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  1. This place is a fucking mess.
  2. That last one looks like the sequel to No Country For Old Men.
  3. There ain’t not one photo of Finnish graffiti in here. Not one finnished product.
  4. my outside reading chair done gone and broked. fuck.
  5. Dude i work with has used Chat GPT for college assignments and done very well, ha.
  6. Fun facts from brief google searches: The US government hands the meat industry subsidies totaling 10s of billions, while plant-based “meat” gets between 100-200 million and vegetables get 15-20 million. I’m not surprised that Beyond stock is tanking. I personally believe their products don’t taste as well as others, and all of those alternatives are pretty packed with fats, sodium, etc.. they’re just not really where they should be for anyone that’s looking for a “healthy” alternative. I never buy Beyond, but i’ll snag Impossible and Gardien here and there. As far as it being pushed from every angle, thats fueled by climate change concerns, catering to a wave of people trying to live healthier lives, and the rise in animal rights consciousness, in my opinion. Meat options are still marketed far, far more, at least thats what i feel like i see. PS: To swing back to your original post briefly, i just wanted to add that i fully support promoting sustainable living, agriculture, etc. especially if localized.
  7. Same. If i can snag bookmarks from the stores i’ve visited i do, otherwise it’s been stickers or tickets mostly. Once used my friends “save the date” for his wedding and completely forgot about it because i got sidetracked from that particular book, haha. Still made it to the wedding though.
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