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  1. diggity


    also WTF kinda insurance this dude got that are keeping him for so long. Tell them you dont have any and watch how quick you get out.
  2. diggity


    wheres the internet detectives that will track down who this is by cross referencing those crews to see who could it could be?
  3. @Dirty_habiTEnded up ordering an Artillery Genuis Pro. It should be here today. I havent ordered any filament or anything yet and really don't have much of a plan as to what I am going to do with it yet but we'll see where this goes. for modelling, I saw you mention FreeCAD. Is that what you use? is taht what most folks use for this? I kinda figured people would be modelling with Blender since its free but very capable. I'm curious to hear what you've tried out. Typically I use C4D for 3d work but at the beginning of this year I started to learn Blender since I've been seeing some really impressive stuff come out of it. C4D folks seem to be leaning pretty heavily on 3rd party render software that I doubt I'll ever pony up for but I'm working to get my Job to pay for it. Got any fresh out the box tips for me? like an idea place to set it up, tools i might need, etc?
  4. Heres the spotify link
  5. @dekayfasent this my way this morning. Checks alot of boxes. check it out. https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-yard/1586601932
  6. I've never been up there but I've always heard it summed up something along the lines of there are alot of dirty hippies there but they dont fuck around and will brawl. @Mercer It doesn't surprise me that they thave a big anti-vax community. There was a big anti-vax push from people thinking that vaccines cause autism and I dont think that was every considered to be republiccant/conservative. I think the only reason all of this is being labeled as political is because of how divided the country was at the time of covid, and how everything has become political. When you are a hammer, everything is seen as a nail. Also its much easier to blame the other side. Lately it feels like politics is the new racism/divide and conqueor. Make two teams, put them against each other and keep them busy hating each other instead of solving problems. People are walking away from family members and long time friendships because they feel so strongly about something that if we are all honest here, none of us have the capacity to truely comprehend. I went to college for computer art, I've got no business trying to intrepret medical research documents. This week, a girl I went to high school with died from Covid. Outside of covid she was in good health, not overweight or anything. I had my shot back when they first came out but that was still pretty sobering.
  7. this is pretty close to my stance on law enforcement. It just seems like a really weird thing for people to WANT to do for a living.
  8. Cash Money. We rescued him a few years back. was a bit of a shit head when we first got him but hes adjusted somewhat good now.
  9. whats the point in being rich if you don't take your ass to space?
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