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  1. Ideally have 100 by end of year but wont happen hahaha might get to 85 or so And I do wear all of them, some not as often but all worn
  2. Uh think I'm at about 65 pairs, I'd have more but my son is the same size as me and steals pairs haha plus I've given a few pairs away
  3. Sneakers Been working from home in my room so it's a tip
  4. Decyferon


    Some recent pick ups
  5. Decyferon


    This colourway is dope
  6. Decyferon


    100% I grew up in the 90s, hip hop and skating so always wore baggy and i cant go back to that, I'm a guy in my 40s haha
  7. Decyferon


    Just gives me the option of how to wear the jeans, tbf I do need a few pairs with taper, I do have a few but not jeans
  8. Decyferon


    Today's kicks, Puma x Solebox blaze of glory
  9. Decyferon


    Today's kicks
  10. First lines for a sketch for a friend
  11. Yea I remember the old letter battles, was going through some old black books the other day and came across some of them I'd jump on it
  12. Decyferon


    Yea with NB its gotta be the made in USA or Made in UK models for quality the asian built stuff is the cheaper quality
  13. Decyferon


    Today's kicks
  14. Decyferon


    577 is a dope model
  15. Decyferon


    Odd shoes
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