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  1. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    amazing what simple piano beat can do
  2. hotter than hell in Houston today, taking care of chores, got some sun on the porch now im bakin some garlic bread
  3. Maaan I miss beer pong. Trying to get back into some games, tired of acting too cool for shit I am a fuckin weapon on cornhole
  4. So I never really grew up into Wu-Tang besides the hits. Born in 1991, i knew CREAM, Chessboxin, and a few assorted hits. A few years back I decided to give them a solid play-through and I'm still working on it. IMO Liquid Swords is the best album but that is debate by 1000 metrics currently giving Raekwaon - Only built for cuban Links ghostface - Iron Man a solid listen through. I lean slightly towards raekwon, despite loving GZA and various features from ODB, Masta Killa, Cappadonna etc. I don't have the same love for ghostface as many but will give him another listen
  5. funny, found this thread down a wutang rabbithole myself ahora
  6. my life is in shambles but fuckin a way she goes big boys welcome to the thudnerdome we out here bout to get laid off bout, she gone leave when the ticket leave, we know the deal
  8. zaytoven a goat dont at me
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