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  1. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread

    Sketchy lines for a mate Lopes
  2. That said i do enter raffles to buy OW Nike stuff. If i can pay 160 retail and flip for a grand to some dumb hypebeast, then why wouldn't I??
  3. Decyferon

    Chilling in the garden...

    He was there again last night so I just chilled next to him with a joint
  4. Decyferon

    Your public transport in pics

    They're fun if the driver is a nutter and you sit right at the front at the top. Spend most the journey thinking you're gonna flip over
  5. Decyferon

    Your public transport in pics

    Mate this is why I hate catching buses. Uncomfortable and generally filled with assholes. I only caught it was I was with my son and we had already walked a good 10 miles on 1 of the hottest days of the year.
  6. Decyferon

    Your public transport in pics

    Our crappy buses
  7. Decyferon

    Chilling in the garden...

    Just sat there the other day and look to my right and see a spider eating a grasshopper. Sat on the back step and he was just chilling after dinner. Spiders are dope
  8. Decyferon


    I'm completely indifferent to them. But unless it's an air tech challenge 2 I'm not buying Nike
  9. Decyferon


    She had the black ones. Edit ah shit yea she had these too
  10. Decyferon


    I dunno she has a few other blaze of glory tho Something a bit different Puma Tsugi blaze
  11. Decyferon


    Puma Blaze of Glory Primary pack
  12. Decyferon


    It's been mid to late 20s Celsius in the UK for about a month now. Fucking glorious weather. So ginger legs and short shorts chilling with my son all weekend but he hates shorts and stuff because teenager.
  13. Decyferon

    New Release: 12ozProphet - Classic Logo Tee

    Damn I'd be down for a 12oz tat
  14. Decyferon

    New Release: 12ozProphet - Classic Logo Tee

    Quality on the tees are dope