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  1. Haha CEPS and DUCE!!!!! Miss seeing their work in The Bay
  2. Glad to see this thread still open.... i have old flicks i posted long ago..
  3. i havent seen OSCR in Hella long... MASKA... thats a pretty clean Maska there
  4. Re: Don't Call it Frisco haha man i love the EAST BAY.. but damn ya niggas need to leave that Drama outta here... thats why EAST BAY SHIT got shut down... too much Drama and shit
  5. Poesia hey man i like this part the best.... just everyhitng about this is great... the flow the colors the blending im still diging that prodo you did with NATRL at the 23rd yard!!!!
  6. haha if you dont know how to paint trains you dont need to be painting them in the first place...
  7. haah yeah.. thats a tight idea... too bad Panda Sex got it first!!! hahah
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco o man sorry that one Prodo is soo small ill resize it soon
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