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Issac Brock last won the day on May 1 2006

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  1. BUMP BROKE!!! (post more broke panels)
  2. someone put up some broke panels if you've got em!
  3. bump! marm, gasm, elmer/fud, tead, stori, gray, pak, shock (cool to see in detroit), and everyone else who is putting in good work. you all make me want to go back to detroit and paint a lot, so I can get shown up by all of yas. it'll make your shit look better in comparison.
  4. I visited detroit for literally a day, to visit my parents in the suburbs. From my tiny visit, I must say, MARM STILL GOT IT, AW JEAHHH
  5. yes all those pieces and panels that nuclear posted are by the same pose, from chicago.
  6. fuck, i talked shit to the wrong guy.
  7. what'd you say about me? Fuck you, bitch!
  8. I agree. Illmatic = probably the best hip hop album of all time. Post illmatic = ehhhhh
  9. fuck it i'm definitely not staying at your crib when i visit then..
  10. you meant next thursday right? Maybe I'll bust out my camera for the first time in forever.
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