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  1. i'm voting in the manmade group here. also whoa
  2. accidentally bought into ARKK at all time highs, would be happy getting out at a $100 loss at this point.
  3. starbucks jelly beans 70% off is real
  4. - you like who you like. there will be people who hate race mixing, of course, but they're small minded. - nonwhite people can have immense and sometimes complicated relationships with race, both theirs and others. it's not for you to mess with. i urge you not to refer to her as a "sista" unless she thinks that's cute - don't be cringe, especially if you end up consistently dating one group. you can (and probably do) have a type, but there is a big difference between having a type and having an obsession
  5. oh NOW you don't want a three way huh
  6. are fine. you've been required to be vaccinated to go to school and to travel and more. plenty of people will go unvaccinated and risk dying, and that's freedom or whatever. individual businesses are probably free to discriminate on the basis of vaccination status, and i support that—their call. we're just trying not to fill the emergency rooms with covid patients again, that could be very inconvenient when that day's mass shooting happens.
  7. good luck @abrasivesaintand @Tails0nE, sorry to hear fellas
  8. where do you even go to get brick weed now? vintage stuff
  9. would try to track down a farmers market and pick up some hatch chile stuff. great ideas!
  10. i wish i could've scored, they were beautiful. people moved quick!
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