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  1. yeah, this was a really good place to be thru 2014 or so. i disappeared, too—i used to post as injury. this thread was really good to me as i ironed out sobriety and talk helped save my life. hoping to kinda give that back (?) to the extent i can by posting in here again. i would also totally do a 12oz zoom meeting if people are into that
  2. condolences ralphy. and i'm sorry to hear about the relationship too. that's a lot at once, and only by staying sober are we able to face head-on circumstances like these and respond as best as we can.
  3. also i extremely want to get ahead of the insinuation that i'm psyched about joe biden on this front. he and hillary clinton and barack obama were all very cool with various sweeping military actions of questionable integrity/strategy/legality. obama loved a troop surge. hillary defended her iraq war vote a lot. none of them will do anything about this.
  4. that's a really cool way to lay it out! yeah i i tend to write as much as i can remember about a piece to go with those pictures; we all forget. really important stuff.
  5. campy is beautiful... too nice for me. the specialized aethos: i conceptually like what it is—a less-complicated high end bike that's less anal about "aero, bro." but man. that price point is fucking oppressive
  6. this is a good point. "defunding" is not "abolishing" here; i am for ~ defunding ~. i agree that simply subtracting our global presence is bad in most instances and that a lot of bad people would love that power vacuum. in many senses we are more progressive and egalitarian than much of the world. but i would argue that relatively little of that is capable of being spread by lockheed martin or academi and that while the current president loves the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS and shit, we can do almost nothing with force alone now. but i also think a lot of people my age (our age? i'm earl
  7. banana peppers are a favorite topping. the crunch and mild bite on a fresh pizza? mangia
  8. might ride my bike and get some pizza tonight. bling bling
  9. also printed about 10 years of my own graffiti pictures. next stop is to categorize and put in photo albums for when i feel like being an old man and memory lane-ing
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