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  1. +plus+

    Legal Weed Up North

    Smoking less with age but it keeps me from wanting to get rip roaring drunk. Get tired of the introspective paranoia though. Sometimes the over-analysis is not beneficial. second guessing oner
  2. +plus+

    Legal Weed Up North

    Texas, they decriminalized in Houston. The catch is that its only for under an Oz I think. Maybe 2 First time offenders only Houston is so sprawling and the decrim is only "harris" country which is just the centralized area of town. Driving to many of my friends places not too far out is out of legal zone. The "small town" cops of the suburbs just outside of this WILL fuck you for a bag. That being said, HPD inside the beltway, espec inside the 610 loop are pretty cool about weed because they are super understaffed and have a lot more serious shit to handle. Got caught with a doobie in my mouth driving to get a Sunday car wash and the guy told me to go home. No ticket no nothing. Worst part was I pulled up to the light and this man walking his dog started walking up to my car and yelling "hes smoking weed!!!2!" As soon as light turned green I gunned it only for a cop to pull out of parking lot in time to see frantic man and me burning rubber LOL FUCK. This was 2 years ago best believe I haven't smoked and driven since... rookie move,
  3. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

    Taj Burrow. Camerman behind him almost died on this one
  4. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

    Spamming some surf pics. This dude Mason Ho big inspiration
  5. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

    when y
  6. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Backseat driving, passenger traveling Bumming a ride in my own brain Pointless meandering, using the vanity mirror to break up the cocaine Loitering, lost in a memory somewhere between a first kiss and a dope vein Nursing myself as an infant and in the same instant I'm shackled and cuffed and restrained How does this fucking pertain to anything other than coping with pain? All of the time I spent hoping to change Just an obsession with stoking the flames Haunted, something hovers over me I feels its breath The skeletal projection of accumulated stress
  7. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    In response to "underwater tank" Lil Ugly Mane often raps tongue and cheek with his lyrics. being slightly joking while burning people in their own game. Sometimes his real introspective shit shines through. Really able to relate to a lot of lines. At the end of Rain Song "Sick of the money, women, and lies, running in place till he dies. He built up a wall to have some place to hide but anxiety's coming from someplace inside"
  8. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

  9. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

    retro photos of texas found here w captions etc https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2013/07/america-in-the-1970s-texas/100560/
  10. +plus+

    The Nonsense thread

  11. +plus+

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.