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  1. Easy money on trump losing, unless you're living in the US, you'd not know how silly the US is under Trump to the rest of the world
  2. Decyferon


    Nah man the most I do is a lace swap, don't know any fancy lacing
  3. Ooooh that looks good and presented so well
  4. Burgers, pork and curried Goat
  5. There is no reason to quote my school reports
  6. I never think america is dumb it just doesn't do its best, if that makes sense, its like the ultimate disappointment child
  7. Patriotism is something that always bothers me but thats my issue and nothing to do with this conversation. Don't you think it is bad that Americans will only band together at a threat to the US, rather than making it better for everyone, or is that socialism? I am trying to dobthe devil's advocate so don't slaughter me
  8. Decyferon


    I just never seem to be drunk tho
  9. Decyferon


    Got more at my mum's
  10. Decyferon


    I'll do some more pics tomorrow, got a few collaborations n stuff
  11. You know pornhub are looking for major money for that video haha
  12. Hahah man you guys have such a delusional approach to to the vast majority of the rest of the world
  13. What does living on an estate with razors in your mouth mean? That's like some abstract gibberish
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