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  1. the infmaous dao face is for sure not him, its the mugshot of some dude in philly who got arrested for beating someone up over a cheesesteak or some shit
  2. I've always been super interested in this, but i thought it was on more than one network
  3. as someone who uses this forum over 75% in desktop browser mode I really love the layout
  4. real skimask hours whom up
  5. I hadn't actually had any internet at my house for about 3 years, so I've been all physical media for awhile. Or pirated af
  6. real talk i got stung in the head by like 3 or 4 hornets or wasps or some shit omw in to the office.
  7. So I know a few legitimate, contracted models (not like alt model / IG models, ones with actual agents and booking), and they have been talking about the IG shadow ban shit for awhile and ive been following it. Its all designed to force you into paying for premium placement adds - if you get too many free views then you have to pay. Its not a conspiracy to silence - its an algorithmic adjustment of your feed placement to squeeze you to pay up .
  8. still going strong too https://www.datpiff.com/La-The-Darkman-Darkman-2-The-Mixtape.3832.html
  9. I think I dropped that la the darkman mixtape on here - still the only DJ in nashville to have official wu features and cosigns on a tape. I also dropped a group album 9/9/09 but not sure if I pushed that through here, although probably some tracks. Not sure what my activity was on here around that time
  10. I have a bunch of Adams block pics on my computer in an old drive stash and was like wtf am i gonna do with these
  11. homie came and kicked it with me for a couple days when I was stuck at the Westin.
  12. goddamn - you got a cool guy custom stick im sure - post it
  13. who do you main and what series>? current 5?
  14. records , arcade shit especially capcom and neo geo, video games, occult books, antique prints and obscure media systems
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