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  1. Thats the crux of it ^ But mention that and you get hit with " WHATABOUTISM!!! Well what, just cause the biggest polluters aren't doing shit we should just do nothing?!" Its just a new racket propped up by feeding into the virtue signaling that's become so prevalent these last few years.
  2. wtf lol Of course he drives a lime green yaris
  3. Oh shit im up huh, my bad. Gimmy a few to think of something
  4. @spirogot triggered, bloop
  5. I dont dispute that. Now, how much of that is caused by pollution is the question
  6. I had a knock off of the one on the left. Great looking piece. It got trashed in a move years back RIP it was already kinda falling apart anyway so no huge loss but I liked it
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/road-rage-shooting-montreal-highway-40-1.5381254
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