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  1. 15 bucks little man. Put that shit in my hands. If that money dosent show me then you'll owe me owe me owe.
  2. most coworkers are vaccinated, a few arent. We aren't supposed ti know for privacy reasons but the ones who didnt get it were pretty vocal lol One guy got one shot and then decided it was a lab made virus and didnt get 2nd, dude is a trip. most annoying coworker by a mile but I worked w him all year in an isolated office so we get along now Thanks for checking in europe, glad to see people return even if its passing with a wave and a nod, send some pics if you can on your mission mercer sounds good getting back to normal over there, moar colorado pix
  3. I have been at work and they lifted our mask mandate in office been working w same 10-15 people since last year not back yet but slowly we are adding more people Really depends on what team, some people are killing it at home and others are doing just okay Boss is going to make certain teams come in office for like monday tuesday wednsday or depending on if we are having meetings etc I don't know if everyone will go to fully in offce, although I have been prospering back in office but the least i ever worked this year was MWF or Tu- thr, I don't ha
  4. I was always scared of needles till this old school black nurse was like laughing at me when I had to get blood drawn "you don't have nothing o be scared of" Roasting me while making me feel at ease Respect to the nurses out there
  5. I need help with my Ns specifically haha
  6. Just sharing and looking for general critiques, i should probably post a few at a time not an archive. My bad! ive been stuck in a rut and trying to break out also on the topic of pens...the dudes who do those bic pen drawings w crazy layers are insane
  7. Corny is a weird phrase Who doesnt like corn and why does it mean cheesy wait why does cheesy mean goofy of lame
  8. Dump of the last 6 months
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