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  1. Decyferon


    Are they gundams? I'm shit with later airman Wore these today
  2. Decyferon

    North Faces

    Oh shit they are fire man, so need those
  3. Decyferon


    Oh the only yeezy I'd only ever consider wearing is the 700 wave runner ones, every other yeezy is trash, nike and bape included
  4. Decyferon


    Feature x Saucony Shadow 6000 My missus picked up these sick gel lyte 3 purple GR
  5. Smoking a spliff Coffee Listening to 2 bears 1 cave
  6. Fried chicken, coconut rice with black beans and red cabbage, apple, red onion and red chilli slaw. A quick huevos rancheros I did too
  7. Some crazy fucking hotdog quesadilla thing I made
  8. Decyferon

    North Faces

    I've this north face and a couple different tees and a hoody and top
  9. Fuck presentation, jerk chicken rice and peas
  10. Not much happened at my school. Once we turned on all the gas taps in a science lab and all laid on the floor, teacher came in and freaked out and ran to get a year head, we opened windows and all just sat there normally. A girl poured paint stripper on a teachers car. Some random dude walked into the school and threw a brick into the playground and fucked up some kid in my year. Kids in my year cut the brakes on a teachers motorbike. Yay for the UK hahahaha
  11. Another one, not a good cook just enjoy it
  12. Cous cous salad for my friends vegan wedding
  13. Some drunken gorgonzola bacon wrapped hotdog from the other night
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