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  1. @Mercer I think thats part of the reason I havent actually gotten out to skate on it yet. Hopefully this week.
  2. 8 episodes? no way they dont fuck that up. granted the first book is pretty short.
  3. I appreciate the struggle Kaladin goes through to reach his ideals but i found it a bit annoying this time around. It does help with the lore that so many get stuck at the second or third tier. I also got really annoyed with Shallan and her multiple personalities but happy with how it resolved at the end. I'm losing steam on Wheel of Time books, I think im on book 4 now and havent really gotten too far. Real life has been more insteresting as of late so I havent had the time. Hope to get back to it soon though. I'd like to go back and do mistborn series again too at som
  4. felt like he had to rush to start wrapping stuff up in the last 1/5th of it. I was starting to get frustrated with things plateauing.
  5. Just finished Starting
  6. Looks like you can stream it free on cbs.com so I'll fire up episode one now and see what I think. I'm not really overly obsessed with that series but i did love the way the Hannibal tv series was done.
  7. @metronomeLet me know when you finish RoW. I've been looking for someone to talk with about it with.
  8. Have you watched Hannibal the TV series with Mads Mikkleson? Its on netflix right now. Think it topped out at 3 seasons. I really enjoyed it, I've watched it 3-4 times.
  9. Found where someone uploaded the Chris Isaak show to Youtube.
  10. That quality of those look alot better than what I am accustom to seeing. is that the printer, the model or filament size? Which printer do you like better, the filament one or the resin? When i looked into them before I was thinking of getting the Creality Ender 3 v2.
  11. @Dirty_habiTthese are hollow on the inside right? Have you ever used them to make molds and to cast things? any chance to get something that feels soft rather than hard brittle plastic?
  12. @Dirty_habiTcan you post some samples of the resin vs the filament?
  13. i've been pretty interested in 3d printers for along time but have always held back because of a few issues. * Seems like you spend all your time waiting on prints or troubleshooting, this doesn't bother me so much since I like figuring out puzzles * the quality of the print just doesn't seem as smooth as what i want. I think this might be more a problem on the filament side but i really despise those ridges that come from the multilayered prints. I've got a decent amount of experience in 3d modeling so I think I would be able to adapt to the software fairly easily but I really would
  14. I liked armada and ready player one. I've been hesitant to start RP2 because I wasn't sure if it would hold up. Glad to hear its worth checking out. Maybe I'll break up my Wheel of Time series with it.
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