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  1. @Fist 666lets just assume you and anyone else who thinks they might have, did, and I'll just say I really appreciate it because its a super nice cane - I think one of the nicest ones that was in the catalog. Like I used it again a couple years ago when I broke my leg, and when I'm Hella old I'll also use it. There was even talk of springing for the optional engraved metal plaque at the time but it would have taken too long. Seriously it's a nice ass cane
  2. Yeah apparently I could have been pretty easily permanently paralyzed, I lost half of my L1 and a third of my T12, which is basically where the ribs attach to the spine in the back. Some people's spinal cord dips down more past the back rib cage , and some people it sits mostly protected. If I was one of the former types no question I would have lost the use of my legs, but I only lost some surface feeling in my thigh and back, that at this point either has mostly returned or I just don't notice. Mass general took a bone graft from my hip, picked out all the shattered vertebra pieces that burst into my back ligaments, and fuzed it back together with 2 pins and 2 rods. I'm just super fortunate it happened in Massachusetts where I was able to have optional surgeries. I live in nashville and if it would have happened here either my mom would have had to sell her house or I would have this shit called a vertebral cage that is real invasive and seems to fuck people up.
  3. I think maybe I had an admin clear some of my post history too just to be safe. Those insurance company investigators dug up everything they could on me shit was wild. Pulling out old resume drafts in my depositions and shit
  4. I had my step dad delete a lot of it while I was still in the hospital because it was an open forum and we knew I was gonna have to lawyer up against fireman's fund
  5. Actually yeah I'm good now - I was in a body cast for like 9 months and had to re learn to walk. I had to learn a bunch of crazy body compensation shit - like I don't hold my upper torso up with my back anymore it's all done with my core and abdominal. I was a test market case for big pharma on some of the highest level painkillers on the market for about 5 years before I put myself through detox and just went the natural route. I'm actually probably in better health now than I was before the accident at this point because of all the necessary muscular maintenance, I know I'm definitely faster now and more agile and have better muscle control. Also I have zero debt , sued the homeowners insurance, paid all my medical, finessed my way out of my student loans , invested what I had left over, and bought some property. Ironically my life is probably better now than it was before the accident. I just gotta do Hella karate stretches and shit to keep from locking up. I was kinda wildin out before so being forced to literally lay down like that makes you approach things differently. So yeah. Happy ending for sure. Still got a vandal squad file and no Fs too.
  6. I was posting on this shit and fell through a balcony rail. Yall chipped in to buy me a dope ass ostrich leather Pimp cane (which I still have) and smoked me out at the westin after I got outta Mass general. DOS and Chupa and a few others came thru. I love yall for that.
  7. TreSixO


    Goddamn bump this shit
  8. I always make sure to vote for everyone who posts any contest on here, usually multiple times, so do a fellow oontzer . Im trying to win this mix contest, the official prize is just a t shirt, but the owner of the label knows me and said if I get enough votes he is going to try and book me on a show in ATL, and I could really use that sort of exposure. If you guys could take literally 1 minute of your time to make this happen for me, I would be eternally in your debt. If any of you guys could vote for me, you can do it one of 3 ways 1 ) Go to This Web Page and leave a message voting for "DefWish" - my mix is #7, called ZStep DefMatch if you want to hear it 2 ) If you want to vote on twitter, tweet @Zone3 and tell them you vote for DefWish 3 ) go to http://www.facebook.com/thefreakbeat and leave a message saying you vote for DefWish I really appreciate it, and I was going to try and keep it out of channel 0, but one of the other guys is making a last second push. Voting ends Fri at midnight, so I need to secure this for real for real. Thanks in advance guys, I know you wont let me down.
  9. Some dummy said it was banksy, I thought it was Newa need to prove them wrong either way Im lazy and have work to do someone knows off the top of their head in B4
  10. TreSixO

    What to do when people suck

    I dont normally post threads with links to a youtube video, but this screams "personal issues" and is worth a laugh http://youtu.be/qLGoVEPO1wk
  11. Nospam, just trying to help peeps out, these things are going like hotcakes after the 400$ price drop http://www.erwincomputers.com/fb454utaba.html Just got 2 more
  12. Not real Could be mero http://mobile.twitter.com/GhostfaceKillah/status/31977625895309312 Peace y'all! I don't have no blogs g. If it ain't Tony Starks Tv, Twitter or my website, it ain't me man. about 1 month ago***from ÜberTwitter
  13. TreSixO

    Going on a trip to the bay

    I just have to avoid what happens to every single one of my friends who comes out, getting busted on felony vandalism charges and being forced to go back .
  14. TreSixO

    Going on a trip to the bay

    I can't do blow, it's not compatible with my back spasms