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  1. i'm really overdue to clean mine. its been a long time.
  2. @MercerI also use to use little snitch back in the day. currently my work is paying for adobe so i didnt think there was much need of it. probably need to get it running again.
  3. Watched sound and fury tonight on Netflix. Prob be a lot better if I did drugs
  4. Overall I think I’m less irritated with other people and a bit more patient. It could just be my current mood. Gonna continue the path.
  5. Air filters for my house. Get on that people. Allergy season. cook book to teach my kid how to cook. bid on some skateboards. Doubt I’ll win them
  6. sign up for the free trial, pretty sure you'll get an offer at the end of it. i remember reading a huge backlash about the guy who owns the company and how he was taking advantage/not living a genuine buddhist approach or some shit.
  7. Headspace goes on sale a lot. I swear it use to be half that price. I found a torrent of all the lessons a while back but never loaded it up. Just seemed like it would be really messy without the app to track it all.
  8. Ok. Now I’m caught up. Couple of things to add. Last couple of years I’ve been considering taking up Buddhism. Mostly because I saw how much meditation did for me in a short period of time. So like most things in my life, I started over researching. Another key takeaway sounds so cliche but also more relevant today, for me atleast. And that’s the idea of being present. Most of the time I’m just focused on what’s coming up and preparing for future I’m missing out on the now. I haven’t gotten any closer other than reading/listening to books on the subject and not sure I will. Seems to be more of a mentality than a religion which I’m pretty good with. Speaking of religion, one of the things I learned was that there are some people that are both Christian and Buddhist since Buddhism doesn’t have a god. That doesn’t much apply in my case since I’m of the mindset that once we die, games over. I also tend to think of my thought process as generally negative and solve things creatively based on my largest perceived problem. I acknowledge that this sometimes doesn’t yield the most creative results. I don’t think it myself as a pessimist but more of a realist. Im not sure there’s a way to shift to optimist.
  9. Yeah. I felt really great when fasting and cutting out cokes from my diet but I backslid.
  10. @misteraven https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hit-man/id1449636432
  11. on the subject of guns. i started listening to a podcast that centers around this book. https://www.amazon.com/Hit-Man-Technical-Independent-Contractors-ebook/dp/B007WU2NFG/ref=pd_ybh_a_17?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=6YQE2PY3XDTDTP6ZMB5K kind of interesting.
  12. just jumping in here, need to go back and read/catchup. i started doing meditation a few years ago but fell off the wagon. i dont know why. i saw alot of benefit in it and how it made me feel. have any of you tried the headspace app? i thought that one worked really great for me but i never ponyed up the cash after the trial. also if any of you have kids, you know how hard it can be to find a quiet space in the house.
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