and the page refreshed and deleted it. I re-wrote it on my phone and came back to post it. I have not read any current @‘s, posts or threads. Due to the current state of things around here, i’m checking out of 12oz for a little while. Have fun, take care. edit: by “the state of things” i mean that some people here have their ideas, and are unwilling to question them. They take any criticism of these ideas personally, and counter with personal insults instead of counter arguing with ideas because their identity seems to be attached to these beliefs. If a discussion does take place and meets a stalemate, the personal attacks start flying. I’m simply uninterested at the moment. I’m certainly not perfect, and not above hypocrisy. I understand and accept that. I don’t think some of y’all are willing or ready to do the same. I have learned and even changed opinions through the years due to discussions here, through exploration of ideas in my life by reading and educating myself, and so on. I just don’t see that happening here anymore. The objective simply seems to be “win the argument at all costs”. I’m not saying i’m not guilty of this as well, i’m acknowledging it. I’m sure i’ll be back at some point. We all seem to find our way back here in some manner. But for now y’all can fucking think what you want about me. Enjoy.
  3. This is not the best analogy, there are clear counter-arguments here, to me. The obvious breakdown: You need to climb upon other crabs (people) to escape the bucket (the trap that is the system). 1.) The system (the bucket) is a creation so that the proprietor of the bucket (those of power, wealth, ect.) may feast upon and live at the expense of the crabs (the people). 2.) If the crabs worked together to collectively escape or destroy the bucket, nobody would be left behind, or there would be no bucket. Due to the looming threat of being eaten by the proprietor of the bucket, the crabs are in a state of panic and focus solely on survival, rather than the root cause of their situation, the proprietor and the bucket. We simply do not have to live this way anymore. We have the means to sustain our existence. This is evident in the sheer waste our society produces. When there is food that spoils before it is eaten, there is an obvious abundance. With due credit, this is partly in thanks to Capitalist incentives and efforts. However, like with anything, you can overdose or over-consume, and die. I believe this is where the current system is heading, and it doesn’t need to. Capitalist ideas can survive without being unfettered. 3.) That the crabs (people) are within the bucket (system) involuntarily, otherwise they would not be fighting to escape their fate. 4.) What this analogy argues is (social) Darwinism. That only the most fit crabs will survive the bucket. Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid” argues that cooperation (rather than competition) within species is highly understated. That many species survive, thrive, and evolve due to cooperation. As i said earlier, if the crabs worked together rather than against each other, they could all escape or destroy the bucket, and maybe even the proprietor. Obviously life isn’t fair. This isn’t a fact unique to the crabs, but to the bucket and the proprietor as well.
  4. Hard pause. (Edit: deleted the comments of me talking shit back) You’re incredibly emotional in that post, and casting stones from a glass house, hombre. You’re personal shots here made me lose respect that i otherwise had for you, despite our disagreements on some matters. I’m sure you’re heartbroken. When have i said you needed special genes, or that a specific cultural upbringing was the only way you can learn to save?
  5. That wasn’t so much a comment on what you said in that quote, as it was Dhabz picking and choosing what he deems “racist”. If proving your point means those that remain poor obviously aren’t making financially sound decisions, i understand that point.
  6. Forgot to address this. I don’t make ACAB statements, i post situations of abuse in an ACAB thread. I understand the logic behind the statement that All Cops Are Bastards, however, i think it’s childish statement to make.
  7. For the record, as of the beginning of 2022, i will be in a new (higher) position, and a member of a union. Money where mouth is.
  8. I actually made that ridiculous statement in the style of accusations and claims you often make around here. Baseless and ridiculous. Try holding yourself to the same standards you’re currently requesting of me.
  9. No qualms with this racist (classist) statement though @Dirty_habiT? I also beg to differ. I know many people who grew up poor and decided they didn’t want to continue the cycle. They worked hard, saved money, made some better choices, and got out of their environments.
  10. 1.) It’s classist to discriminate against people of different incomes, not racist. 2.) i never said that I honestly have no idea what this is about. 1.) How am i pretending i’m a centrist? How many times do i have to tell you that i subscribe to no political ideology or theory before you get it? I like ideas, and concepts. I have no interest in slapping a label on myself because you’re uncomfortable with it. Mark me down on your white board in the leftists column if it makes you feel better. In the Presidential elections that i’ve voted in, i voted for Libertarian candidates, by the way. 2.) Suck my whole ass about living off of handouts, haha. I’ve worked and made money since i was 10 years old and legally since i was 14. I’ve always paid my own way, and make my own money. Names mean nothing to me. I like what i like and buy it accordingly based on nutritional value, financial value, and taste. But ya, my parents often bought store brand shit when i was growing up, because it saved them money they didn’t have, no matter how small the savings were. So to swing back around to accusation of “racist” comments, i made that statement (half jokingly by the way because y’all are increasingly ridiculous) from my own experiences and people i knew. pew pew, or whatever.
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