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  1. everyone gets to choose how to run their business but most of my clients were big companies that could afford to pay in full when due. if they're paying late, it's because they wanted to. hence that bear trap late fee. a late payment clause can also be negotiated.
  2. unless i feel like being nice, i let this happen once. after that, our agreement for any new work comes with my late payment clause. my standard late fee is +10% of the amount owed after 30 days of delinquency. and it can be re-applied every 30 days. it's savage. since imposing this, i have always been paid on time.
  3. i got all of these on my ipad and i play them on the bus real shit
  4. going with ultegra r8000. theres no bottom bracket that will fit the sram force bb30/gdp standard and my frame
  5. just bought a groupset in the bathroom at dinner. happy black friday
  6. this dude at the pusha t show ignored his girl all night to talk at me about big sean. hip hop fans are so crazy
  7. the trump kanye ticket wouldn't work. their personalities are too strong and they'd separate. they each need a doormat of a running mate
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