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  1. Yeah no worries. Some of the old oontzers might come by and see this too. This is actually the video i meant to post.
  2. I've spent so much time on here my fingers sometimes type "12" and hit enter without me even thinking. Just thought i'd say whats up. My life is mostly motorcycles right now, and I just got back from watching this. Thought someone might enjoy watching some big boys shred.
  3. God damn Mister Raven, look at that automatic embed. You've been working on the forum like the cure for cancer.
  4. Oh fun. I come back to this. Hey fam: stop. fucking. dying. Love you guys.
  5. Key word here you "CHOSE" skynet. Yes we're living in a technocracy, but unlike the USSR you still have an open market of skynets to chose from.
  6. I dont think I've really posted on here in YEARS, but I type "12"into the url bar every fucking day out of muscle memory and hit enter. Found this thread today. People have gotten stupid and go straight the supreme court with all their issues. It's a private event. There should've been more security. If you're going to host a giant fucking cash-grab-event with tens of thousands of people, you need a fucking private militia to keep that many people safe. That's what rich people do at their big-ass events. Don't be low hanging fruit at a fucking music festival when america's at a pivotal time of upheaval and nobody values human life, especially not among country-rock-concert goers. This isnt evil. This isnt a mental disorder. It's societal. This is a nihlistic old man wanting to go out with the most toys. And the victims of this are a bunch of politically illterate people who've gotten too accustomed to our technocratic overlords creating an artificial sense of security. Get a gun, know your exits, and don't let the fucking herd mentality override your instincts of self preservation. BEfore we talk about gun control realize how strange and unusual the scenarios in which mass murders play out: gatherings in which obscene numbers of people cluster together in places the infrastructure wasnt really designed to handle, drawing unwanted eyes and creating bottlenecks for escape routes. From a security standpoint it's a fucking nightmare. Most people don't live in these situations so to think revoking gun control from normal life because these weird scenarios often manifest chaos... it doesnt make sense. It makes more sense to ban enormous, unnaturally large gatherings of people without proper private security precautions. NOT ONLY THAT but that's the only policy that's enforceable. Good fucking luck banning guns.
  7. Soup

    12oz collapsed?

    People get the rules wrong all the time. It has to cost YOU $500 to build the car, so if buy buy a car, sell most of it the amount you personally are out of pocket is $500. That also doesn't include roll cage, tires, wheels, brakes, and any other safety equipment, which depending on your build can be MOST of the vehicle. It also helps to build a heavy collection of junk cars. SMART! That's all i had to say. :heart:
  8. Soup

    12oz collapsed?

    Nice dude. I'm around the bay writing for online/local motorcycle publications about racing, DIY, gear reviews etc. Building hotrods for old hotrodders that simply can't work on their own cars anymore. And also building and renting race cars for 24 Hours of Lemons... and trying to host motorcycle autocross events this year for the first time. Never seem to be able to stay in the same industry for more than a few years before some shit happens and I'm off to the next thing. Architecture's a fairly amazing field. Much respect for keeping with it.
  9. Soup

    12oz collapsed?

    I want to know if seeking is still riding harleys, hesh is still into colnagos, smart is writing, mamero is still burning manning, or what everyone has decided to do instead. Im guessing work is the answer to that, but who knows.
  10. Soup

    12oz collapsed?

    Je suis boogiehands Well good to see folks. After seeing Mero's complex videos I'm wondering where everyone else is.
  11. Hey to whoever's left. I popped in the other day to see 12oz down to three people online. Three. How is that even possible? Another time it was just Fist (hey man). I knew Ch0 numbers were dwindling back in '10, but i didn't think it was going to affect the other subforums as much. Wow. Things do change. People change. Everyone I'm still in contact with that no longer visits this site, and has absolutely no interest in graff at all. So who's left? What's left? Fill me into what people have done for the last 3-5 years...
  12. :womenholdinghands::mouth::sweatdrops::coffee::pileofpoop:
  13. checking in to say congrats to Mero. His series on Complex is so, so fucking good.
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