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  1. morton


    I have been enjoying the Grateful Dead channel on SiriusXM lately, first had it on a company truck and now streaming in trial mode or whatever. The channel could be better but I really like have the selections made for me and some of the commentary is worthwhile, I have a better understanding now of different eras than before and appreciate them in a new way. Has anyone seen heard from Shai?
  2. morton

    Remembering those that are gone now

    Pit, Sword and Illuminati were all regulars on TC back during the recession when I had a lot of time on my hands, spending a few hours a week chatting adds up to something. Their passing is tragic. I hope that their families and friends are doing okay with the loss. My experience with death is that it is always a bigger deal than expected, like the regular emotional imagination can't really cook up how much or how long the event will have and hold impact.
  3. morton

    Forums that are still kicking ?

  4. morton

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/ http://forums.usms.org/
  5. morton

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    Having turned the corner into solid middle age I am finding myself with more freedom than I had as a younger adult. For reasons that are typical and tragic my child has chosen to live with his mother full time which, along with him approaching adulthood himself has changed the role I play in his life and has afforded me free time on a scale that I have not known as an adult. This week I moved from Seattle to Cleveland to mine a tunnel out here for the next three years, I have never lived outside of my home area code so this will be a bit of an adventure. I have been swimming off and on for the past few years and have been pretty focused for the past year in particular, I plan on joining a masters team out here in couple weeks once I get settled. I think that swimming is an ideal sport for midlife and is particularly helpful for joint and mental health. My wife and I have been going to see live music and theater on a regular basis for the past couple years, especially symphonic music which is not something I had an appreciation for as a young adult but really enjoy now. On the work level I am trying to push, being middle life is also middle career and I have goals professionally that I would like to achieve and a retirement fund to build, I am now trying to take a self directed approach to learning, which is challenging but for where I am coming from is the only route I can see at this time. Still sober, which makes everything easier, or at very least more tranquil. Looking forward to what other folks have to say on this, I am thinking that everything looks pretty groovy, I do not miss my twenties and I am looking forward to my forties.
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/has-the-smartphone-destroyed-a-generation/534198/ I have not gone any further into social media than having a LinkedIn account, so I do not really know what sort of content is out there but I very much miss the days when people got online and used fake names to talk about things they actually had expertise in, compared to using real names to spout off about everything. I used to visit another forum related to my work and it was an impressive conversation which is now extinguished, smoldering at best.
  7. Our society is already too fixated on drugs solving our problems, if we allow use in sports it will only enable the already predatory marketing in play by the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. morton

    Trolling the SO

    ^Note the past tense. I have no memory when it comes to actors, I play it up a little sometimes for fun, like saying I do not know who Audrey Hepburn is when she is watching an old movie. I piss people off enough without trying so I try to be very sparing when it comes to intentionally riling them up.
  9. I enjoyed listening to Malcom Gladwell, he reads all his own stuff. I have not really gotten into podcasts although I am perpetually meaning to.
  10. morton

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Starting the day with a cup of coffee and some almond cookies. Having quit my job on Friday I have a fair amount on my mind which got me out of bed at the weekday time on a weekend when I usually slumber for an additional couple of hours. With this extra time I think I will fuck off on the internet and maybe watch youtube videos or something of the like.
  11. morton


    The best way (for me) to deal with insomnia is exercise, the evening after a hard swim I sleep through no problem. Failing that if I am looking for a aid I take benedryl, although I have heard that does not work for everyone.
  12. In terms of harmful places on the internet 12oz is pretty far down on the list. I do not think my child would be interested in digging into my participation but any embarrassment there I could handle and have always tried to be pretty quiet and selective about participation anyway. And yes, the forum as a format has been outmoded by social media and as often as not has hastened it's demise by trying to imitate social media.
  13. morton

    the un official workout thread

    Still Swimming, interested in incorporating weight lifting with a focus on swimming faster.
  14. morton

    No social media trial