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  1. The shape is a tell that the product will be good, people do not body smuggle low quality hash. Things may have changed in the twenty years since I aquired these little nuggets of knowledge.
  2. Just be glad it's not an ounce.
  3. "caramello" Slang for a 3 gram chunk of hash shaped into a turd, wrapped in plastic and swallowed for purposes of smuggling to Europe from Morocco. If memory serves 1 killo is about the amount a person could stomach.
  4. You might find that the relationship is entirely different now that the power dynamics have been shaken up a bit. I have had coworkers in the past on different projects that were totally great as subordinate employees but shitheads when at the same notch in the pecking order. There are some people who do not know how to compete or lead but totally know how to do the work so if all you need them to do is do some work for you things will be fine.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/arts/phase-2-dead.amp.html
  6. A brother that will smother your mother
  7. Studio version is better.
  8. Posting on twelve ounce to tell WB that I am glad to see them around again and appreciate the work they put into posting photos. As a non Instagram user this site is my only window.
  9. morton

    Tea thread

    I have switched to loose leaf. I buy from upton. I drink a cup every day on the way to work and multiple cups on the weekend. Good thread bump, would read again, again.
  10. Every once in a while dealing with the public goes sideways, not sure why. Last time it happened to me was a young man who thought I was mean mugging him at the five guys. Oh well, can't please everyone
  11. Got a new knife for Christmas, it is good but i already have two serrated in the drawer.
  12. Well, the eve of Christmas is upon us. Like a lot of people I am not travelling home this year, not much of a point as the get togethers are all on hold anyway. I have been working too much lately and it is cramping my style but that is the way it goes sometimes, place your money and make your bet.
  13. Tough stuff to deal with a child in trauma. Sometimes the path is not the easiest to see but you can get there.
  14. Regarding stainless steel, if you scorch or otherwise need to clean; soak with water and vinegar. It's like magic.
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