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  1. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread

    Real quick Gutrot To me colours and everything is great but it's all about letters. Once the letters are down go wild. Satire and Tesk killing it!!
  2. Decyferon

    Break it down to me.

    Me to a tee!! Even the hat n glasses
  3. Decyferon

    Break it down to me.

    No I find myself enjoying music I grew up with but a lot of newer stuff is just wack or reminds me of something else. Don't get me wrong there is recent stuff I like GLK, Flying Lotus etc but generally new music will not resonate with me as much as stuff I've grown up with Its just not as important anymore. If I had to name my 10 favourite albums I'd be hard pushed to put anything in from the last 10 years at least.
  4. Decyferon

    Break it down to me.

    Oh I can find whatever I like on the internet but that's the problem for me, everything is accessible, nothing is special, music has just become completely throwaway.
  5. Decyferon

    Break it down to me.

    I've completely lost interest in new hip hop that comes out. I've tried to listen to it, put prejudices aside but it's fucking garbage, no beats, no rhymes just fucktards with shit tattoos and leased cars. There is some good UK hip hop but even loads of that is just hey I smoke weed, I like to get aggy rrraaaaarrrr, fucking shit. I genuinely can't be assed to find new music, I think it's another thing the internet destroyed. It used to be something important, finding new artists, trying to source albums in the UK the only info you got was hip hop connection or source magazine. There is no search or mystique, everything things is available at a click of the button. I wouldn't pay for music again, I haven't bought an album in probably a decade, why bother?
  6. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread

    I agree with the toy thread comment, lose the arrows. Do it hua hit me up let's do something
  7. Decyferon


    Arc originals and Sneep Crew are 2 smaller independent sneaker brands that are producing pure fire
  8. Decyferon


    Interesting to see companies like Hi Tec producing some dope looking kicks but 130quid is too high I think, they are quite at that price point yet Do like these Saucony, they've got an embossed Hop on the tongue. I'd have designed them differently myself as they're for Oktoberfest so would have Made the blue more like the Bavarian blue, but i see the lederhosen influences.
  9. Decyferon

    Best releases of 2018

    The 2014/2015 Alife x Puma collab were dope, gutted my 2014 R698 are beat, one of my fav kicks
  10. Decyferon

    The Bristol UK Thread

    Man I dunno now, not worked at the council for years and everyone I knew there has left If I find out though you know I'll let you know man
  11. I've just got a mate to register but did it through normal channels didn't see this referral stuff
  12. Decyferon


    Yea man I don't really look much outside Asics, Saucony, Puma, Diadora, Karhu and a few smaller companies It can be a blessing sometimes don't have to pay crazy resell or be up ready for release
  13. Decyferon


    See the back story of it does nothing for me when it looks the way it does, but each to their own. I'm glad my likes are different as I end up coppig stuff in sales or rare older stuff
  14. Decyferon


    I just find it so hard to get into anything that Nike or Adidas drop. 100% don't understand the hype behind the mars yard, I get he is a designer but they look like some karrimor climbing shoes or some shit. Real disillusioned with the sneaker scene, just a bunch of hype shit being dropped. The Afew x Kangaroos release was a beauty though.
  15. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread

    Alts first one I've finished in a minute