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  1. whats the point in being rich if you don't take your ass to space?
  2. *eye twitching intensifies
  3. also wanted to mention that its interesting how much attention this guy spent on the background for his video but then didn't bother to iron his shirt. i know thats some weird petty, been working in TV too long but its distracting as fuck for me.
  4. All I can think of is putting tools in that front compartment. I've never been a ford fan but this shit is pretty dope. I wonder what they will be doing to ofset the loss they will take in maintence cash flow.
  5. I just look away and focus on something else, usually a corner of the room. Shots arnt so bad but if you have ever gotten a nurse that sucks at taking blood/finding a vein it’s a terrible experience.
  6. Out of curiousity, whats holding you back? Do you just not like needles, don't trust the government, think it was developed too quick? Do you have any theories related to the government killing off large portions of the population in order to get their hands on that social security money in order to pay our way out of debt? I'm just joking around about the last one but I'm sure theres a conspiracy theory out there that will align with it. Best part about the vaccine is you can go back to eating as many bats as you want.
  7. From my understanding, they usually base this year's Flu shot off of last years flu strain. so since no one really got it last year it could be an issue. that said, the only time I got a flu shot, i got sick. I do think I will probably get them moving forward though. Even if it does make me sick, it will allow for me to schedule for when I might get sick. which is a hell of alot better than picking it up at random. One of the other things that came out of this past year is information design is shit across the board. You see all these numbers for cases but none of it is really clear.
  8. @Mercer Side effects hit me really hard for about 8-10 hours the night I got my shot. We got them around 5pm and then went to dinner and to the skatepark until around 11pm. Symptoms kicked in around 11:30. They came out of nowhere, it was like a switch turned on and then just as quick as they came, they went away. Most flu type symptoms - Headache, Fever, Chills, sensitive skin. The only one that lasted longer was I just didnt have any appetite for like a week or two. Wife said her's was like a hangover in the morning but then once she got fluids in her, she was good. she also had loss of appetite.
  9. Bro I love getting my teeth cleaned. Finally got them done the other day. I wish I would have planned a fast around it so that I could enjoy that fresh cleaned teeth for longer... I did my shot back when they first started offering (March 13). There was a big push to get needles into arms. they did it at a highschool where you just roll through and they stick you. It was the Johnson and Johnson one. it hit me alot harder than it hit my wiife. the rumor mill is that its like that if you have had it before but ive got a shit immune system ever since getting mono in highschool. I havent paid much attention to the news since Biden was elected. Politically I feel like I dont really have a home. Far right and far left both scare the shit out of me. Mental healthwise I dont think I could have done another 4 years of Trump and Biden is more center than left anyway so I figure lets ride this train a little while and see how that goes. I'm glad that alot of state are turning down additional unemployement for businesses. My parents have been shut down since march of last year and now that they are ready to reopen, its been very difficult for them to get people to come work. For context, they live in a very rural/low income town. The Mcdonalds there has been closing at 8pm because there arnt enough people to work. @Europewas your delay in getting the vaccine due to supply issues in Europe or other reasons? @Mercer same question. In Tennessee, it hasnt been difficult to get if you want it. There had to be something different happen in the past few days because I havent seen nearly the amount of people wearing masks in stores and what not. things are starting to feel "normal" I'm not sure if this shit is over or not but what I have learned from this experience has been over the last year, I didnt get sick at all this year. When flu season hits next time around, I'll probably mask up and do my best to stay away from people. Also while I'm far from OCD I wash my hands a lot more now. As far as people are concerned, I learned that I dont actually like many of the people I work with as much as I thought I did now that I don't see them face to face everyday.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitol_Hill_Babysitting_Co-op
  11. So is something a currency if there is no economy in which to use it? I know dick about economy so I thought I would try to educate myself a little. So I started watching the master class on economy. The guy doing the talk brings up an example to support printing money. the simple terms of it breaks down to you have 5 families who all agree on a coupon/token exchange system. the problem is now you got these parents, all wanting to baby sit for others so they can hoard coupons for themselves so that when they do go out, they can have a full night out. It wasnt until they doubled the amount of tokens in circulation that people actually started spending them. The other reason for printing money was to help devalue your debt in order to make it easier to pay back. I think this is most likely the real reason you have so many pushing for a higher minimum wage.
  12. What is the most used cryptocurrency? I don't mean valued or traded but which of these is actually being used as a currency to buy and sell physical goods? I've read that people in countries that arnt super stable are opting to be paid in crypto because it can be more stable than their own countries currency so that just has me thinking, what are they using? Outside of Ethereum and Bitcoin, I dont hear many other names in the mainstream. I honestly dont know of anywhere I can go to spend it directly.
  13. I havent touched 3dmax in years. I use Cinema4d a fair amount but have been playing with blender just because i keep seeing people do interesting things with it. outside of pretty big speed differences, the 3090 has 24gb of vram vs the 1080's 8gb. CUDA cores are 10,500 on the 3090 vs the 2500 on the 1080. Gamewise I bet its not a huge difference but when your shaving time off frames being rendered even small differences compound greatly.
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