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  1. Fun fact: in my teenager punk days i had a label called “Tyranna-saurus-Recs” i coulda been a millionaire. Havoc Rex beware. edit: we put out 2 records, my friends, and died a dishonorable death, haha.
  2. For the record, i found out she DID try to call Hertz. She was referred to customer service and re routed and the cycle continued until she got to the desk.
  3. Mercer, school me. Make me belieeevve. Point out my uneducated flaws. Haha. edit: i’m not being facetious, I be drunk.
  4. My girlfriend had a car rental reservation for Hertz. Her bags got lost and upon arrival to the airport and she had to deal with that. Her reservation was at 11:30pm, because of the bag issue she didnt get to Hertz until after midnight, crossing into a new day. Her reservation got cancelled by Hertz because it is now the 24th and not the 23rd. They claim she should have called and made arrangements. They’re trying to charge her 3x the amount they were going to. Let’s get real, who among us would have called Hertz as your first priority when your bags are missing? I called Hertz, as did she, and while trying to convey to the rep that i know it’s not her fault, i’m absolutely bull shit about this. She said she’d report it as feedback, and basically said we’re still fucked. As we all know it would, it got silent and the rep said “anymore questions?” I replied “nope, we’re just going to get raped by another faceless corporation,” and i hung up as she finished her “thank you for calling” protocol. Nothing will come from this. Unless i end up on Oprah, Hertz wont be affected in any way. Even if i ended up on Oprah, they may get dinged for like a week and it’s back to business. The market wont take care of this. Another peasant fucked by an American corporation. Corporate Capitalism pushes ahead in spectacular fashion. God Bless. End rant.
  5. On Rogan’s podcast with Tim Dillion they toyed with the idea of a Sanders/Gabbard presidency which sounded ok to me. But that last post was hilarious. edit: Before something goes off the rails. I dont think Sanders is as nuts as he’s made out to be. I think if he actually had some weight we’d see he just wants civilians to stop getting raped by the system. I could be way off, thats just my opinion. The far left loses me with the “tax anyone with money” type shit, but i get the idea of harder taxing for corporations and dude sitting on billions while the rest of the world struggles. That’s the idealist in me though. Like most things, i think Capitalism should be executed in moderation.
  6. Also just realized i never posted my follow up. That Barr statement made me lean further into cover up than i was before. “i’ve personally seen the tapes.” Ya suck my nuts. Release the tapes. It’s prison surveillance, i can see videos of gang rights and fights but these tapes are precious? Nonsense.
  7. I’ll bite. Toy with my opinions. You know that meme where they gradually turn into a clown. I want to gradually turn into Alex Jones.
  8. I only told 1 person that story, this old punk dude, and his exact words were “probably some right wing anti-China rag.” Seems like he nailed it, haha.
  9. Daaamn. I was just spreading the apparent “fake news” too.
  10. Ya thats basically what i meant. I’d be surprised if anyone else goes down because they’ll portray it as “see, the negligence of these guards allowed Epstein to have the window of opportunity to kill himself and now they’re being punished.” If these guards have families, and this was a murder and cover up, i imagine they understand the graveness of snitching. I mean look what happened under their watch, ha. edit: just realized i never posted that^
  11. I can hear him now. “I was right about Bohemian Grove. I was right about the Chinese Prisoner Organ Market. Epstein was murdered. Child slaves. Inter-dimensional aliens! Breakaway civilizations! The deals are made!!”
  12. Fuck, i remember when that story happened. Infuriating. Edit: how quickly we forget though.
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