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  1. What the fuck is happening, and why should i care? I will check back. I will not be googling this.
  2. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/john-deere-employees-strike-thursday
  3. For the record, that’s not looking for any sort of sympathy or whatever. I know/knew what i need/needed to do to make more money in the field.
  4. I know many, many people that may disagree and love their union gigs. More and more people that i know have been joining unions. I’m sure we all agree that there’s a lot of factors to what may or may not be best for you. Some people don’t want the headache of dealing with their own investments, taking their own risks and being knowledgable about the topic. i personally have found much more interest in it in recent years, partially because of discussions here, but i also have the time and funds to figure things out. I also have only me to worry about, so if those investments don't pan out, well, looks like i’ll be working until i die. I will say, due to “across the board” set wages in unions in my field, i have turned down 1 job in the past, and may be turning down another shortly. There’s a lot of factors to those set wages though. Including the (in my opinion) old thinking of “skilled labor”. Technically, i could pull someone off the street and they could do my job, eventually. It’s actually my story in the field. But, it’s not like sweeping a floor, or setting up a room, or picking and packing. If i fuck up at my job you could die in surgery, get a serious infection, have other complications, ect. There’s a lot of stuff to know.. regulations, protocols, instrumentation and equipment, ect. The certification that has become more commonly required in the job is not easy to pass either. I’ve met 1-3 people in 10 years who passed the test on the first try. Yet compared to other jobs that have FAR less consequences to their fuck ups, we don’t get paid the best. The best wages are in major cities, and those particular cities have incredibly high costs of living that the field simply does not pay adequately for. Honestly, much of the healthcare industry doesn’t get paid adequately, imo. Hospitals everywhere have been feeling the results of this in the past few years. I’ve been talking about this on here for years, and it’s only getting worse from what i’ve been seeing. if i didn’t have to be in this region for a little while i could be making much more money traveling, working at hospitals as a contractor. The reasons there’s so many open positions that they fill with contractors is because the hospitals don't pay well, it’s high stress, there’s a lot to know, and they expect you to work long hours or overtime. You very, very rarely have any bargaining power with your management so people leave. When you have bargaining power is when all those people do leave, and you’re still standing and a good worker, that’s about it. So, the hardy people stay in the field, and they bring in contractors, which get paid a lot more money, and cost the hospital FAR more sums of money. If they simply paid their old employees better, they wouldn’t have half of the issues they have. Every single person i know that has left this field has been because “Fuck this. This isn’t worth it.” But, it’s a hospital, people think anything the medical field is a “good job” and so there’s a constant flow of new hires. New hires that very rarely last. The turnaround rate is very high. We just had a new hire quit in 4 days because he “felt like a slave”. Granted, that kid was 19 and a little baby back bitch, but he’s not entirely wrong, even though “slave” is obviously an exaggeration and inaccurate term in the situation.
  5. Sucks that it’s all they agreed to, but it’s better than nothing. Yearly “raises” are misleading, breaking even is more accurate.
  6. Looking forward to it, probably gonna listen to it at work tonight if i get caught up on podcasts.
  7. Ohh new Chapelle special huh? Sweet. What he say this time? People were outraged over his last one too. They’ll move on in a week.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/19/new-zealand-experiment-finds-4-day-work-week-a-success.html 4 day work weeks are far better than 5. Even working 4-11/hr days, i was happier than any 5-8 job i ever had.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/05/line-3-pipeline-enbridge-paid-police-arrest-protesters
  10. https://apnews.com/article/business-omaha-nebraska-memphis-michigan-d9185eb8fa9054d34a078063c3db6c33
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