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  1. +plus+

    12oz gets around....

    This sticker is already sunbleached, that pole must be hot as hell!
  2. +plus+

    Wait it's 2016

    W̮̙̻A͐ͫ͆I̿͘T̟̙̪͍̲͕̎̿ͦ͢ ͕̺̟͉͚̯͂̾͛ͪ̉F̟͈Ô͈̰͍̮̗ͣR͚̣͓̳ͧ͑ I͆͆͜Ṯ͈̳͌̃ ̃̈́͏̫̰̤
  3. +plus+

    Hurricane heading to the east coast

    east coast has had some crazy surf this year. Meanwhile its been FLAT all summer in texas. FUUUUUUUUUU
  4. +plus+

    Hurricane heading to the east coast

    Ripped this off a pro surfers instagram Last Waves before this baby makes landfall. Holy Shit that looks good.
  5. +plus+

    Hurricane heading to the east coast

    been watching this live cam all day as the winds increase. Wild
  6. +plus+

    random thots

    So we just sold off half of the company, which has been coming for a long time and it was stressful as hell. Now this week its so dead im seriously worried about my job security. Resumes going out ASAP. Went from overworked to underworked in the span of a week. fuckign a
  7. +plus+

    random thots

    my boss just told me I drink too much soda. Guess Its time to cut back 3 coke zeros a day isnt that much
  8. +plus+

    random thots

    Mercer, that oil on top good if you wanna infuse da weeds into the PB. absorbs the good stuff.
  9. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Yea, that's my current age. Dude was pretty open about his dances with the devil and not wanting to join the 27 club in a few of his songs. Really sad. Did they ever reveal what it was? The lack of information provided makes me suspect suicide, but then again it could just as much have been the drugs. Don't mean to jump to conclusions or anything.
  10. +plus+

    <<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support SuperThread >>>

    Got a build in the works, basically all parts from friends that had them laying around. cobbling together some sort of gaming rig. Then I can play games w yall/ Updates coming this weekend
  11. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    God damn Some of yall may think Mac Miller is corny, but his Faces mixtape is all time. Bummed me out.
  12. +plus+

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

  13. +plus+

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    you guys are on fire, also looked for kanye for a couple of minutes
  14. +plus+


    wow those are sick. bummer on the gatos kults...