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  1. i was reading an article that said that google and apple killed off the app but they also lost the aws servers, they cant check email or texts, and no one in the tech world wants to fuck with them cause they have been burnt by apple/google/amazon so they haven't been able to get service back up. not sure if its still true or not but talk about being ghosted...
  2. I wanna see that episode of Pawnstars where the pawnshop guy says he doesn't know much about these things but is going to call in an expert.
  3. you gotta do that in front of a mirror.
  4. please report back on these when you wrap them up. I saw the Waco thing on netflix and remember being in school when it all went down. love that they started with ruby ridge.
  5. Starting over since I ca't remember where I left off in the series.
  6. cheating with this one but it fits.
  7. Limited Edition Vintage 12oz Memes.
  8. I tried to fuck with that malazan but I just couldn't get there. I gave up either 2nd or 3rd book. Maybe i'll get into it again. It was so fractured from the beginning in terms of how many characters there are to follow it might be hard for @Dark_Knight to start with. I feel like the cost of admission for this one is high and might turn him off. Mistborn series from Brandon Sanderson might be worth checking, its only 3 or 4 books so it will resolve without having to wait and its shorter so its not nearly the commitment. Not my favorite but fun enough of a read. The Way Of Kings i
  9. @One Man BannedSeems like a pass or at best on the back burner.
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