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  1. Anybody checking out Hbar? Might be my next all in.
  2. Reflecting on KIR .. deer skull bong rips in peace
  3. @SMdoubleXL.. neighborhood cat loves bananaland . back to chill.
  4. Started my jorney on the plant tank life. Only natural evolves into aquatic plants I love gardening. I'm also starting a passion for bonsaing plants. Might make a thread. Always was a fish tank guy in my youth. Oscar's , African cichlids ,always my thing. Recently got into planted tanks. I've gotten the joy of a owning tank. Buddy hooked it up and I'm re- hook ever since Nothing fancy 10gal. But just enough to repeat my curiosity. Thanks for the thread habit. Will so progress and any new acquisitions Caught shrimp having sex. I think. Proud dad
  5. That palm off centered shouldn't look that way. Might gotten the rona.. It's a cycas revoluta , the genus has been around since the age of dinosaurs (dogwhales) .. nao we wait
  6. Everyone knows sergey nazarov is satoshi nakamoto Nolinkers get the rope
  7. Cleaned my planted tank. Cb4-19 got me into tanks again. Thinking about dropping shrips. Already hook want another tank
  8. Thoughts on artist renditions of prehistoric animals? Legit or wheatpaster tpwf. I personally am fond of the art. Behold whaledog aka Indohydus in all its Glory .. We've come a long ootnz..
  9. Wash your hands frequently, at minimum 20 seconds, hot water preferably.
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