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  1. ya starts with LISK but then spirals into all kinds of other weird shit that could or couldn't be loosely connected
  2. dunno, theres some juicy stuff in there though. they interview some serial killer from jail that claims there's a bunch of em in contact with each other, they trade all kinds of shit. supposedly some loose network of truckers that kill in one state and dump in another making it really hard for law enforcement to put the pieces together
  3. will check that. You see this mini series on LISK? I thought it was pretty good
  4. Ya that dude was all kinds of fucked up. Dont think he really counts as a serial killer though, afaik he just killed the one guy
  5. If I'm being honest its the main reason little to no resources have been expended to find the culprit(s) In this case I'm the first to agree that race has played a factor in the outcome
  6. Pretty sure there's one if not many operating along this remote stretch
  7. Kults


    Sadly not my pic but this is delicious
  8. oh for sure, he’s an expert at reading which way the wind is blowing. the economy was his strongest achievement. that’s all been wiped away. Now, i do think people pushing for everything to stay closed until after the election are just as opportunistic and gross. surprise! no second wave come the fall ( id bank on it) at which point if he loses they can open everything right back up and take credit for the soaring economic numbers that will surely follow. that being said, whole other conversation. both sides are compete shit shows and take us for idiots.
  9. This is bullshit. Fuck delaying an election (they do it plenty up here) I'm not with this either Just be thankful you guys have term limits
  10. Kults

    Cyberpunk 2077

    ain’t that the truth. esp this year, thanks sbmm
  11. happiness is riding the bus well into adulthood while the lady next to you picks at her cuticles ❤️
  12. Kults

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I know myself, gonna be hard to pull away from the cod grind but will make a legitimate effort to for cyberpunk
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