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    Ndv you crazy on the porcelain, too busy for me The hookah boots are fuckin sick
  2. +plus+


    Some Addidas do that to me, narrow on the middle of my arch,. Vans are flat but I don't have issues w narrowness in them, the sk8 hi have a really wide toe box. I'm getting to the age where wearing flat shoes is hurting my back, more Asics
  3. These won't die. 2013? What's your oldest pair? I have kept them onice a lot. My air maxes won't die but feel like wooden boards now
  4. It is so damn cold in my office that sometimes I don't mind it, also I don't have to fake smile and all that. But wearing glasses w a mask is WAY worse. Forgot my glasses one day and was like oh yall need to chill this isnt that bad. I kinda wish people would have done some more dystopian future style w masks Cyberpunkx rise up!
  5. As someone who owns guns and uses them for sport, home defense. The solution is complex because Americans will NEVER turn in their guns The cat is out of the bag and impossibru to put back in the bag. Sure that worked in Australia but the culture here is too stubborn, and the rights to bear arms are baked into out nation's framework. I will preface this by saying a lot of gun laws are dumb as hell and don't make sense. (see California) That being said, I can go pick up a pistol right now without much wait, and the Concealed Carry license classes here (Texas) are not exactly stringent. I think proper training, and a waiting period requirement would be beneficial. It is easier for me to acquire a new gun than it is to register my truck. I don't remember if we have a waiting period but I saw that for Suicides/Domestic Disputes, waiting periods usually let people have time to think about their actions when not in the heat of the moment. We do have a lack of mental health care, and insurance is fucked beyond belief. We could easily afford Medicare for all that is much better than its current state and it would save us money down the road This is why responsible ownership is needed. I often take for granted the upbringing I have, and how much gun safety was baked into my brain at a young age. Many see a required class as an infringement but all it takes is one trip to my local shooting range or wall-mart to see the yahoos who clearly aren't knowledgeable a are dangerous simply due to negligence, stupidity, or downright batshit insane. A proper training and handling course should be required, but how do we do this without infringing on someone's rights? Do they have the money, transportation, time to take the course? I don't have the answers, and acting like this problem could be solved overnight is naive. Do I think having a high capacity mag is unnecessary? Depends. I hunt with a bolt action and am basically a FUDD when it comes to my aresanl (lol) But after hog hunting with an AR-10, having a full mag was not only beneficial it was necessary. I'm kind of rambling here, but with young adults having less sex than ever, combined with an increasing xenophobia, we are likely going to see more young men who are mad at a certain group (women, minorities, step dads, popular kids, political rivals, or just random people) taking their rage out. this kid was more incel than "muslim terrorist" based on the small amount I've read.
  6. this could be 2020 if i didn't know better A$AP Rocky showcasing his 90s inspired fashion line
  7. I sleep w my watch on because I know if my watch is on and the time is logical that im not dreaming I quit smoking weed and my dreams were crazy back on the weed now fuck off sleep paralysis demons
  8. Just realized Im wearing the same mask I wore to get crawfish saturday, no wonder this bitch stinks like crustaceon
  9. Listerine in the mens room at work Newport Menthol Eyeballs
  10. Honestly got sidetracked haha I only had the password on my phone and finally reset my account after locking myself out 500 times, no idea wtf password was. Will clean those and post soon
  11. Found a pAir of the bo jacksons w no insoles too wtf
  12. hahahahahahah found these chrome osiris from 2006? you know the deal back in the plaid shorts days You know i had the krew tight jeans After watching Baker 3 w the big shirt still lmao
  13. Those are clean. Toe box on sk8-hi/low is one of the best
  14. Shoes, clothes, boaner pillz. Share your deals here!
  15. Should we start a sale thread? I use one on SLAP forums and it's great for finding deals those leather ones are clean
  16. Thats my only issue really i need to sync my shit but i use windows and am lazy, yall have any app recommendations? the camera on the pro max is wicked friend got the new giant galaxy snd its night mode is insane the phone is heavier than a glock though
  17. I don't even feign interest the fat friend is a very valuable resource. We cool. She usually gatekeeps the wild ones . Also she usually got drugs.p Rant here One thing my old head told me when I was younger (and showed me) is don't just try and go fuck everyone , he had many friends who were girls and they always ended up w a friend for him to date . Better wingmen than men. Also being "friendzoned" hey sometimes you get a cool friend. I still sold weed to tinder chicks that didn't work out w me lol. This is more info for young bucks y'all probably know this by now. Social media has made things simultaneously easier and harder depending on your personality, drive, connections etc. Rant over Last girl that ghosted me after a good date was becasue I drank 3 40oz and apparently freestyled to her on Snapchat. No recollection but I saw the sent msg. Never heard from her again and she was smokin hot. Don't do alcoholic bullshit Been w my girl for a min first long term relationship in awhile. I miss freedom but love dating someone who isn't malicious, drunk, or too needy. I used to go for the party chicks and shit was exhausting. My only issue is her mom IS NUTS and she doesn't travel well Also to echo cil, get out there man! Can't catch waves sitting on the beach brehitos. Surfs up haoles
  18. Man I hated the Galaxy I had. My girl has a s9 and it's held up pretty well. Takes great pictures.
  19. Still on an old iPhone6s, battery is shot What are y'all using? Was looking at the 12 mini so I can one hand it. I prefer a desktop if I have serious internet business. 12 pro max is too big and regular 12 is pretty big too. I used to like Android but the apple support is really good. I still miss a few things, file management, music management, customization as far as aesthetics and one handed use But this iPhone was a tank , 2016 till now and only issue was battery life. If there's already a thread just link me I couldn't find it!
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