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  1. abrasivesaint

    Beirut goes Boom

    There’s claims this is an image from the warehouse, nothing confirmed..
  2. abrasivesaint

    Beirut goes Boom

    Someone tried explaining it to me but i got lost in the comparisons of relative effectiveness. Closest thing i could figure to wrap my brain around it was Timothy McVeigh used 2 metric tons of ammonium nitrate + fuel to make the OKC bomb. There were 2750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate in that warehouse. They also said that the humidity of Beirut would play a big role in the AN congealIng which could make it combustable.. apparently the humidity is also a partial factor in why the shockwave was as wild looking as it was. I don’t know. All i know is that was a big fucking bada boom.
  3. We had a bomb threat written on the mens bathroom wall in middle school. They used the date April 31st. The guy that was essentially a Dean called everyone into the auditorium and called their bluff and called them an idiot because there is no April 31st and if they spent more time paying attention instead of scribing false threats on walls maybe they would have known that.. haha.
  4. abrasivesaint


    Hard to say if we’re about to go 1775 or 1861 up in here, or if we’re about to silently slip in some 1933 type shit with a whimper.
  5. Fair enough, but how much air time was allotted for this discussion as opposed to other topics? I dont watch CNN so i don’t know. Yes, i agree. But let’s get real, how many people that were on the fence about voting Trump, or not going to vote for him, saw that photo and thought, “Well, shit... I like Goya. Trump likes Goya. Goya likes Trump. I’m voting for Trump.” I feel like it’s focusing on a criminal for jaywalking after they just committed a rape and murder.
  6. I think its ridiculous but i also think our country is facing much larger issues that our media should be covering more properly other than Trump doing a free ad to his core base for Goya beans. I don't think anyone that isn't a hardcore Trump fan saw that and thought “man, i’m gonna go clear the fucking shelves and get me some Goya.” edit: i’d even argue that there’s a possibility that the amount of people that will now not buy Goya because Trump did that free promo outweighs those who are going to buy it.
  7. I mean he probably spent more time figuring out what he was going to say about this photo perpetuating sensationalism than it took for someone to place some Goya cans on the desk and take that troll of a photo. He spent how much time bitching about a photo of beans when there’s still plenty of injustice and police brutality happening that could be reported. Hell, they could even talk more about the dozens of countries that are protesting their oppressive governments.
  8. Theres such a thing as anti-radar paint?
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