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  1. Kults


    Battle Pass incoming early Dec. Fuck Im so glad to be done with supply drops
  2. Most of your opinions are tired talking points. I could dig and link em but eh, why bother
  3. Is Redman so old and out of touch he is now a meme? lol Fun story, few years ago now (well passed his prime) he flew a girl I know out to go see his show and obviously bang her. She went lol what a ho
  4. That Ford blue...ugh The RS in that color ❤️
  5. That, and laugh your ass off when an outsider screws em all and proceeds to troll the shit out of them every chance he gets on twitter and elsewhere for the last 3 years
  6. Kults

    Hong Kong

    Now that i'd watch. Copy paste THAT
  7. ^ What do you do when both teams suck and the game is rigged? * grabbing my Pussy hat
  8. “The problem – as first reported by The Intercept’s Ryan Grim – was that the image was a stock photo of a woman in Kenya who apparently has nothing to do with the campaign” Fkn idiot lol
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