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  1. No I meant you can go to jail for that?? Jfc But noted lol
  2. Is that Janis Joplin? i dunno the name but I think its the one where they follow her around on tour?
  3. 👏🏻Donye👏🏻Wump👏🏻Isn’t👏🏻Real👏🏻
  4. It’s a federal crime. They aren’t getting off that easy
  5. They obviously thought it would go away, like it always does in this news cycle. Only it hasn't and now someone has to pay. They'll never get the real culprits but its a start, now lets have them sing like canaries
  6. I mean..it is. It just doesnt have that cool factor the way the harrier did. Feel the same about the warthog and other hardware from that era
  7. They were kids ffs, seen that pic before but it stays amazing
  8. MW2 had the harrier, replaced by the VTOL in this year's entry. I miss the harriers 😕
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