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  1. it's some thickies on this train
  2. they'd have more underage girls too
  3. post a log or log off @Dark_Knight
  4. big day to be wildly overexposed to tesla. nice
  5. just caught some tags in the rain in claret wine. definitely dumb as fuck
  6. the one golden rule of graffiti is you can talk shit about other writers on 12oz as conspiracists or whatever but we will need to seen some credentials. such as taking a pen and writing steak or posting your bank account balance
  7. everyone in here is violating the stickied thread except me. i'm good
  8. this is the driest neckbeard nerd shit. worse than longboarding
  9. the capitol rioters should've carried krink mops
  10. yeah dude we have vastly different experiences. i'm happy for you and your friends though. most people i wrote with are dead or living like they're trying to die soon. dropping graff for alcoholism or addiction or hustling. i know of at least one with a body, at least two who were/are on real deal DV shit. bunch who've went to prison. of the few dozen writers i have personally known in life maybe 7 have safe adult lives now. it's super bleak. when it comes to people in my life who've been attracted to graffiti my funeral suit got way more mileage than my wedding suit in the last ten years. but it's not inherently political to point out that something is antisocial or nonconformist. it's not pejorative either. i'll be the first to say graffiti's greatest strength is in attacking hegemony. kids in the bronx were writing WE ARE THE VOICE OF THE GHETTO AND WE WILL SURVIVE in the 1980s even as the world around them and the aids and crack epidemic whispered "die." there are tons of reasons to not think favorably about societies and structures we live in and ilove when people write it on the walls even if i don't agree with it. i certainly didn't write "toe the line" up there. what i did write is that just about everyone i know who got into graffiti has a set of tendencies and in many cases it led to a lot of real harm that didn't have to do with rustoleum
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