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  1. Just to be clear, i don’t think this is the only reason like it’s a grand conspiracy to simply save themselves. I’m just saying i’m sure it played a role to some degree.
  2. I joked about this earlier in the thread, but i think it merits a little bit of consideration. Look to the age bracket of many of our government officials, corporate top dogs, and “string pullers,” or whoever you want to lump into the “they” category. Then remember the tiers of age that are most susceptible to this virus that is easily spread. Now think about the vast amount of shadiness that has been done and still gets done for the sake of profits and fortune, putting countless lives at risk through negligence and lack of giving a fuck. David Rockefeller has had what, 7 heart transplants? That’s 7 people that had to wait longer or even possibly died because a 90 something to 101 year old dude with a fuck load of cash wanted another heart. Do you not think they would go to more extreme lengths to preserve their lives collectively? Maybe i’m just nuts. So the N95 mask is something hospital staff gets fitted for pre-employment, for situations exactly like this, or just general isolation cases. The way they test the fit of these masks is putting the mask on your face, then a hazmat styled face shield/helmet on and they spray some foul tasting shit into the mask. If you taste anything, it’s not a proper fit. They then adjust the size or if you’re a man with facial hair you’re forced to shave, it’s happened to me. I imagine the N95 masks were initially mentioned because of the lack of knowledge of the virus at the time, and extreme precaution. They’ve probably lightened up on that talk due to what they’re seeing since. The masks we wear in day to day work situations are not N95 masks, and they protect against everything from a cold to CJD, HIV, ect. Obviously nothing is fool proof, but in almost a decade in my “career” i’ve never had an issue with exposure. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD,) is the only thing i’ve personally seen handled with extreme precaution. Everything involved in that surgery was incinerated. No special precautions have been implemented in handling or reprocessing surgical equipment of patients with COVID-19, at least to date. I’ve been exposed to and handled COVID-19 twice so far in the past 2 weeks, that i can confirm, and was only wearing standard masks, and i’m fine so far. These are common masks.. https://www.usamedicalsurgical.com/halyard-health-fluidshield-level-3-fog-free-surgical-mask-48207/ edit: i meant to mention that wearing a mask may not be necessary for the public, if thats what they’ve claimed, but it sure as fuck wouldn’t hurt either, haha. I don’t wear one outside of work, but i sure as fuck made sure i had one at work.
  3. This is a tough choice. I mean you have to go with the flag shorts, right?
  4. Looks like those death toll projections are starting to drop.. 200,000 would put us at about .06% A million would put us at about .3%
  5. My new favorite reason to panic that i’ve been hearing is the when a healthy or physically fit person got sick.. All the sudden mother fuckers forgot you can be in good shape and still catch a bug..
  6. I mentioned it way back in this thread, but the flu comparison is a poor one. It seems the virus comes on like a flu, but causes pneumonia in the more susceptible, then some leading to organ failures. Pneumonia kills roughly 2.6 million people every year, and about 450 million people contract pneumonia every year.
  7. It started as a crossfire talk, but once it hit the populous it transferred here.
  8. One of my favorite snacks as a kid, and still is who the fuck am i kidding. Little peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches on Ritz crackers. I don’t eat them often but when i do.. i’ll eat half a damn box of these fucks. Heavier on the Fluff than the PB.
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