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I was supposed to have my graduation ceremony today.  but I have a dream job  and we already did honors recognition     it just would have been nice to see my classmates and instruc

Being on time and showing up everyday is the bare minimum to keep your job, not a bullet point in raise negotiations.

Whalen you accidentally hit someone’s profile with intentions of hitting the thread    then they hit your inbox ...   “ Yo I SaW ThAt YoU pEePeD mY PrOfiLe”    calm do

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my nose hairs are gone, i just thought about how good i can climb shit when im numbked and have no feeling what so ever, like i climbed heavens of some highwaay shit just to step across and see what its like or to climb up to roofs and eat food early morning and throw change at thugs that walk the avenues. throw and just watch as they look up and down the street sayin who da fuck thdrew dat, mother fucka, yo easy keep ya eye up the street,. word yeah pesh

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So she has this rash thing in her inner theigh. I really am glad I never really shared drinks with her. But she always used my lip gloss. Saturday Night Live is not funny tonight. The Black Eyed Peas are performing. those cock suckers.

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i wonder wot ill be doing in 10 years time. I wonder id sumwhere in the world there is sum land we dont even no about nd its like really big or like if we had it all rong bout dinosaurs nd jesus nd everything was rong. Can you imagine all the problems if it was proven th@ jesus was fake . You could turn Churches into HOF's :eek:

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pulling my hair thinking about cheezy radio stations and italian water ducks....croosed legs and itchy leg....guitar music in the rain with thug skirt blunt rappers....gimme some money bitch....gerry curl juice and iron tags are weak....what the hell...i love berry pi nk...i just skippped a space and reggae blasted ..the summer when jym and leigh came up ..

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