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  1. I’m all about living life to the fullest and having as many life experiences as you can, but i coulda done without that one.
  2. 14 days of quarantine and 3-4 days of no fever or symptoms means your boy is a free man. Fuck Covid, i dont ever want to do that shit again.
  3. Vaccines are generally the most common strain of an illness. These things can mutate, hence a vaccine for strain A may not work for strain B, or it’ll only lessen the symptoms. It takes weeks for your body to build enough antibodies from a vaccine. So if you were getting infected shortly before or after a vaccine it will not work as it should because your body has not built up the antibodies yet... science 🙌🏼
  4. abrasivesaint


  5. I’m not for torture tactics, but in all honesty if they just took one of these little nerd ass white cunts that do this shit and got medieval on his ass in public, i think some fools would think twice. I get caught, i go to jail and get my 10 seconds of psycho fame.. aight lets do this. i get caught, i get drawn, hanged, castrated, disemboweled and quartered... i’ma stay home.
  6. I was riding my bike in Denver late one night and i stopped on a corner to drink some water and some fucking light/siren contraption started blaring. It stopped as soon as i got off the sidewalk. I thought it was just like a spot light for nearby construction but i’m pretty sure it was some sort of anti-crime thing. One of the weirdest things i’d ever seen. I had no clue what was happening.
  7. @Tails0nEi’ve heard some stories from varying people of the past few days and they really do range all over the place. I’ve heard from someone that they know someone who had it as bad as i have. When i go to the bathroom i wear the mask for the like 5 steps and then i remove it, if i sit on the toilet i wipe it down, and just wash my hands. Its usually sprayed down and all that stuff after, its definitely better safe than sorry. I even wipe down the shampoo bottles and such after i take showers. Thanks though man, even though its been hell i do feel like i’m getting better, just very
  8. I’ve had: -chills -fever -sweats -aches -pains -constant headaches -bad pressure behind my eyes -my hands and feet are constantly going cold -hunger, but i couldnt eat -loss of taste -nausea - terrible fatigue - heart palpitations -Cant sleep for more than 30 minutes - coughing fits that would result in it being hard to breathe because i’d be hacking up a lung and gagging and i couldnt stop, resulting in my chest/lungs burning something fucking fierce - ridiculous diarrhea (gross, dude) - issues breath
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