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  1. In theory it’s cool as it just streamlines the whole process but I get what you mean. Kinda takes the fun out of it. You lucked out! New mats give the whole car a crisp feel, especially when they’re gonna get gross during the winter months, at least they look new. Makes a big difference, really nice present. It’s something you might not have thought to get or just never got around to it.
  2. Kults

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Goddamn.. Free Melly
  3. Id bet that pic is at least 10 years old too. Now that shes done her party days whos the lucky sucker that gets the leftovers
  4. So whaddya say boys? Any takers? 😂
  5. Wild huh? They break often and there's obv a limited supply of new ones left. Couple that with retro collectors (think guys that collect vinyl, only for movies) getting into VHS again, this is the result.
  6. Holy shit thats dinky, Id forgotten about that lol That must be the ugliest body kit ive ever seen on a TT
  7. Just got in to the office, checking my voicemails..ya ima call you back.. 🙄
  8. I said that about my 30s yet here we are
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