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  1. Those are clean. Toe box on sk8-hi/low is one of the best
  2. Shoes, clothes, boaner pillz. Share your deals here!
  3. Should we start a sale thread? I use one on SLAP forums and it's great for finding deals those leather ones are clean
  4. Thats my only issue really i need to sync my shit but i use windows and am lazy, yall have any app recommendations? the camera on the pro max is wicked friend got the new giant galaxy snd its night mode is insane the phone is heavier than a glock though
  5. I don't even feign interest the fat friend is a very valuable resource. We cool. She usually gatekeeps the wild ones . Also she usually got drugs.p Rant here One thing my old head told me when I was younger (and showed me) is don't just try and go fuck everyone , he had many friends who were girls and they always ended up w a friend for him to date . Better wingmen than men. Also being "friendzoned" hey sometimes you get a cool friend. I still sold weed to tinder chicks that didn't work out w me lol. This is more info for young bucks y'all probably know this by now.
  6. Man I hated the Galaxy I had. My girl has a s9 and it's held up pretty well. Takes great pictures.
  7. Still on an old iPhone6s, battery is shot What are y'all using? Was looking at the 12 mini so I can one hand it. I prefer a desktop if I have serious internet business. 12 pro max is too big and regular 12 is pretty big too. I used to like Android but the apple support is really good. I still miss a few things, file management, music management, customization as far as aesthetics and one handed use But this iPhone was a tank , 2016 till now and only issue was battery life. If there's already a thread just link me I couldn't find it!
  8. That raptor render makes me think of Lew Blum
  9. Just finished Barbarian Days by William Finnegan. Surfing and travelling before it was mainstream and fancy charter boats etc. Good read although a bit rambling at times. His description of surfing and the people/emotions is great. The end was a little weak but it was a biography so not really a Hollywood climax Also just finished into thin air by John krakauer. Harrowing tale of Everest summit gone terribly wrong. Short and to the point. Great book
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