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  1. not into bongs they can get real nasty prefer j’s one n done
  2. Still at it. Had one awhile back but it didn’t taste how i remembered it. Pretty gross after you’ve gotten it out of your system. I swapped out the JUUL for those new heat sticks though. They’re basically vaping real tobacco, none of the chemical shit in JUUL pods
  3. Kults


    yeah i’ve chilled out on it too. don’t have the time for the long sessions def need to get that new BF
  4. Kults


    it was pretty fun but I might stick to cold war another year as my main. Really like this year’s. I don’t even think I have the bbat unlocked yet. I just finished up that Numbers event and unlocked the sai though. You went in this season 150+ damn
  5. Kults


    Jump on the Vanguard beta man. The graphics look shit on a PS4 but it’s still kinda fun. They just extended it until Wednesday
  6. Alright champ You stated you wanted to move to SA because the US is a 2end world country.. lol.
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