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  1. morton


  2. I have taken up walking as an exercise to substitute for swimming which I have been neglecting as of late. Here are a couple pictures from yesterday and todays walks.
  3. Roti Canai for breakfast is news to me, I will keep it in mind the next time I am in a place that might have a Malaysian joint around, because there does not look to be any here.
  4. Roti Canai is a great food.
  5. morton

    GAME: True or False

    False, language is a fluid kind of a thing, I just wonder how long until I will be saying it that way. TPBM works with immigrants
  6. morton

    GAME: True or False

    False, the work I do is not conducive to listening to much of anything. TPBM is looking forward to going home for the holidays.
  7. morton

    The best of outdoor style: Hiker, adaptive, tactical, etc

    From a construction working perspective, Danner is generally a poor choice, Georgia boot is as good or better for less money but if you want a quality boot without going full retard and getting Whites or something just go for Red Wing. if you work in boots everyday buy two pair and alternate, it makes the leather happy to have a break to fully dry and rest between uses, buying two pairs of 325 dollar boots on the same day can be a bit of a shocker on the old pocket book though. I am a low rise logger 8" boot kind of a guy, non safety toe if I can get away with it. For a sneaker boot combo I would look at Vasque, I had a pair similar to the Clarion '88 years ago and was really quite happy with them. For a deep dive into outdoor clothing and hiking in general I like this guy's work https://andrewskurka.com/ I would probably take one of his guided trips if the wife and I were to take separate vacations one of these years.
  8. morton


    Insulated Xtratuf boots, had to get steel toe but whatever. And some groceries at the Chinese market.
  9. morton


    I saw the composer direct this piece last night, the majority of live music I have seen for the past few years has been symphonic and I really do enjoy it, takes a while to get the hang of it but makes for a nice schedule to see a couple shows a month through the winter and a couple pops or whatever in the summer. Some music needs to be experienced live to really appreciate it and I feel that orchestral really defines that phenomena. I usually like the russian stuff but some american can be nice also. Good to see that these guys have been getting back together here and there, always liked Treepeople and have good memories of going out to see them way back when. RIP Jerry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k40gA2_goXk Went to see DSO with my kid last month, it was the first dead related thing I had gone to in years and was a lot better than the stuff that the actual members were doing right after Jerry's death. I usually like to see a lot of brass on stage for a jazz performance but these guys were the first I thought of when pulling a couple videos for a reply. These are all kind of old guy selections but whatever, we're not getting any younger.
  10. morton

    Triumph is going to destroy the USA :(

    By definition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ochlocracy
  11. morton

    Triumph is going to destroy the USA :(

    Popular vote is not equivalent to mob rule, they define fundamentally different political concepts.
  12. morton

    GAME: True or False

    No issues eating crab except lack of frequency. TPBM enjoys air travel
  13. morton

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    ^ Getting fixed to take a nap and pack up for a drive tomorrow.
  14. morton


    I bought a bodysuit made of merino wool. https://www.icebreaker.com/en/mens-pants-leggings/bodyfitzone-200-zone-one-sheep-suit/104359.html?dwvar_104359_color=001 Pretty stoked for it to arrive, hoping that it will be a winner.
  15. morton

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    "Hot Stuffed Banana Peppers" Peppers stuffed with ground pork, ricotta cheese, shredded mozzarella, pecorino romano, red sauce, fresh basil, garlic oil.