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  1. absolutely nuking the all gender bathroom. the progressives didn't really think this one through
  2. suicides, accidental deaths, and murders will go up as a consequence of this. it is a disgrace.
  3. to me the interesting part of this is that they handed down something that's so plainly unpopular. remember, all of the new judges on the supreme court said they'd uphold roe in their confirmation hearings. the right will need a big tent to keep up the anti-abortion thing and i don't know if they have it. i didn't expect the dave portnoy video response, for example, and portnoy was a big trump guy. they probably dropped this decision now because they saw that democrats were too shook to actually make roe a law. i think dropping it in this election year was well planned. a more popular democratic incumbent could run against it. biden is radioactive, approval wise, and didn't say or do shit for abortion before so he can't credibly defend it now.
  4. @Mercerwith you on this. there is a shaky at best states rights angle — especially since the dozens of trigger laws were already in effect by states where the GOP has control of the senate, house, and governors office. it is not a popular referendum if it's handed down by an unelected body of lifetime appointees and enforced by one-party state governments. it's clearly about ending abortion rights — which are human rights, by my belief, and supersede any theocratic agenda.
  5. lick any doorknob at this establishment to get covid-20
  6. nevermind the track. this might be my dream triple triangle https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/bik/d/indianapolis-gt-force-road-bike-25-63cm/7491069948.html
  7. i got $20 on DK hitting the club. probably enough for 2 drinks and a dance
  8. gay marriage and contraception next
  9. i think i hated on soup's anorexic girl thread in the moment but i'm seeing the light
  10. 2009 me would have been drunk and writing paragraphs in this thread. present me is arguing with my girl over some bullshit instead. that's growth
  11. in 2009 i was killing them in the rock the bells shirt and an all black fitted (visibly dusty)
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