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  1. Side note that gun isn't what I shot in the before pic. I have a Remington 270 Winchester passed down to me and I've been shooting high with it. Shit the target dead center at ~95 yards and two of them hit the same hole one went higher. Then pops was like oh yeah I adjusted that scope for farther range awhile back. MOTHERFUCKER I've missed several shots or had them be worse because the were slightly high... I'm not shooting antelope at 300 yrds here brodie man
  2. I need some of that shit Mooklife dude smokin on
  3. I dont have much experience but i do remember my good friend’s older brother had a few connections to some Banditos down in TX. Went to a pool hall/bar one night and they insisted i go back and introduce myself and shake this guys hand. Respect etc. apparently he was in charge of all the weed id been smoking for years. Good as long as you aren't on the receiving end of ass kicking one night some drunk guy peewee hermaned a bunch of bikes out front. He was dragged off by his boots in the parking lot. Good to know some of those types peripherally but never wanna get too involved. Lane story i know but i was always very naive as a kid, realized a lot of shadier stuff made sense later on w friends brother and odd stories
  4. When you get off your shift as a trucker and play american truck simulator all night after some biker skante I had a friend who had one of those setups for drifting and racing games, looked pretty fun.
  5. Did you sample the bikie skante before writing this post?
  6. Ill have to check that out! Something so mystic about the mountains
  7. Skimask photography course when
  8. man I found this "uniball vision exact" pen in my coworkers desk been using it till it ran out, went online and they are discontinued. FFUCK
  9. I got this cool MUJI pen from my coworker, a bit thin for my tastes but it writes clean and precise, good for those who like to get technical and small
  10. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    amazing what simple piano beat can do
  11. hotter than hell in Houston today, taking care of chores, got some sun on the porch now im bakin some garlic bread
  12. Maaan I miss beer pong. Trying to get back into some games, tired of acting too cool for shit I am a fuckin weapon on cornhole
  13. So I never really grew up into Wu-Tang besides the hits. Born in 1991, i knew CREAM, Chessboxin, and a few assorted hits. A few years back I decided to give them a solid play-through and I'm still working on it. IMO Liquid Swords is the best album but that is debate by 1000 metrics currently giving Raekwaon - Only built for cuban Links ghostface - Iron Man a solid listen through. I lean slightly towards raekwon, despite loving GZA and various features from ODB, Masta Killa, Cappadonna etc. I don't have the same love for ghostface as many but will give him another listen
  14. funny, found this thread down a wutang rabbithole myself ahora
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