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    Here are some codes for free stuff if anyone wants them, posted on the blk ops sub You can redeem these codes are www.callofduty.com/redeem GZ28T7TY5L618 - Reward: Doritos Charm; Not Yo Chip Doritos Calling Card; Another Level Doritos Sticker; King Cheese Mountain Dew Charm; Canned Ordnance Mountain Dew Emblem X5VCM8QW34170 - Dorito stuff - these might give you the same stuff as the bits above DGKDVHQ11S2Z4 - Calling card M53TJGB2W7647 - Calling cards The first code is pretty new out, but if you know of some other codes, feel free to share
  2. That sounds really funny, ill check it out
  3. Could be cool, whats it about? Do they just highlight other podcasts?
  4. Kults


    @whereyou finishing up with spider-man? Seems we got less time for the battle pass as last season, 2 months i think. you top out the season 1 pass at all? im only tier 21 atm and looking forward to getting that new smg
  5. ‘associated with untrustworthy accounts’ translation: you like and follow accounts that go against the hive mind narrative, no money for you! what a joke
  6. Interesting thread, I didnt know gates got outed for that
  7. On a Peter Fonda trip huh? I haven't seen this one, its good?
  8. Wasnt great, can def skip this one. Looked cool though, good shots
  9. *calls someone gay *posts pic of his flexing bicep I’m sorry man.. had to
  10. I dunno man, I’d take a storm that debilitates the state for a week and then a return to normalcy rather than a devastating fire that obliterates peoples homes and businesses a la CA. There’s no immediate bouncing back from that. I you had to choose wouldn’t you go for the storm?
  11. I appreciate it. I was around smokers this weekend and it didnt bother me at all, was kind of surprising. Last thing I want to be is one of those sanctimonious ex smokers or worse, the don't smoke around me types. I try not to talk about it too much cause I dont want it on my mind but the support is encouraging. Thanks guys
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