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  1. Some nice stuff being posted, props Still getting my head around procreate
  2. just got an ipad, never fucked with digital stuff before but it's quite fun Need practice and to make some brushes etc
  3. Jesus its a bit dead in here! Alts and Gutrot
  4. Kinda wishing I could slip into the cold sleep forever Cant sleep can't get drunk can't get cosy Blah blah blah
  5. Not picked up a pen in about a year Crisp and Olive
  6. Grown my hair for the 1st time in my life at 42
  7. I think anyone who claims to be American should be disgusted as this claim against the constitution. If you defend anything that's going on then frankly you're not for American democracy
  8. Should be hung as traitors At least more people turned up today than trumpfs inauguration
  9. I don't know how any American can defend those people in DC.
  10. If those terrorists were black the army would be gunning them down
  11. From an outside perspective, its sad to see America look like a banana Republic
  12. RIP to a 12oz Legend Loved his photo thread and home medicine pics
  13. Happy new year to you all I did go back to lurker status for ages but I'm also quite solitary but will make an effort
  14. Easy money on trump losing, unless you're living in the US, you'd not know how silly the US is under Trump to the rest of the world
  15. Decyferon


    Nah man the most I do is a lace swap, don't know any fancy lacing
  16. Ooooh that looks good and presented so well
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