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  1. @diggity yes, you can always find the time if its important enough, but that's my point.... i don't know if this is that important to me anymore. its not a matter of the people, its a matter of logistics and priorities. as i write this i have three tattoos i should be drawing. i have sewing projects I'm neglecting. i need to finish making a leather sheath for a machete and knife i started earlier today. I've got a giant stack of books I've been putting off forever. i'm not sure what exactly transpired in my life, but now if I'm spending time on something that isn't outwardly productive, i stress out. i feel as if I'm just wasting valuable time. which isn't to say this community we built is a waste, its just that i don't have the opportunity i used to.... ....this all comes back to the constraints of a message board. instagram is easy because you can check it for 2 minutes and pay as little or as much attention as you have time for. i can't randomly scroll through a board while in line at the bank, or when stuck at a stop light. this requires a level of dedication i just can't accommodate. it requires a laptop i never have on me. and i say all of this not to focus on myself, the world doesn't give a shit if i have time for message boards, its just a reiteration of my thoughts on the original question. of how our society and our lives are structured. also, the mail order bride story is so much better than raven is admitting to.
  2. haha. i post repeatedly about my lack of attention span and you counter with a 10,000 word essay. it's like you're just challenging me to prove i can be a good friend and actually read the things you've taken the time to write. :) 100% social media has cheapened our interactions and connections. you know how often I've written about that (ironically on social media). its easy to not reach out to someone after you see a picture of their kid, because it satiates that feeling of longing that otherwise would exist. it supplies us with just enough familiarity to continue existing in obscurity. given enough years of that and a tendency towards general isolation becomes blanket policy. combine that with the days becoming shorter and obligations always increasing, at any given moment i'm working on one project while simultaneously thinking of another, texting with 3 people, liking pictures of this duck i follow on instagram, trying to avoid setting myself on fire while welding in shorts and a tank top because I'm a fucking idiot... in the midst of all that, i have a lot of conversations in my head that seem to take the place of actual interaction. it's just hard to find the time otherwise. i am totally one for nostalgia and 12oz is as ingrained in the DNA of my being as anything else I've ever been apart of. i like seeing the old names. i like seeing what people are up to. the struggle is to not treat it like instagram. to not accept one update as totality and fill in the narrative around it. i hate to continue pushing the idea that we're all just automaton goldfish programmed for indifference. trying to come back here has definitely opened my eyes to just how fucking incompatible my brain has become. if nothing else, thanks for that.
  3. if anyone is in contact with homie, please put us in touch. thanks.
  4. THIS!!! had to edit some photos, so i got out the laptop again.... The names i know.... tesseract, mams, dirty habit, colter!!! trent! etc, all y'all know of my prior ability to read lengthy posts and respond in kind. all. fucking. day. long. now a days tho.... i just don't fucking have it in me. and i can't imagine anyone on here, no matter my nostalgia, no matter how much i care about the past, i can't imagine wanting to sit through page after page of their thoughts. Was rad to hear tesser has a kid. I've genuinely thought of you and wondered how you were doing...but if we're being honest, i also didn't make even the smallest attempt to search for you. because thats life at 42. so caught up in my own every day struggles that while i think of others (mams, we live in the same fucking city and have never kicked it?!) it basically ends there. i think of the [literally] hundreds of folks I've met in person off this site.... i think of our talks. our friendship. i think of what they might contribute to whatever sparks their memory, and then i get distracted by whatever trapping of adult life finds me next. hell, @Joker is the only post read in full, and that was just because... well, its fucking joker, and i wouldn't have written graffiti if not for him (sorry to tarnish your legacy with mine ;) . but even on that... after 12oz, we maintained a volley of occasional emails. sharing art. sharing ideas. every single time id see something from him.... i can't begin to explain the honor i felt, that someone i'd always respected so much would discuss my work with me, and even that proved too much to maintain. Jer, i'm not sure who's turn it is to respond, but don't worry, my paintings haven't progressed much. ha. i often like to imagine myself as simply dysfunctional, as if I'm different and more broken than others, but i don't think its that easy. i don't think I'm the only one. i started on prodigy message boards in 1991, amassed 30million posts on here, and finally graduated to a point i can barely reread the captions I write under my own instagram posts, and truth-be-told, i think I'm fucking hilarious! i want to think this place could reemerge in some context, and perhaps it can/will but i truly don't see it fitting into my life. i see ten year anniversaries. i see bbq's. i don't see spending lengthy amounts of time on this laptop, and sure as fuck not on my phone. part of it is growing up but a larger portion of it is the fact that at this point, what haven't i read? what haven't i heard? no offense to my friends here, who i am extremely fucking lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with, but... i'm still trying to finish this rudolf steiner book, I'm not really worrying what 'cuban_nipple_crisis" has to say. :/ (i do want to connect 'keep it rail' tho, so if anyone has a lead on homie, lemme know).
  5. Speaking as someone who was here during the heyday of this site, and as someone who thinks they know everything.... while things have absolutely changed, in many ways i feel for the worse, I'm not sure its possible to go back. subcultures do not exist as they used to. access to information is available to everyone at all times, that diminishes the need for community in the way we had it here. we were a huge group of like minded individuals who often felt at odds with our immediate surrounding. that is less of the case these days I'm afraid. now, even if you hate instagram (as i notoriously do) you're likely still a part of it. you still have information coming at you all the time at breakneck pace. what used to take months to cycle through, now happens in a matter of hours and is forgotten just as quickly. its difficult to imagine a message board keeping up with that. i don't know about anyone else's habits, but i barely even touch computers anymore. i had to dig my 9 year old laptop out from under a pile of books then track down my charger just to reply to this thread. yes, i could have done it with my phone, but no matter how well a site works on a 4' screen, the physical constraints of typing with thumbs into a claustrophobic box makes constructing thoughts more difficult. you have less patience both to read and to write. id honestly have never made it through your initial post had i been on my phone. "TLDR" too long didn't read. on top of that, i think people also just have less need to go to websites at all. i can't remember the last time i checked to see if a non-commercial (shopping) entity even had a website? and maybe there are still an army of folks with desk jobs looking to kill time while they collect their check, but i don't really know those people. my life is far removed from what it was 18 years ago (holy fuck!!) when i spent 10 hours a day on this site. i kind of doubt that those who are now in the position we all were back then... they've never communicated as we have. they don't know what they're missing, so will have no desire to recreate it, ya know? they're fine with the way things are, it's all they know. im not sure if any of that really answers anything. i'd love to see forums reemerge, but thats also largely from a place of nostalgic romance. i don't have the time to take part in them, even if they did. which isn't to say this is a lost cause, but it will never be what it was. graffiti is not what it was. a kardashian make up forum may do great now, but graffiti? does anyone even give a fuck about graffiti? posting your own work on here used to be an instant disqualifier, now every writer has an instagram and a paint sponsor. people love street wear. they love to buy and consume. no one creates, and absolutely no one creates just for the love, at cost to themselves...
  6. seeking


    ural's are whatever. slightly updated version of an old WWII era russian bike. you're basically buying one for the novelty of the sidecar, otherwise theres absolutely no reason to own one. if you want a sidecar real bad, go for it. if not, get a triumph. this is the first time i've logged into the site in 6 months. riding has been good this year. lots of miles. moving to LA in a couple weeks, will be even better out there i imagine. stay safe fellas.
  7. seeking


    good to see that all the national attention and big name writers have not affected your love for arguing with each other about absolute nonsense. i was almost missing detroit. thanks for reminding me. ;)
  8. metronome, then why is he in the 'hella silk tattz thread'? those not hella sick. those hella wack.
  9. seeking


    wow, that NDO roller shit is impressive. its crazy coming back here and seeing so many out of town cats. definitely not mad, but its kinda a bummer that 10 years from now kids will think of this as 'detroit graffiti' with no idea of what came before it.
  10. if anyone is wondering, this guy fucking SUCKS.
  11. seeking


    found a box full of old photos while visiting family. 94-99. if only i could be motivated to scan them...
  12. i dont know. if you're doing a sleeve he might stick to it, but i know when i got tattooed by him at kings ave in NY i felt like he way overcharged me. there was def no type of tat-bro love going on. between that and feeling like he pretty much completely ignored what i asked for in favor of doing some shit that was easy for him... i dont know, just one of those situations where i have a really good tattoo that i'm just not that into because of the experience, ya know? i dont say that to freak you out, im sure you'll get something awesome. i'm just neurotic probably.
  13. seeking


    was going through old black books and found this. hopefully one or two of you will appreciate it.
  14. ruben kinkade, hope you've saved up some money. dude charged me out the ass. was not super stoked on that. fist 666, yeah. it happens. i definitely know of some dudes who are much better painters than tattooers. pedro depaca, i think bill loika is still at tattoo peters. i'd definitely grab a little souvenir banger from him if you're into those sorts of things.