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  1. Well now that your are travelling you should document some signage and throw it in the thread, tracking regional differences and similarities. 😀
  2. I never got on the facebook or instagram. Reddit does not do it for me but I do check it out, they are running some hustle, the content disappoints, and I feel no connection to the community. In my analysis forums got phased out by a holistic push across the internet to monetize everything. The days of finding nerds and enthusiasts online are gone. I assume they are still here, somewhere, but the search to get past everyone trying to make a buck, one way or another, is difficult and frustrating.
  3. I cant remember if we have talked about vehicle lettering, there is a big body of work out there rolling as well. Nothing special here but I noticed it out and about the other day, I know there are many in the trucking industry who will always pay the extra for paint over decal.
  4. From a typical midday walk, breaking the no graff content in CH0 etiquette. A good example of how the buff is lax in Cleveland, a Pizza pick for one man, and some out of town hopper with an out of town streak.
  5. at Joker I wanna see some windows. Thanks for sharing. Kind of hard to say it without sounding like a tool, but Nordstorm really set the standard for quality customer service in Seattle and I think that is part of why you get better service there than in some other parts of the country.
  6. Maybe they will bake them condos in a couple decades.
  7. I walked by the other day and he was making another, I wanted to take a picture of the man in action but was gun shy.
  8. This bicycle guy who's magazine I buy once in a while has done some cool trips to Japan. Here is one at random from his blog. https://janheine.wordpress.com/2017/11/21/autumn-trip-to-the-japanese-mountains/
  9. Cool, I have done some work at Boeing and always got a kick out of seeing the scale and operations.
  10. I am a surveyor, I work primarily in the field but have a limited office skill set that I need to work on expanding in order to continue developing professionally. I started in 2001 and have worked in both land development and construction with an emphasis on heavy civil construction. It has been all on the job training and self study for me, I really should get a bachelors but who can be fucked to go back to school at 40?
  11. Ginseng in Wild Irish Rose, flavored of fruit.
  12. I am doing a casual version of the OMB photohunt, my next challenge is pizza.
  13. Take this weak shit and park it over in the News section which is the appropriate forum for politics.
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