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  1. ^^Harlem shuffle ^^ "Threw the 40oz and Skateboarded Away" What's the meaning of "crime" >>Is it >>>Criminals >>>>Robbing >>>>>Innocent >>>>>>Motherfuckers >>>>>>>> Every-time? Little kids grow up in the school yard Trying trying to solve the puzzle as to why is life so hard, But it's an everlasting game And it never cease to exist only the played change
  2. So the authority that wants the people to respect authority is being disrespectful to authority .. retracted
  3. Saw this the other day Shit was Vast. Wild. Grooms. Steak. Crooks & castle.
  4. I DROP MY JAILBROKEN PHONE. *see* for additional referance. this was my old old phone got upgraded to new model looking into new phone cases
  5. Still perfecting the frozen pizza $6.99 each @ Aldi , one hit the pizza stone, other on the top rack No microwaves additives pro.
  6. lets see how our losing dolphins make this year. fucking Brady http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Tom_Brady
  7. I want a couple of fuckers i know to sign up to this... http://www.mars-one.com/ and get accepted... but die before they reach the final destination.
  8. that loaded potato could feed the poor til the new year. thanks for the serving.
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