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  1. Decyferon

    Grails: The hard to get, so imma brag about it, super thread!

    Quiet Life x Saucony My ex worked at a store so got these at release and a few little extras. Again not sure on the numbers but I really really wanted these.
  2. Decyferon

    Grails: The hard to get, so imma brag about it, super thread!

    Not much of a story behind how I copped them. Got chatting to a guy in a saucony group and he mentioned he had DS burgers in my size and he gave me a steal price too. Not sure on the exact numbers released. Saucony x End
  3. Decyferon


    Today's Saucony from the quilted pack
  4. Decyferon


    Thanks for the words guys I'm stopping booze and drugs. I need to find a new job something I can do as I'm living day by day and barely have any money ever. I'm considering even moving back to my mum's (if she will have me) just to get myself clean and straight in a safe environment. Living in this bedsit is driving me crazy just the same 4 walls on my own most the time. Just need to try n get some money for food for the next few days. Got an interview for an office assistant for a footwear company this week, and I love sneakers so fingers crossed.
  5. Decyferon

    New Release: 12ozProphet - Divide Et Impera Tee

    Really like it man
  6. Decyferon


    Thought I'd bump this is as kinda fucked up. Not been doing well, struggling to hold down a job and pay bills and generally just making terrible decisions. I have no recollection of anything from the last 48 hours. I don't normally fuck with pharmaceuticals but I was eating xanax valium pregablin and even some oramorph and my friend ended up calling an ambulance as I was unresponsive. I have no recollection of this because I woke up in my bedsit having managed to break in as I left my keys at my friends. I don't know if I was discharged or just left the hospital because I woke up with ECG things stuck to my chest. I need to find something to do, something I can do for work that isn't customer service phone bullshit but also something I can do. I worry a lot about suicide but I don't think I'd do it because my family would be devastated but I need to find a purpose and stop being this piece of shit that doesn't care about living or dying
  7. Decyferon


    I gave my Christmas pack gel saga to my son (both pairs) Love them gl3 with th galaxy
  8. I'm amazed at the off white craze too
  9. I don't tend to fuck with resellers, generally not into that hype stuff anyway. I know a lot of reselling goes down in Facebook groups like crepecity or supreme groups. The only time I've bought from non retail sellers has been through a Facebook saucony groups that tends to be more mature and then the other time through a contact on Instagram.
  10. Decyferon


    Love my saucony burgers Sneakersnstuff x asics gl3 love orange and olive Then rocked my Ranhu GL3 today
  11. Decyferon

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    Cheers man keeps me ticking over. Hopefully I'll have some cash I can drop on paint and get out n paint
  12. Decyferon

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    I'm 40. I wish I had my life sorted to any extent, it just sucks. This thread makes me feel terrible. I'm still struggling hard with work, mental health, paying my rent and bills. Honestly quite hard being positive about the future. But props to all you guys man, inspiring, just wish I had any idea whatsoever about what direction to take.
  13. Decyferon


  14. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread

  15. Decyferon

    the NEW sketch thread