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  1. After ignoring the tech for years I downloaded and installed spotify for the first time middle of last year. I am listening to music much more as consequence but still have some figuring to do with the interface. I like to listen to albums all the way through, or listen to a well thought out compilation with some sort of theme. In the time before time I used to listen to a lot of soundtracks and assorted compilations. My experience with spotify is that they want to shove only tangentially related music down your throat, does anyone have suggestions for improving the experience? Yesterday for example I was thinking about old American music related to the great state of California and recalled this song by Woody Guthie. I could not recall the exact name but asked my car to play Woodie Guthrie song about California, it started out playing two songs from different best of Woody type comps and then played the Dropkick Murphies sampling Woody Guthrie, which really is not the same thing at all. Where do I go in the app to improve my experience? Part of the problem is that I really only listen in my work truck. Maybe today I will try to dial it in a little from home. To the question at hand, I have been listening to albums from my youth, all the way through to see how they hold up. Last week I did All Eyez on Me, it held up more or less. If anyone wants to suggest an album to take to the test I am up for it, I was thinking Nirvana's Nevermind or Bleach might be next on the nostalgia trials.
  2. Really hard to tell when they are trolling, then they will double fake you by saying some shit that would offend themselves if they had their guard up. it is bull
  3. scrolling down I was wondering if the purchase being shared would make me jealous... yep.. mis some propper Chinese BBQ
  4. I think that is an "old pigs rack".
  5. Calabrian chilies are great, how did you make the crisp?
  6. I wonder if Nate Dog ever put out his own album.
  7. You know, it must have been, it was branded as Indian with all the typical dishes of gringoized Indian food but must have been, that makes sense. lol, that one has been rattling around in the back of my head for twenty years without ever coming to that rather obvious explanation. It is too bad that Indian food is so typically poor here, I had the idea that some improvements were on the way what with chaat becoming a little mainstream a few years back but think that change will be slow coming especially in parts of the country with very small populations of people from India. next time you are in Washington check out Mill Creak the southern part down next to 405 there are some good opitons there.
  8. ^I went to a place on upper queen ann one time that had tandoori beef.
  9. Yo, take that six bucks an hour and pay some dude in India to read and answer all your emails; boom, hours of your day taken off right there. Sometimes it's about wellness and not just the money.
  10. I would take a look at the leadership in place and only take the position if they were trustworthy and capable of providing guidance and assistance in the new role. Getting a promotion with no support can be a recipe for stress which has the potential to actually hinder development, although there may be some argument for what does not kill you makes you stronger I am not trying to get beat up any more than I have to.
  11. https://www.toddsnyder.com/products/cashmere-full-zip-hoodie-heather-grey-1 I like the 500 dollar deck jacket better. But, all said the winter sale was a bust for outerwear for me this year.
  12. With a name like that she sounds about as Italian as a McDonalds fish sandwich. What is it with Italian Americans holding on to the Italian identity for so long, no other 3rd gen European immigrants do that shit unless they are like going through a white power phase.
  13. 30 year would be coming up soon for me although not technically as I was asked to leave before graduation. I am sure that Schnitzels A through C would line up but I would probably swap out D for not being able to remember a good chunk of people and add in a healthy sense of melancholy for line item E. I have been in a monogamous relationship for about fifteen years, it work for us. I can dig and appreciate other lifestyles and modules but do not think there is any one right answer for everyone. My intuition tells me that opening things up would have some big payoffs but also be a risky area to be navigated with thoughtfulness, caution and communication, which frankly sounds like a lot of work.
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