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  1. False, but I am a little unnerved to have such a young participant in our midst. I consider my online presence to be pretty wholesome but not necessarily speaking in the company of thirteen year olds appropriate. TPBM has a child older than 13
  2. I think she could also stand to brush up a little on the definitions regarding communism. As to the thrust of the thread, yea man, what a time. Who would have thought that the greatest breakthroughs would have been mobile phones and ladies pants.
  3. False, my wife on the other had would fit the bill. TPBM owns a skateboard
  4. For dinner this evening I had "brick" chicken, grilled zucchini and potato salad.
  5. Even more arrows might not be enough to correct this wrong. Thanks for the video Boris, I find your contributions consistently solid in that department indeed.
  6. Well sure, but consistency is most important element of fitness. Better to take evening walks nightly for decades than to CrossFit till you slip a disk or bang your trainer. IMO Below me is a person who has read True Grit by Charles Portis. If not then you should!
  7. Some things are both true and false. I am at peace but somewhat ill at ease at the same moment. Not being able to travel is dampening my trip. Below is a person who minds their own business.
  8. How do you mean? Like no socks or no show socks or what. Anybody ever think about leadership and how to develop it, I have worked with a good number of managers who have no idea so I have started thinking about how to develop the skill.
  9. False, I was last at the library in February to pick up a touristic book for my trip to the Dominican Republic right before this whole thing got cracking in earnest. Libby is a great app for accessing electronic content through your library btw. TPBM walks on the regular for fitness and enjoyment.
  10. False, but it could be worse. TPBM is going to light off some works on the fourth.
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