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  1. RumPuncher


    oh, and I also have a two and a half foot "kryptoflex" cable that I can run though anything else. Short loop cables are so useful for bags, helmets etc....
  2. RumPuncher


    I'm a year round commuter (or at least 10 months if it's really shitty) and I swear by using 2 complete locking systems (meaning lock your frame twice). I have a small Krypto Evolution lock for the rear wheel and frame, and another mini-Ulock and 15mm cable for the frame and front wheel (and I run it though my cetma cargo rack as as well). Using two independent systems means that a thief needs to break two different locks to get my frame, so they'll move on to an easier score. Plus my bike is a debranded Nashbar beater.... but I'd hate to lose her.
  3. this is going to sound super dumb.... I love the free pens you get at expensive hotels that are really narrow, a bit shorter than usual, and often have a stylus nub on the other end. I just find that because they're small I cant put them everywhere. Also they are free from the lobby. Also it's usually black ink, because black is classy, or some marketing nonsense.
  4. I came into this thread thinking it was going to be people talking about gardens... not giant goddamn spiders!
  5. Haha... it's definitely not a sport. Well... the sport aspect would be climbing. Once you get into the hammock... it's a lifestyle.
  6. Hey Buddy! Those fires you may have seen in the news.... wasn't me. You in cow town?
  7. Please believe I've had plenty of dumb (and not so dumb) projects since then, so I'm happy to just left eXhammock be an internet ghost. Thanks for the offer though. oh yeah... @<KEY3>was me. I forget which silly characters I would use to spice up my names. back when 1337 was a thing. I flew though those 7 thousand posts and didn't look back. Could you merge that one, the original @--zeSto--one and this current one? let me hunt for the other one....
  8. oh hello... I think this RumPuncher account was my last incarnation, but I was @--zeSto--and Kilo7 and Key3 along the way. Wow this place looks nice. Hat's off to @misteravenfor keeping it fresh. I've been thinking about a re-introduction post since yesterday... let me just get some work out of the way first (yes, always work)
  9. hey hey hey ! I finally figured out my old login.... Extreme Hammock was a website, and eventually we just let it expire. This youtube video was the highlight of our bullshit. I'm sure it would be entirely different now in a social media world, but there was something special about taking a stupid idea and making a website about it - and getting a hammock company to sponsor me and send me free hammocks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5zzp5kNEYk I think this user account was my 3rd or 4th one. I'd retire accounts at a certain point because I was scared my old boss would stumble upon an open web browser and see 30,000+ posts on a message board and fire my ass. Granted there were some days where I did NOTHING except 12oz, so he probably should have.
  10. just a reminder: http://www.livesoccertv.com/ I keep this bookmarked on every computer at the office, and at home too.
  11. that game looks nuts! the motion of the players is insane, to the point that it would take me a year to master it and some 6 year old would clean me out if I ever play him.
  12. you bet I am. In the front row no less!
  13. Liverpool needs to stop drawing if they want to finish in the top 5. That game against Chelsea was just hard to watch. The Marseilles win over Nice was much more entertaining. here's a great spoof of the Real Football Factories I found. Too funny!
  14. ^ the wizards? They have supporters? TFC on the other hand is sending a thousand supporters to Columbus for the first game against the Crew.
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