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  1. Kults


    OG 2007 Kriss Vector for me
  2. Kults


    sweet! na i haven’t played that much this season, i did get my 10 bp reward though. i’m at 61 rn. level 112. that ump 45 pretty sweet, nice variant see this? 😂
  3. Kults


    they had a Hawaiian shirt Hudson variant in Blk Ops 4, def did look cool. I want some swat or terrorist options too. RN running OG Ghost and Nikto I def think the guys that are being featured will see something out of it, im sure they payed that Ronin guy
  4. Kults


    @KILZ FILLZ looks like we're getting Tu Lam as an Op. Having an amputated guy is kinda dumb, sorry. Wouldn't they send you home after you lost a limb? This is BF 1 all over again. E: guess not https://www.foxnews.com/story/u-s-soldiers-with-missing-limbs-now-allowed-to-return-to-active-duty
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