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  1. @Jokerthink you could demo me some handstyles or give me feed back in the one I have?
  2. Ray40


    Thanks man, appreciate it
  3. Thanks Joker, glad to be back, Here is the rest of the page went a little to crazy on the one in the bottom right feel free to critique
  4. Back after a long while any advice, maybe a few demo sketches@Joker ?
  5. Ray40


    I’m a junior so not all of high school, I plan to major in marine biology, I want to have my own research practice for studying stingrays
  6. Ray40


    I haven’t skated or wrote in a few years. I have instead wrestled at a national tournament and am trying to get recruited for college, a few schools that are D1. Just had a college visit to a school close to nyc, if I end up going there I might get back into it, how you guys been though? I sorta missed this forum, reminds me of my middle school and 9th grade days
  7. Yo cool board, I got one too
  8. Those little picture thingys with he light, and I was born in 006
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