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  1. I'm definitely the grey shirt and jeans guy now unless I'm in work mode. Lol
  2. These are area at least 5 years old now
  3. My head exploded when I realized this was that sixnine dude. I remember him getting memed years ago for this
  4. The higher the socks the downer the foo
  5. 3D printed tec9 I stole from Reddit
  6. Have any of you replaced the rubber stripping/ weather striping? My dodge ram is leaking on the driver side door and tons of road noise is getting in. just hit 160,000 miles! Bought it for 7.8k @130,000 miles. 2008 4 door long bed. such a bitch to park.
  7. Also remember when the youtube suggestions would lead you into new genres and stuff... Now it just recommends the same fuckin 10 songs i just listened to. Might suggest one new song/artist occasionally. I used to just let it take me on a journey.
  8. Mercer, do you remember when it showed the up-vote to down-vote ratio using Reddit Enhancement Suite? Thats when it wasn't as bad. Far more bots and crap nowadays.
  9. I have noticed, subreddits that are small are still fun, but once they reach a certain size it becomes shit. The type of content organizing works great for some things. Not so much for others. I have been enjoying watching China posts get to the front page then disappearing after they get tot the top. Tencent the Chinese company now owns a percentage of reddit HMMMMMM
  10. I post on surfer mag forum quite a often, and Ive noticed that more people have been active in the past 6 months for what its worth oddly enough the surfers are much worse cunts than the graffiti people haha!
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