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  1. I took a photo of a Toyota for you guys, it was pretty cool.
  2. F If I do not start by nine then nothing will happen after nine but there are so many hours in the day after nine, even for someone like myself who is often up at four. TPBM has dessert every day.
  3. Money Talks, bullshit sings the blues. I do not care about title, co-workers or evaluations. What I care about is compensation and if I can do better elsewhere there better be a genuine benefit to sticking around because I learned a long time ago that loyalty is all too often a one way commitment.
  4. I do not know much about DC except that you could spend a month in the museums and not make it through it all. I have made a couple visits to nearby Baltimore and found it to be very worthwhile. I used this as a resource for planning. https://imgur.com/a/UBW64 I like to plan my touristic days around morning walks, afternoon tours and museums and evenings around eating and live music. I really enjoyed the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore https://www.borail.org/ I have seen a couple shows at the Keystone Korner and think there Calendar is pretty solid. https://www.keystonekornerbaltimore.com/ The food there is good enough and if you are going to an early show it is worth it to have dinner there a bit earlier to get a good table, if not maybe try the Thames Street Oyster House beforehand. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is quite good. https://my.bsomusic.org/events National Symphony Orchestra in DC https://www.kennedy-center.org/nso/home/ While I have not got around to it I think a trip to Annapolis would also be a good idea for a person with a full month in the district, lots of boat stuff going on both there and in Baltimore. It is kind of cheesy but I really enjoyed lunch at the Crab Deck and think that exploring the Delmarva peninsula is a good time. https://crabdeck.com/ Hopefully some people with local level knowledge will start chiming in, I will by in DC for a weekend in June also, when I have an itinerary parked out I will update here.
  5. T The rising cost of food has me eating less meat which is a net positive really, but for many it will be a real hardship and that is no good. TPBM was a tinychat regular
  6. I got pulled in to the hype and watched Godfather and Godfather 2 last weekend. Think I will skip 3, of I recall they are just arguing about their retirement accounts and stuff on that one anyway.
  7. Making breakfast and listening to WCSB, Cleveland.
  8. No sauce, the asparagus is in oil and salt and the kale is rubbed with oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper flakes and thyme before hand.
  9. I think the cilantro tray thing is genetic rather than aquired. I am playing on my phone and finishing dinner while my wife sets up HBO max.
  10. I sat through a safety committee meeting once where the safety guy asserted that he knew black dragon Kung Fu while speculating on the LV shooter situation that had happened the night before. He may have been certified. Lol, safety guys are losers 9 times out of ten. It's too bad.
  11. Kale, fontina, red onions, olives//asparagus, prosciutto, mozzarella.
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