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  1. How far from home will you go to get a pie? There is an old school Italian American type joint that makes classic 80's style pizza so close to my apartment that I can just walk over. I have a hard time justifying driving to try anything new especially when it may just be disappointing. I am in new territory so every option is a mystery.
  2. Dear Schnitzel, how cold is cold enough to make an Australian complain?
  3. Provolone, thinking of DAO I had to make a controversial choice. Smokes, let's go.
  4. Just had my first steak of cheese at the Philadelphia airport, I was guided in the food court by my find memories of DAO
  5. Working on getting my post count up, Queens Birthday is the upside down county holiday, saving the google for anyone wondering. It is actually a big drag show, now what you would expect
  6. good call on the thread bump, pre meme living and the offer of a meetup from dow, rip
  7. That is the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at their season opener, other than a couple one offs and outdoor performances nobody has done anything since the shutdown but are now opening up for a real season. Wish I was in Cleveland to see theirs, they really are something special.
  8. The rail system of holding condiments in a refrigerator door would be improved with a bottom rail or lip in the shelf.
  9. Open water workouts are over on my masters team, moving to a pool next week. I am a little bummed, swimming in salt water three days a week has been really positive but they are a great group and I am sure that swimming in the pool will have some benefits.
  10. If you want a guaranteed turn around time for a pcr to travel you need to go to a private vendor and pay $400. I am going to gamble on the free one and hedge by scheduling a couple of them.
  11. Most reviews are worthless. I am not putting my name online to leave one.
  12. I do not know about 40K but it is my understanding that transmission fluid flushing or changing in high millage vehicles causes more harm than good. All of those recommendations look quite suspect in my opinion. Had a buddy years ago that fell for that shit at a jiffy lube, they smoked the engine and he was left with a recently paid off ride that he could not drive. Paid off at minimum wage no less.
  13. It has been a while, perhaps now would be a good time for me to go back and listen to some Marley, before and after Scratch. If memory serves Lee moved them way along, Joe Strummer also, what a heavy hitter.
  14. Crazy that you caught that mushroom taking a selfie
  15. There may have been a name change or something but I have been there before, the blankets to go with the outdoor seating was a nice touch if I recall correctly. So far Stella Luna is my go to, I might not have time to do any touristic stuff this time but I will make it there for gelato whitout fail.
  16. I am visiting our neighbors to the north, thinking I will fly to the nearest US airport and then rent a car and drive, more control that way and since you can not yet fly from USA to Ottawa it will be a wash on time and money.
  17. I just canceled travel plans due to new covid restrictions and am in the middle of planning an upcoming trip which will require not one but three tests and a written quarantine plan.
  18. I kind of gave up on Beck after the late 90's, maybe I should give his stuff another listen, I really liked one foot in the grave at the time. Back in the height of K records.
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