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  1. abrasivesaint


    CBD has always worked for me. You have to know what you’re getting though. Some CBD has THC, some doesn’t. Some has very small amounts. While living in Colorado i would put 100 miles on my bicycle in a weekend easily. I’d come home with sunburns, with leg muscles and joints sore as fuck. I’d take a couple tincture drops, and rub an icy-hot style cream on my skin and i wouldn't feel my sunburn and when i woke up my legs would feel pretty good. I would even use it for mild headaches sometimes. I started smoking CBD and taking CBD edibles in the city i’m living in currently (before they made it illegal again) and it would chill me the fuck out pretty quick if i was stressing.
  2. I’m not from Australia, ha. I’ve also heard enough about these “drop bears” to stay clear.
  3. I think the main thing that makes public mass shootings differ from the numerous other ways Americans die is it is simply intentional mass murder.. Car accidents are isolated incidents. It’s not like every couple weeks one dude is jumping in a car and causing 20 deaths and 20 injuries in single intentional “accident,” because that wouldn't be an accident. Cars also have various means of protecting the occupants, obviously they don’t always work. There’s some level of control and consent here. Domestic situations usually, not always but usually, end when the murderer kills the family and then offs themselves. Handgun violence is largely attributed to gang violence, of course innocent people catch the brunt of that as well. Also comes with some level of control and consent. Drug overdoses are almost explicitly consent based. You buy heroin, you know you can OD. There’s no outbreak of diseases that wipe out 40 healthy people in a matter of minutes every couple weeks. Sure many people die of the flu every day, they’re usually elderly, infant, or of incredibly poor health... The point is most means of our human death come with some degree of consent, or natural cause. Meaning, we all know we could die when we get in a vehicle, or on an airplane, even if we don’t consciously acknowledge it every time we do. Everyone knows gang life comes with a price. Everyone knows poor health doesn’t end well... and so on. There is enough ways we can die on a day to day basis, people don’t want to have to worry that someone is going to lay down fire inside a bar, music fest, or a supermarket every time they go outside to enjoy or carry on everyday life. I mean the next time you buy tickets to a concert do you want to agree to terms and conditions that someone could shoot the place up? Replace all mass shooting incidents with bar fires, venue fires, and so on. Do you not think there would be serious crackdown on safety code and regulation?
  4. This Southern Drawl is pretty good, try it if you can find it ..@KILZ FILLZ
  5. For the record, i hated that i used a CNN link. I cringed. I died a little on the inside.
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