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  1. Anybody checking out Hbar? Might be my next all in.
  2. Reflecting on KIR .. deer skull bong rips in peace
  3. @SMdoubleXL.. neighborhood cat loves bananaland . back to chill.
  4. Started my jorney on the plant tank life. Only natural evolves into aquatic plants I love gardening. I'm also starting a passion for bonsaing plants. Might make a thread. Always was a fish tank guy in my youth. Oscar's , African cichlids ,always my thing. Recently got into planted tanks. I've gotten the joy of a owning tank. Buddy hooked it up and I'm re- hook ever since Nothing fancy 10gal. But just enough to repeat my curiosity. Thanks for the thread habit. Will so progress and any new acquisitions Caught shrimp having sex. I think. Proud dad
  5. That palm off centered shouldn't look that way. Might gotten the rona.. It's a cycas revoluta , the genus has been around since the age of dinosaurs (dogwhales) .. nao we wait
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