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  1. we all determined it must have been a falling stray, this is in a relatively nice rural area and theres some hills across the interstate. i didnt hear any gun shot, nobody did. just tennessee things
  2. I was at a truck stop diner near my companies new campus, getting the salad bar on a short lunch break, and a stray bullet came through the window, hit the floor in front of me, and skittered off into the kitchen. It was so close to me that glass from the window hit my foot, and the salad bar (ive made an outline with me super artistic) had to be shut down and all the food removed because of the glass. Long story short they comped my meal
  3. this is not too far from me, and really my only main criticism is that he didnt have a go fund me for bail set up ahead of time lol
  4. declaring a loss is a good and legal move
  5. graffiti is a sport, art is on a wall. I always tell people graffiti is not an art, its a sport with rules and consequences.
  6. if you have the server space absolutely , if its a space issue, then just certain threads maybe could be flagged for archive
  7. top 5 dead or alive no particular order Dao photoshop KC kid superthread drawball SFW MS paint porn homo dungeon
  8. ive been working 57 hour weeks, just started one of my second to last mandatory OT saturday shifts this year. I got paid double OT yesterday so fuck it
  9. I recently got a late model HDMI upconvert VHS with DVD RW dubbing, and am looking for any and all graffiti vhs , or bootlegs. bulk buys whenever possible
  10. the infmaous dao face is for sure not him, its the mugshot of some dude in philly who got arrested for beating someone up over a cheesesteak or some shit
  11. I've always been super interested in this, but i thought it was on more than one network
  12. as someone who uses this forum over 75% in desktop browser mode I really love the layout
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