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  1. diggity


    pretty sure you can download the pages and put them into a tablet. you .rar them then change the file name from .rar to .cbr then it will read in any comic reader for your tablet. EAST of WEST is a great series.
  2. diggity


    if you like that, check out sex criminals. its got a similar vibe. are you looking for super hero type stuff or more indie? Preacher is pretty good for the first few trades. Logan is decent - not really like the movie at all. I'd avoid Xmen and the like. the timelines are too jacked up.
  3. diggity


    Wolverine:The Long Night https://www.wolverinepodcast.com/ apparently these came out a while ago for people who paid but now they are releasing them one per week. its a radio drama type thing but its from investigators eyes. not you typical podcast but i've been finding it interesting.
  4. diggity

    Weigh In: Nike and Kaepernick = Freedom of speech?

    First off I think its opportunistic of Nike to capitalize on this. Secondly, I think that they would have been dumb not to do it. Heres my reasons why. People are talking about it nonstop right now. theres currently large email chains moving around my office about it. I heard people outside of marketing/advertising discussing it while getting lunch today. Nike is at a point now for them to move the needle in anyway shape or form, they have to do something big, i think this is doing that for them so its successful. Kaepernicks record - in 2012, their main QB got taken out half way in the season and he took the 49ers to their first superbowl for the first time since 96. in 2013 he got them to a championship game. when they booted him, they didnt score a single touchdown in the following 4 games. He's not Peyton Manning but I'd say theres teams that could use him. I think his message has failed. I dont think many people understand what its about or its intent. I don't agree that it is disrespectful. Last game i went to, its been a few year. Probably a Hawks or Braves. People were ordering food, talking to each other, walking to their seats, etc during the anthem. most people in the stands did observe but a lot did not. no one has ever questioned if Ball Park hot dogs hates America because they keep selling beer and food during it. Atleast Kaepernick is observing it by giving it his attention although it is not the same as many others do. Now lets get back to this being his job. I'm not sure if its still going on but I know for a while the NFL was being paid by the department of defense for its players to stand during the anthem - before they were not on the field. This was some recruitment strategy that i honestly dont think would ever work but whatever. If the NFL was paid for their players to stand, seems to me like that would fall under that agreement. maybe it states that they have to be out on the field so perhaps the loophole is the kneel.
  5. diggity

    True Detective

    that theme has really been popping up in comics too. preacher obviously from way back but i read one a little while back called southern bastards thats was pretty good/close to home.
  6. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    @luhem I got through about the first 6 of these and then lost my place. Really enjoyed them. @LastBoyScoutturned me onto them. It’s a pretty long road. I keep wanting to dig back into them but I read some bad reviews about how it drags later on the the series. Def stick with the first few. After your done with those those I highly recommend the storm light archives. They are still being written but those are currently my favorite. The mistborn series are pretty good too. I made the private group but haven’t figure out how to make a thread in there on mobile yet. Sent invites out to everyone in here that’s been active over the last few pages. If I missed you and you want in, just raise your hand.
  7. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    Ok. I’ll set it up tomorrow as a group and send out the invites.
  8. Was talking t my wife tonight about these furniture mover things that are like Whoopi’s cushions. Came to bed. Got amazon ads for them. Never looked them up. No idea what they are really called. Have an ad. Back offf Hal. Quick edit. We were talking irl. Not on the phone. Our phones were locked and not in use at the time.
  9. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    I’m really into this idea and down to set it up. The problem I’m having is most of the books I’ve been listening to are around 40+ hours. This makes it a a little tough to get through in a month, for me at least. we need is some sort of theme or boundaries to stay in and a way of choosing books. We could all suggest something and then put it to a vote. Can we get a head count for who wants in?
  10. diggity

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    just shot an amateur wrestling show.
  11. diggity

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    i hear that dude/chicks name all the time and have no idea who/what it is. i assumed it was a gamer but haven't really come across it on my own. i havent bothered searching it out cause it seems like theres always hate associated with it.
  12. diggity


    Welcome back. Fucking great read.
  13. Currently looking for suggestions for songs to play. Think I’m going to pick up Jane Says and She don’t use Jelly.
  14. diggity

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    norm fucking kills.
  15. diggity

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    I was thinking the same thing. my only restriction would be that the book would need to exist in audio format - most do anyway. on another note, in an effort to stop the clutter in my house, i hit up my local library a year or so back. shit has really changed. for my library, i can search all their books from a browser, they'll send books to the branch nearest me if i dont want to go pick it up. but the biggest change is alot of them will let you check out audio books and even movies through various apps. its cut down on my pirating a ton and in some ways is actually easier. all you have to do is have a library card number and a pin. the app i'm using is called Libby but theres another one called Kanopy thats more for movies. My local library even gives access to Lynda.com. maybe alot of people already know this shit but it was a pretty rad for me to find.