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  1. Oh, I just remembered what I was really annoyed about in the NDV post... bruh, how you gonna try talking a love of horology, then suggest people buy knock offs????? Fuck is that. Just in principle, that’s a never ever. Doesn’t matter how quality they are now a days, fuck fake anything. Instead of dropping $1000 on some super good fake, drop $1000 on a sick vintage watch and maintain your self respect. also, tissot is fine, but they’re like a hundred other mid tier swiss brands that make nice watches but Every time I see a new release I’m left wondering “who’s dropping $6k on a tissot
  2. Yo, that ndv post read like some sort of bot trying to sell me a watch. How the fuck you gonna bag on people buying a Rolex without knowing Louis Moinet? Motherfucker been dead 200 years. He didn’t invent the watch. If you wanna name drop something quasi relevant atleast go gentry or Biver. Then we can discuss him putting on that fucking douche Alec monopoly. I really really really want to like seiko, I’m just not Japanese enough. I have tons of respect for the company, and i “almost” buy their watches all the time.... but i just can’t do it. I do want the watch from apocalypse now.
  3. For years i was tattooing in a really rich tourist area of LA so i got to see a lot of interesting watches. Used to be a cat who had the Richard Mille with the skull. Hate their watches but I still cool to see... current rotation... 1952 oyster perpetual. Fucking love this thing. This was the watch that made me stoked on watches. That subtle texture in the dial... owning that lead me to the Tudor, which has the same texture. I thought of it as an updated progression. Seamaster is from 1962/3. Picked it up just cause I got a crazy deal on it. I’ve got several other rando
  4. Thank god they did away with that feature that allows you to see what others are doing. Fuck I want someone knowing who I’m commenting on for? I hate what social media is doing to society, but I also realize that when I don’t pay attention to it, the world still goes on. I’m kinda trying to focus on that shit for a while.
  5. Huh. I have absolutely no memory of this. Despite me explaining within the posts, I’m still not even sure exactly what it is? I chopped up an interview with secret, added a fake interview with MAIN2, then changed it all to include weird goth noise bands, then attributed it to joker?? I mean... I guess that’s kind of funny? I don’t blame anyone for hating me on here. In fact, in retrospect, I’m far more confused as to how anyone didn’t.
  6. I do not recall this, however.... story time with seeking..... the year is 1997. I’m a dj and promoter in Detroit. After booking hieroglyphics a couple times for shows, we wind up being somewhat friendly. Particularly taje and A plus. On one of these trips the guys tell me they need to find a big ass bag for merch. I happened to have a friend that worked at an army navy store that just let us steal shit, so we headed up there. After getting a bag, we head to my house, which was nearby, so they could reorganize their shit. During this period of my life i was living with
  7. @diggity yes, you can always find the time if its important enough, but that's my point.... i don't know if this is that important to me anymore. its not a matter of the people, its a matter of logistics and priorities. as i write this i have three tattoos i should be drawing. i have sewing projects I'm neglecting. i need to finish making a leather sheath for a machete and knife i started earlier today. I've got a giant stack of books I've been putting off forever. i'm not sure what exactly transpired in my life, but now if I'm spending time on something that isn't outwardly productive, i str
  8. haha. i post repeatedly about my lack of attention span and you counter with a 10,000 word essay. it's like you're just challenging me to prove i can be a good friend and actually read the things you've taken the time to write. :) 100% social media has cheapened our interactions and connections. you know how often I've written about that (ironically on social media). its easy to not reach out to someone after you see a picture of their kid, because it satiates that feeling of longing that otherwise would exist. it supplies us with just enough familiarity to continue existing in obscurity
  9. THIS!!! had to edit some photos, so i got out the laptop again.... The names i know.... tesseract, mams, dirty habit, colter!!! trent! etc, all y'all know of my prior ability to read lengthy posts and respond in kind. all. fucking. day. long. now a days tho.... i just don't fucking have it in me. and i can't imagine anyone on here, no matter my nostalgia, no matter how much i care about the past, i can't imagine wanting to sit through page after page of their thoughts. Was rad to hear tesser has a kid. I've genuinely thought of you and wondered how you were doing...but if we're being ho
  10. Speaking as someone who was here during the heyday of this site, and as someone who thinks they know everything.... while things have absolutely changed, in many ways i feel for the worse, I'm not sure its possible to go back. subcultures do not exist as they used to. access to information is available to everyone at all times, that diminishes the need for community in the way we had it here. we were a huge group of like minded individuals who often felt at odds with our immediate surrounding. that is less of the case these days I'm afraid. now, even if you hate instagram (as i notoriously do)
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