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  1. im not half as bad in person. sarcasm and such dont travel well via la web. ive given up. /turning over a new leaf. (heard that before? said that before) but this time, its serious.
  2. i love that show the apprentice. there's a ton of good idas/things you can learn about business on the show.
  3. half the shit i say is so blatantly obvious that im fucking around its unfuckingbelieveable that you idiots dont see that and get so worked up about it. ive been stressing this shit for years. im not a wigger, im not hard, im not trying to be ghetto, im making fun of all of that shit. ive always thought it was super obvious, but maybe you guys need shit spelled out for you to catch on, slow in the dome mother fuckers.
  4. wow, youre dumb fucking ass finally figured it out. i DO say shit like "nigga or whatever else you can quote that i say" on purpose sometimes. thats the whole point, its a fucking joke, like the rest of you fucking white mother fuckers who use that same word with your little twist on it like thats more ok to say... like "nukka, nugga, nikkuh" and whatever the fuck else. yet im the only one when i say it, that has 10 people saying "omg... tease said nigga, wha wha wha" and like i said, fuck arcel's toy ass, he's just a little punk ass bitch and i know i could stomp him. i dont know if/what you write or how good you are or what you look like, but i really dont give a fuck. i hate you just as much because youre a stupid little brat that hates me for something that was said over the internet, and i dont even know what that thing is, so i could give two fucks about you bitch.
  5. naw lil mama, im as cool as they come. its just arcel's a pussy, and fermentor is a fag to. he "claims" to hate me and have me on ignore so that he doesnt have to read my posts / threads etc, yet he's in everyone of them, and replies multiple times per thread or comments to me. thats some corny shit to me, ya know. he's straight up playing himself.
  6. 11,102 posts arcel. get off 12oz you fucking loser ass toy and get off my dick while youre at it. since you dont got shit going on in your life, how about you bus down to see me so i can stomp your ass. you little bitch. and fermentor, youre a dumb fuck to. put me back on ignore you stupid ass.
  7. hey poops- is the recording arleady going down? you tried to get in any shots yet? lets get in the house man. hahaha.
  8. ^^^ yea but what qaulified him for "disability benefits?" i dont think you could just claim some shit and go home and get paid. what's wrong with him?
  9. seeking, hit me up on the "pm" tip when you get a chance.
  10. and that was what i meant by my post. *wink wink ...rolls eyes.*
  11. and one of the most infamous 12ozers stays there i hear. :idea: :king: :lol:
  12. i work at a job where i get calls from all over the states and i can't stand talking to people from new york, new jersey, conneticut, boston and so forth. you people are fucking more difficult than anyone in the world. i know a lot will disagree and whatever else, but i bring this up because today i talked to some dickhead in either CT or New Jersey, one of those two places and this asshole is talking big shit about he's buying two computers and acting like he's the richest mother fucker alive and acting like he's in the mob or some shit. (sapronos wanna be ass mufucka) with shit steady pouring out of his mouth constantly. i just think its interesting that people from these locations are so fucking cocky and confident and whatever else you might want to call it. its like from age 3 on... they are raised on rap videos, mob movies and a little bit of sex, drugs and rock and roll. i cant stand these mother fuckers acting all hard and acting like they're god's gift to the fucking world. i fucking threw my chair at work this guy and his stupid bitch girlfriend pissed me off so bad. with their annoying fucking accents. now i know yall are gonna just talk shit and say im generalizing and bla bla bla, and hate on me and my state, whatever, after you do that, drop some thoughts as to why you feel people from these locations are so proud of themselves and their cities and what makes them so fucking uppitty about their shit. because id like to know. go.
  13. more ATARI AND GORY. those fools are ill.
  14. look at that, 3 faggots in a row, three posts about me, that arent even necessary. yall are some goofy little bitches straight up.
  15. you were having trouble busting something tight in it huh? ;) sup dude.
  16. the corporate world sucks. i used to think having an office job would be the best thing in the world, but its far from it. i mean, like most jobs, i have a love / hate relationship with my latest job. there are some really good points of it, such as beautiful women everywhere, benefits, lots of perks, fun work atmosphere, 5 minute drive from my house, pretty good pay for me not having a college degree, and tons of potential to improve and move up the food chain in the corporate world. some of the down sides are: they demand a lot out of you, you make your paycheck, and if you dont hit your numbers, you dont get paid hardly anything and that can get nerve racking. i feel like im on the fucking stock exchange floor in new york wheelin' and dealin' all day long. they add mandatory overtime hours whenever they want to, its hard to get a day off because it complete fucks up your month unless you use your paid vacation time, and our schedule is always changing every 2 months, so its hard to get a girl, let alone have a family, etc etc etc. i feel like a grain of sand in the middle of the dessert in my company to. its a very worthless feeling and im not fond of it.
  17. i like watching fifa soccer on tv, but not playing it on any game systems.
  18. Just a very feminine man-boy.... Quoted post [/b] :lol: good stuff. you shouldnt need to do a credit check every couple of months, as long as you cancelled all the credit cards and debit cards that were currently in your purse... you should be ok. just notify any future credit card company and bank that you have that your stuff was stolen and to let them know ahead of time to watch out for any out of the ordinary purchases, or purchases made in different cities or random locations (i.e. shops) that you never go to. and you should be fine.
  19. riiiiight. im not in some bum fuck nowhere suburb chump. my city is one of the most popular in the state, for music and a bunch of other shit. and youre not just going to walk up to me and kick my ass, so you can give that imaginary dream up to. as far as quiting the site goes, mother fucker please. add me to your ignore list ya pansy.
  20. i had a summer job like that. we'd go into people's houses that got evicted or left their house abondoned and ran without paying their bills. it was the most god awful job and life experiences i ever encountered to. it was horrible. people can be so disgustingly nasty sometimes its mind boggling.
  21. well whatever, i think youre full of shit. ive tried time and time again like i said to ignore shit, but eventually im going to fire back. just because im not one to stand around and not say some shit if it needs to be said. yall can grow up and quit talking shit just as easy as i can. i think it should be mutual.
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