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  1. Air max finally died, 2013 i believe? Wore the shit out of them
  2. Yes he was asleep jamming that when i came upstairs.
  3. not to be devils advocado but fuck it, i wonder how many rappers and writers who were exiled because they were gay?
  4. I got a 5 year bonus at my job and it was 500 bucks im pretty let down but better than many people. whatever
  5. I learned how to spell suprise wrong in like 3rd grade and its logged into the hard drive like this, yall ever do that?
  6. I feel like there’s a difference, and that happens when you are being the antagonist. Klops was spouting shit that made my 911 is fake, new world order, coworker at the bong shop look normal. Like my all means live your own truth but if you are that deep dont be surprised when you start ruffling feathers.
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