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  1. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

    camera dump
  2. +plus+

    Forums that are still kicking ?

    nah, hey I follow some guy that paints "maker" on instagram. dat you ?
  3. +plus+


    Anyone play counterstrike?
  4. +plus+

    The Skateboard Thread

    Do yall have any advice for knee pain, These shits started hurting more and more now im not even 30 yet.
  5. Stuck at work eating cheese its in breakroom
  6. +plus+


    Damn These are good points I need to remind some homies
  7. +plus+

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    Be careful Ralphy, Magic the Gathering can be more expensive than a solid drug habit.
  8. +plus+

    The Skateboard Thread

    damn! bangers I quit skating about a year ago and tried to return. Ate shit in the big bowl and was fucked up for like a month. Dont bounce anymore . Any of yall still shred the parks? I just cruise to the beer spot now that im a lazy fuck
  9. +plus+


    pot from my hairless cat breeding ex roomate. Go over there and dude has one of those face cleansing masks on...He was preparing for a potential 3some. Some of the most interesting and or weird people you come across on side quests.