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  1. I am with noes on the dog, but much prefer a toasted bun. I do not have a microwave.
  2. Sorry! We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  3. I would put number three from the above post at the top of the list. People who deal with this shit all the time often have insight and advice that is earned from that experience; you can call one of the community numbers and get some idea.
  4. Clean new white socks with dime bags stuffed in the toe. Left unattended near a homeless encampment.
  5. I do not know, something like that, furnaces. Was not looking at it then, Google maps has a view as good as my picture but does not make clear. Might be a worthwhile research exercise to find out. Long lasting. not so much.
  6. How far we done fell. Something finer, not the penciled numbers also. Same building as last, has a nice, not professional but talented look to it. Spray paint, reasonably clean really. Not sure if this was vinyl or something else, some new tech. Not the sort of thing I could capture but the faded mural had a nice effect, like blown glass or something. Little bit of the old peaking through, before development removes it like a dentist chasing plaque. All from my walk in Dallas this morning.
  7. A modern Porsche done up like an old VW dune buggy is something, however, that I can appreciate. Same with rally car, especially if they are living it.
  8. People can do what they want but I am over the trend of people strapping all kinds of "overlanding" crap on the outside of their trucks. Not every camping trip is a safari.
  9. The amount of incest porn is too damn high. WTF that about I do not know.
  10. Anybody know what's up in Dallas? I am here for a meeting and have not planned what to do with my free day on Sunday.
  11. Little known functionality of the loop is that it will hold a skateboard securely to the backpack.
  12. One wheel of a skateboard in the the little loop of webbing meant for hanging said Jansport.
  13. https://www.juxtapoz.com/news/saber-remembers-his-friend-tie-one/
  14. Being on the drive home after church with the family all dressed up was the part of the story that was told in humor but overall I would say that yes, this story was to demonstrate nuttiness.
  15. Anybody got a flick of the TIE tribute on a ship?
  16. I had a buddy who's dad stopped the car, with his wife and two kids riding, and beat down a cyclist who have him the finger.
  17. Lol, they are probably hunting dear in big creek reservation. That or roaming the Clark Fulton or maybe working on a motorcycle in a Parma garage.
  18. "Toxic" covers a wide spectrum. If you, or she, are engaging in DV type behavior I suggest you take a moment and evaluate your appreciation for personal freedom. Good friend of mine went bonkers over a female and they were doing the on again off again keep it spicy by calling the law show. In the end he spent a chunk of time in jail and well over a year of government supervision. If you just mean you would rather be done with her then some similar but less urgent meditation on themes of personal freedom and potential, erase her number and find a hobby or some shit to keep you occupied on your own. Good luck, I have never gone crazy over a ex, but have seen people do it and it is scary. Maybe a good time to try some head shrinker to get some tools, I dunno.
  19. Odd, I also lightly tweaked my back, have a nagging spine type issue and watched the Amazon fantasy show today.
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