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  1. Thought_Monster

    jlaw nekkid pics (The Fappening) NSFW

    white people be looking the same to me.
  2. Thought_Monster

    jlaw nekkid pics (The Fappening) NSFW

    http://stabcast.com/posts/5899 Link
  3. Thought_Monster


    Just beat watch dogs, and got to say I was impressed. Included the tablet because I got it at the same time:cool:
  4. Thought_Monster

    Recent Pickups/ Purchases/ Gifts/ Aquisitions Megathread

    Pretty happy with my latest purchase. Just put this together in time for summer festivities.
  5. Thought_Monster

    The Photography Thread

  6. Thought_Monster

    80's-90's MEMORIES

    For some reason I thought of these today.
  7. Thought_Monster


    @fish http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/dexter/
  8. Thought_Monster

    * NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *

    Love August cause of my birthday, and football being back lol. Niners back on the grind.
  9. Thought_Monster

    What's the longest you're hair has ever been?

    The longest my hair got was down to my stomach. Everybody thought I was Samoan/Rican.
  10. Thought_Monster

    Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

    Good looking out Fist.
  11. Thought_Monster

    Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

    Not really into the classy, or bro spots, so It would have to be dive bars. I'm also down for outdoorsy spots to drink, like cool parks and what not. Magic Garden and Whiskey Bar will get hit up.
  12. Thought_Monster

    Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

    So I'm going to be going through Portland, and heading to Seattle. Never been there before, so I thought I would get some input on the oz. Looking for cool places to chill and drink, cool things to see, places to paint, places to eat, and cool nightlife spots. Any input would be appreciated from locals, or folks who have been around that way.
  13. Thought_Monster


    The day by day shit is what gets me, I can go a few days without drinking, but beyond that I can't resist. Part of me wants to stop, but another part of me feels as though nothing will change. I have a few homies that quit, and they say their life is the same, but they are happier, and healthier. I have a hard time getting over the initial first stage of stopping. Life seems so slow when I'm sober, and I get bad anxiety. It's like if I don't get fucked up I'm going to do some stupid shit to feel that void. Although that's not to say I don't do stupid shit when I'm drunk; I fucked up every chance of a relationship I have ever had, caught charges, fought with friends, and lost friends due to this shit. Shit fucks with my head, but I'm making an effort to slow down, and it is working, just don't know if I'm strong enough to just quit. What up Fat Ralphy! Been a minute since we chilled, glad to hear you and your fam are doing well.
  14. Thought_Monster

    Current Dreams, Aspirations and Wishes

    Finishing up my BA as quickly as possible Adding to the camera collection Steady work I don't hate pure cocaine connect (to sell)