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  1. Thanks @Joker. @KaneVCB he is the man, trust everything joker says
  2. I see that every day on the way into the city
  3. I have a question, I have been skating flat rails and the skate park and my own slit do I was wondering if I should try hand rails, I’d this Ollie high enough to make the rail
  4. Still pushing mongo but I am going to fix that next, speaking of that, what should I learn next IMG_7613.mov IMG_7614.mov
  5. IMG_7591.MOV IMG_7534.MOV IMG_7551.MOV IMG_7589.MOV
  6. What the world has come too
  7. IMG_7292.MOV IMG_7338.MOV
  8. IMG_6286.MOV IMG_6532.MOV IMG_6973.MOV IMG_7179.MOV IMG_7183.MOV FullSizeRender.mov
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