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  1. diggity

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    just shot an amateur wrestling show.
  2. diggity

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    i hear that dude/chicks name all the time and have no idea who/what it is. i assumed it was a gamer but haven't really come across it on my own. i havent bothered searching it out cause it seems like theres always hate associated with it.
  3. diggity


    Welcome back. Fucking great read.
  4. Currently looking for suggestions for songs to play. Think I’m going to pick up Jane Says and She don’t use Jelly.
  5. diggity

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    norm fucking kills.
  6. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    I was thinking the same thing. my only restriction would be that the book would need to exist in audio format - most do anyway. on another note, in an effort to stop the clutter in my house, i hit up my local library a year or so back. shit has really changed. for my library, i can search all their books from a browser, they'll send books to the branch nearest me if i dont want to go pick it up. but the biggest change is alot of them will let you check out audio books and even movies through various apps. its cut down on my pirating a ton and in some ways is actually easier. all you have to do is have a library card number and a pin. the app i'm using is called Libby but theres another one called Kanopy thats more for movies. My local library even gives access to Lynda.com. maybe alot of people already know this shit but it was a pretty rad for me to find.
  7. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

  8. diggity


    never really fucked with the stuff but got sucked down a reddit wormhole of people snorting it out of each others assholes. i believe there was a whole subreddit based on it. i can understand someone doing coke, it get lost on the part of it needing to come out of someones asshole. i mean, you can wash and clean but do you ever get it all?!?
  9. kinda scared to ask but wonder what happened to Smart
  10. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    @metronomeStarted the malazan books. About 6 hours in. At first I was like,I don’t know what the complaints about it are, seem easy enough way to introduce you to the world but I see what they mean now. Too much bouncing around and it’s a little unclear on abilities and motives. Sticking with it a bit longer though.
  11. 2C081FEA-7A59-4089-BE5D-12C859B813C2.MOV
  12. diggity

    The Bible

  13. diggity

    BEAT the picture above you

  14. diggity

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    @misteravenTried to wait until morning. I fucking hate the ER. Normal doc we would have been 30 -45 min. Got there at like 2:30. Got home at like 8:30. All they needed to do was give prescription.
  15. diggity

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    not stones. antibiotics should do it. yay..