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  1. disgusting. they’re all crooks but this one was dumb enough to get caught similar scandals up here, sad thing is hardly anyone even cares anymore, it’s par for the course it seems.
  2. I think that’s part of the problem. In theory i’m for NATO as well. As long there isn’t any fuckery and every nation involved pulls their own weight
  3. I know Trump had flirted with idea of leaving NATO but there was no way the ingrained establishment would let that happen.
  4. backstory for anyone who hasn’t heard, some french professor showed the cartoons to his class to talk about free speech. Some goat fucker then beheaded him outside the school. the french are now projecting the cartoons onto buildings lol
  5. some are calling it. some public shooting to divert the news away from the biden scandal, I could see it tbh
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