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  1. Leveled up to doing exercises 1-3 of the bodyweight routine from 1-2 for the past couple months. Also stepped the run up to 7K from 5K. Alternating running/bodyweight and taking days off when I get insomnia or life gets in the way which amounts to average of five days on two days off per week which I think is about right. When to maintain and when to progress is always a struggle, I have erred in the past on maintaining and getting stagnant but nothing can make you stagnant like an injury; but I think I am on the right track at the moment. The level up increases the amo
  2. The cigarette lighter powered tire pumps are pretty clutch but you need to be sure to not overheat them; read the manual and respect the maximum run time or you will smoke the motor. Jumper cables; also important to read the cars manual before use, it is not like the old days of positive to positive, negative to negative, you have to follow the jump points on the receiving car or the computer will prevent starting. A funnel for oil and impromptu butt pissing. A few rags, a roll of shop towels, a socket set, a moving blanket and some straps. Somed
  3. Good to see ya Boris. Post more tic Tok, you get good ones and i am not going to do any searching myself. Cartel guys and cows getting hit by trains, all top notch stuff. Maybe something with a booty to even things out.
  4. I have a relative who Air BnB'd out his own apartment whenever he hooked up on tinder, I think he got his women slept with number up over 500 and got kicked out of his apartment. I like it for the locations, I prefer hotels for the terms, ease of cancelation and general predictability. I do not like sketchy air bnb's like where you have to enter through the parking garage and not talk to anyone or it is really somebodies sisters house or something , but it is hard to tell what you are going to get until you are already booked and or already there.
  5. Kind of a funny question, I am sure there is are many attempts in medical and philosophical fields that address it more completely than everyday oontzers. I imagine that your approach may be less calculating than you perceive and that emotion and intuition are helping guide your analysis of outcomes and probability. It can be hard to draw the line between reason and neurosis; if I wake up in the middle of the night and roll over some issue at work am I experiencing a reasonable or unreasonable reaction to the stresses and conditions that exist? The anxiety I
  6. Taking a lazy Saturday. Watching old Disney animation.
  7. I am not on board with the suicide angle, pretty impressive otherwise. Pay attention to zoning and potential rezones when looking at real estate, especially areas adjacent cities that have the potential to allow more density when the area grows and or the municipality needs to boost their tax base.
  8. I can not do the story justice but there was once a hung-over crew chief who got a goof out of farting in the face of his helper. Took things one step too far and shit the pants, not one to shirk the duties of the job they simply tied a sweatshirt around their waste to hide the staining and kept working in the July heat till the days work was complete.
  9. Good to see ya Symbols, wading into the fray with these jokers on the Covid question is a waste of time. They will alternate between raging and trolling followed by the asking questions style of trolling, then some backpaddle followed by some raging. When they chased off Europe and made the original Covid thread politics only the tone was set. We are lost as an online community in terms of decorum and civility in discussing political issues and my experience indicates that not participating is a better path. I have missed your voice here in recent years t
  10. Just checking in to shoot the breeze and keep a little momentum up in here. I just reviewed my record on the app I use to track my activity. Looks like I am finishing the third month of regular focused fitness of some sort or another. I am keeping it up with the bodyweight stuff, a bit like what the young people like to call grinding, which if I follow correctly is much different than what we used to call grinding. Once I can do two sets of all exercises on the board without strain I will move up to the next level in difficulty. The pull up and v-sit / sit up style are the hardest
  11. These "sources" offer some great fashion through their affiliate links, leather hat at 70% off, screaming eagle button down over "Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross" tee shirt with some Crocs. On point.
  12. Look like canned beer has really picked up in the decade since I quit drinking, what is the advantage, are they fancy cans like the old bodingtons and guiness?
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