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  1. Went on a smashed burger mission
  2. Decyferon

    Election night

    I try to check out but get sucked back in I'm.sure that's the die hard theme
  3. Decyferon

    Election night

    Mate I dont see why I shouldnt treat people like shit Fuxk them all, I hate Corbyn but ffs his antisemitic shit is nonsense and you should be legally allowed to drown anyone and their children over Brexit
  4. I respect like the Normandy guys and the 2nd world war vets, but anything after that is your job choice and not doing anything good.
  5. Decyferon

    Election night

    Jesus this is going so bad This is why you dont have guns
  6. Decyferon

    Election night

    Oh Corbyn is an antisemitic fucker? No he said Israel as a state are cunts and he supports the Palestinian movement If you disagree with that then you're a cunt
  7. Decyferon

    Election night

    Mate I just dont see why I should have compassion for others I fucking hate the political system here but how you shouldn't drown tories that aren't millionaires and obviously tories No one fights anymore, its shadowbanned Twitter accounts nowadays and snidey hashtags Fuck that
  8. Decyferon

    Election night

    Choose a job you want where you do well and make people happy, if that's a public job, be prepared to die for your beliefs. If not hunting tags
  9. Decyferon

    Election night

    Lib dems fucked themselves on the tory coalition they did. No one left leaning would have ever voted for them. I voted labour, in EU elections (not for long) I vote green as a European green movement
  10. Decyferon

    Election night

    My son is half german, if you voted brexit then die. This country is divided
  11. Decyferon

    Election night

    It really makes it hard to emphasize with other brits. If I know you're a tory I wont call an ambulance for you
  12. Decyferon

    Election night

    Corbyn is a fucking mess tbf He is a grass roots member nothing more
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