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  1. getting rid of the block feature... this man really wants you to see bots and various crypto scams
  2. pretty awkward with that girl tonight although neither of us can tell if the other wants to smash or friendzone. a little ambiguity for the road.
  3. also, blueberries. a little overripe. but it's the grocery store.
  4. liking the labeling on this. very easy to follow
  5. mcdonald's could have shrimp if they wanted to
  6. i fixed the bike fit by rotating my hoods up a little. relieved it wasn't more. lots of nice rides lately as the heat breaks!
  7. should go back to shitting on that homeowner on the previous page
  8. dawg tesladeaths is a spreadsheet. you're too mad at a URL to even open it, so i get that you don't know what's there. but i think you'd find some worrying stuff that you should know about because you like them so much. it can be the "most advanced" autonomous driving software out there. i work in marketing, i lie about things like this for a living and know how it goes. at best their autopilot is level 2! it isn't good, or ready for public use, and has been rushed to production to get another headline, sustain the stock price, and juice elon's personal wealth. you're having a very hard time with the concept that a tesla product can be bad. sad!
  9. you should read tesladeaths before calling it biased, i think. no editorializing. it's: - incident - victims (deaths and injuries) - link to news coverage we're not arguing over whether EVs have fewer fires (they do). it's that tesla owners are uniquely situated to be barbecued alive in their cool tech car because they're basically designed this way because they're bad products. autopilot is also a uniquely bad product that was released before it was remotely viable because teslas are bad products. it, too, has killed people and will kill again. no other carmaker has released a product like this, and overpromised this much. you can keep pointing out all cars are bad. teslas are worse in these specific ways.
  10. no no you're right. the genius is designing a door that requires two handles, one of which requires electric power and one of which is hidden. this is an improvement and is very smart.
  11. this is extra embarrassing because you have a design background. if your design hides a core safety feature, it's a bad design. stupid people also buy every other car and no one else has problems getting out of those cars when they catch fire. it's a bad design. it's not "darwinism" or whatever other kooky shit you come up with. it's just unsuccessful and hasn't killed you yet. similarly, if your product is unsafe and drives into walls, it shouldn't be released into the wild. it definitely shouldn't make everyone around them unwilling test subjects. it shouldn't be marketed as "full self driving". i actually like the argument that fewer people should drive and agree. most people are very stupid.
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