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  1. Apparently that’s what happens when you hire Q nuts for lawyers.
  2. Ms. Rittenhouse told Law&Crime that Wood and Pierce damaged their client’s case with public messaging motivated more by their political ideologies than her son’s best interest. She also claims on the podcast that the two lawyers left her son in jail for 87 days because of Wood’s belief in a breakdown in U.S. society following the presidential election. “He told me that my son would be safe in jail because he thought that on the night of the election—was Nov. 3 or the fourth, I can’t remember what day the election was on—that there was going to be Armageddon going to happen,”
  3. abrasivesaint


    They’ll shoot you in the back and get a paid vacation.
  4. He can still fuck off for that comment though.
  5. i thought the same thing, haha. I was like wait.. fuck the yellow comment, Is this dude shopping for people? How did she purchase $110k in “goods” at a pharmacy? What the fuck did she buy? What the fuck is an “upscale pharmacy”? I feel like there’s a lot more important unanswered questions than this yellow comment, haha.
  6. https://nypost.com/2021/06/16/hunter-biden-called-asians-yellow-in-text-exchange-with-cousin/
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