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  1. I bought in about a decade ago and then let the subscription lapse without renewal. I enjoyed the more relaxed stance that people took with the firewall to the general public, but as use has gone down I am skeptical that there is enough traffic to justify breaking out the conversation. As an old Tinychat head I think that a self deleting chat room would be fun time killer which could operate on credentialed entry.
  2. False, although my wife may have a deeper appreciation of the shades and hue. TPBM had a pager code.
  3. morton


    25 bulletproof-clad SWAT officers raided Shomer’s Tempe apartment. He has reportedly told authorities that he is not the original “PENIS MAN” and he’s only one of several copycats of the infamous artist. Hope he gets a fair trial.
  4. Did the work pants because more is better.
  5. False, TPBM has worn a hard hat in the last 24 hours.
  6. True, TPBM is following the impeachment.
  7. True, TPBM has been to Moscow
  8. F, it has been a while but I have done it. TPBM has eaten Cincinnati style chili.
  9. F, TPBM has heard the phrase "The neighbors cherry is always sweeter"
  10. The time I gave a motorcyclist the finger and they caught up with me at the red light drove home how quickly these things can escalate so I try to be mellow most all the time. -Jackets with no loop from which to hang them, especially on work wear gets my goat.
  11. ^In Cleveland they do nothing if they are going the other way, but if they are behind you they make like a NASCAR and swerve in a sinusoidal curve behind your car as close to the back bumper as possible.
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