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  1. old homes in the midwest are the real deal. i have no real reason to be out there but i would buy otherwise
  2. Apply directly to the forehead
  3. i like interacting with skilled tradespeople 100,000% more than people who have fake email jobs
  4. man, sorry to hear this. here's hoping it stays mild and it's a speedy recovery
  5. it's also weird to ride for them as a gun owner because their trigger discipline and general handling, as captured in so many photographs on that night, was wildly irresponsible (and is why they got charged). and you guys were all about that, i thought
  6. you are, of course, welcome to stand on your property brandishing guns at protesters. have the right to, in fact. on that note, back to texas
  7. appropriately, this paragraph starts with "americans saw the story they wanted to see." it is ironic that you're using this phrase that upsets you to twist this big narrative about an article about matters of public record, many initiated by this litigious and nasty couple you seem to feel compelled to defend (?). for people who *don't* want to deliberately misread this passage:
  8. they're gonna need to find something to do, yeah. these people too:
  9. here to double bump this, houston is wildly unprepared for climate change and will continue to flood like hell.
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