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  1. I will add stretching the next time. Walked eighteen miles today.
  2. I used some equipment at a fitness station at the park yesterday to do some push-ups, now my elbows are on fire. For context, no weight based exercise for years but I work with my hands and get about a bit. mid 40's not obese I was trying to not overdo it, it is old age and overdoing it or is it poor form inspired by the equipment? Two slanted paralel bars with bisected semi circle hand holds, instructions to stagger hand position.
  3. Last time I was in Santa Fe I was sixteen years old, I bought some brick weed from a guy I knew from back home. Rolled some bit joints and went to see Ziggy Marley at an outdoor arena type venue. Have a Navaho Taco for the street level eatings but also go someplace fancy for New Mexico Cuisine, maybe out of town a little or on the square. I thought this place was pretty neat https://tenthousandwaves.com/ Did this also but not your schedule I think https://burnzozobra.com/all-about-zozobra/ I was there to visit a family friend, who is still the
  4. I may very well adopt the shaking in a salad box approach, always been a dredge in a produce baggie type but, there are risks to that method.
  5. I worked mapping that river in the winter of 2005, that is all.
  6. Look like nice choices, good to have a coat that is not black. Always thought it funny that so much winter clothing is black, like make it harder to see me crossing the street for the darkest time of the year. Double chest pockets is too much for me though, unless a garment is a daily driver I like to keep the number of pockets low.
  7. There used to be two papers in Seattle, the Times and the PI. The PI went under a good while back and with no completion the Times got worse than it already was. The Plain Dealer is going downhill, will be killed off soon. That will leave nothing for Cle except Scene. True Nonsense, now we spend more time reading national news and the local is gone.
  8. Freezer, Nespresso capsules
  9. The audit rate is low. Anybody got an opinion about putting a freezer on carpet? I think it is okay but feels a little wrong.
  10. Which one of us is from Madison? sword maybe.
  11. Penny Local Guide ・51 reviews a month ago Great place near Madison to visit! The museum is on the basement, displaying hundreds of mustard from all over the world. The admission is free! You got to learn some interesting facts about Mustard here. On the first floor is the gift shop where you can get some tasty mustard paste!
  12. Sightings of Camels in BC may have helped fuel the bigfoot conspiracy. Pretty funny, not meme form. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cariboo_camels#:~:text=The Cariboo camels were a,during the Cariboo Gold Rush.
  13. I got a google pixel because they gave me a discount in exchange for my privacy. It's actually a pretty nice little phone except when it starts asking me to help plan my next trip to the bathroom. I now also carry a iphone for work, after a couple months I am still not feeling any draw for the apple.
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