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  1. So I started swimming with this club in like June of 2021, three times a week, open water in the summer, pool in the winter. When I started it was my goal to complete all sets in a workout on the send offs; right before Christmas I did it. I had pretty much given up on it and when it happened I assumed that the workout was a fluky easy one. Now however I am finishing maybe a third to half of all workouts, it is like I finally picked up enough speed. 18 months into the routine and still making incremental progress. I think sometimes that the internet and some media like books and whatnot set unreasonable expectations, like transformation photo sequences from fatty to fit and promises that if you buy into the hype you will be ripped in 163 days or whatever. Like so many things in life however it may be that a positive feedback loop in life takes a long time to get moving. Not like a negative feedback where your consequences can be almost immediate and compounding.
  2. Anybody ever think that where, kults, and the jugalo guy were all the same person?
  3. I posted this in the workout thread also but it is really more apt here.
  4. So the kid who got butt hurt seams to have recovered. Maybe i just need to raise my voice more often so I don't shock them when it happens. Logic.
  5. A good manager should be working to support their people.
  6. For some reason my co-workers have always been older than I am, including my helpers. Over the past couple years that has changed and I now have had the experience of working with some twenty somethings, which makes them about 20 years younger than me. I think that they are, perhaps, a touch sensitive, but am unsure how you can possibly train someone without ever correcting mistakes. Anyone know how to boss these snowflakes? I know it sounds like a prick of a question but I am genuinely curious.
  7. Just finished the recent season of All Creatures, it was alright but some mis-steps in the season finale really detracted from it. Why do the British put out seasonal tv with only like 6 episodes once a year? And why do we have to wait some crazy time before PBS shows them here.
  8. I bought a pound of santo domingo coffee, ground, to arrive on tuesday. Crazy how easy it can be to satisfy a whim with shopping now a days, sitting around and randomly remember having good, mass produced coffee in the Dominican Republic and grab the phone of the pocket and have it on the way for 12 bucks. Now I am going to buy some nesprsso pods, them shits are expensive but I am hooked
  9. Somehow looking at a dribble of sauce on a greyed out man hand does not perk the appetite.
  10. I am skeptical of law enforcement, and I believe in due process so in the individual case a little bit of patience is warranted but in the general case that shit is dead wrong. Pineapple on pizza though, live and let live.
  11. How is everyone doing with the resolutions? I am trying with the complaining thing, at least to be cognizant of it. I been a grump for the past year though and a lot of people kind of expect it of me I think so they will bitch in conversation or bring up shit that they know will get me going.
  12. That cop is looking a little village people.
  13. I wonder if you would have gotten the creap vibe in person.
  14. Did you get the chair? Nice furniture is so expensive, talk about living the mid life, buying couches that cost more than a reasonable used car.
  15. That was a long minute and thirteen seconds.
  16. good to see you style is king I am watching All Creatures Great and Small
  17. spotted Feb 2020 Santo Domingo
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