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  1. diggity

    BEAT the picture above you

    The whizzer.
  2. diggity

    IT was pretty damn good

    There’s no way the can turn a multi book series into a 90min movie without fucking it up. Originally I thought it was just going to be the first book. Overall I think movies are shit now and tv series are where it’s at. There just no time for plot/character development in one off movies these days.
  3. diggity

    IT was pretty damn good

    i didnt bother seeing this one. figured i would wait for the second one and watch them together. i just can't imagine it having the same effect on me. The first one aired on television when i was a kid. i think it showed on a wednesday, then you had to wait a week to see the second part so all the neighborhood kids were scared as fuck while waiting on the second part. in a somewhat related note, they fucked up the gunslinger book pretty bad. i can't believe king let that happen to his biggest work.
  4. diggity

    True Detective

    season 1 was some of the best tv i've seen, gone back and watched it a couple of times, have been wanting to start it again. I avoided season 2 because friends didnt like it. i'm planning on going back and watching it but i think season 1 set such a high standard, i dont think anything could live up to it. cant wait for 3 though.
  5. diggity

    The Skateboard Thread

    @+plus+what he said. but also, acupuncture really helped my knees
  6. Stacks on stacks on stacks.
  7. i doubt i can get all of my contacts to move over to another system so moving over to an alt service might not be realistic.
  8. @MercerWhile on subject of privacy, what are you using for messaging? Also want to point out on the eavesdropping that I have denied Instagram access to my microphone and camera but that isn’t slowing it down at all.
  9. Thanks @Mercer I’m exhausted with instagram right now. Serving me ads based on conversations I’m having when not even in my phone. A week or two back I was getting served Ben and Jerry’s and escape room ads from us trying to decide what we wanted to do. I never searched either of these on a my phone. This eavesdropping is out of hand.
  10. diggity

    BEAT the picture above you

    @Kults Follow room 237 up with this. Debunks a lot of the bullshit, and talks to people who worked on the movie
  11. diggity


    Hardcore history - prophets of doom was killer. Cant believe I left that off my list. Carlin has another podcast that is a little more current/not as long that’s pretty good.
  12. diggity

    BEAT the picture above you

    Late on this one..
  13. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    @metronomejust did a little research on it. looks like this is going to be a really deep dive. I'll give it a shot though. I only made it through 6-7 of the wheel of time books. one day I'm going to try to pick that back up. @misteraven- I found Zombie Road on Audiobook. I'll try starting it first.