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  1. shots from the past 2 months, whole cars are the truth baybeee! It is cool to see the trains increase as the supply chain scrambles to catch back up after covid. suddenly trains on trains The sunset picture is out by sugarland. The river picture is from a batchelor party in Wimberly TX I went to w a fellow oontzer who doesn't post anymore. I H8 JUGGALOS
  2. as someone whos been in Houston for 5 years now, traffic will drive you fuckin insane here. It gets more expensive by the day. I'm all for gun rights but I do think a general safety class should be required, too many idiots and our road rage shootings have been insane. Will be interesting to see how these next few months go, I hope people prove me wrong. To be honest most people already were carrying anyways, either illegally, or in their car w castile doctrine. I drove through 2.5 feet of water last week after a quick hour long storm, it was hectic, saw dozens of cars flooded out. This happens almost annually. Seen it 5-6 times since I've lived here at least. Cost of living is OK but not as good as people make it sound unless you want to live far out and drive an hour each way or live in a shithole. I chose the shithole in a montrose apartment that's 100 years old, for 820 a month and really spacious, it rocks, but it is thin walls, no insulation, and ancient ancient. I make about 40k a year and am in school so don't have a lot of disposable income to get a house. struggle is real, just got back in school so lets get this bread playboiz oh yea, I got a new desk that is trackside ! It is just too far to get great shots unless it is a wholecar or bold lettering. I knew I shoulda gotten the iphone12pro with the telephoto lens rant over! If you have any questions about food, amenities, and where to acquire special cooking herbs let me know!
  3. oh man do i have some pics for yall, will try to update this weekend. the entire tub is painted. Covered the nice tile, either because mold and grout issues or water leakage issues. now the paint is flaking into the tub. When i first moved in my power bill was stupid cheap, apparently the crackhead maintenance man had half my apt wired to the neighbors spot and when his power went out my kitchen and AC went out too... lol
  4. Joker, thanks as always, your critiques are impressive because you can vocalize what I can sense visually in some of the pieces but don't know how to say. Is there a better way to learn to identify and describe these issues w flow, spacing, weight on pieces. I always see individual letter issues but it is hard to see the finished piece issues until you are done, then decide what needs work as far as the whole piece with it's weight and symmetry. I guess if you paint enough pieces you begin to have an innate ability to sense something is off even if the letters themselves are constructed well. I'm rambling as usual, but it is very interesting to me. Art is always subjective but there are strange rules that come into play with letters, typefaces and communicating those with style without losing the inherent framework? I vaguely remember Asian writers having issues with writing the chinese characters without losing the meaning, and many of them opted to write in english. would this kinda be similar to the "know the rules and how to work within them before you can break them" school of thought I see in art and photography?
  5. 15 bucks little man. Put that shit in my hands. If that money dosent show me then you'll owe me owe me owe.
  6. most coworkers are vaccinated, a few arent. We aren't supposed ti know for privacy reasons but the ones who didnt get it were pretty vocal lol One guy got one shot and then decided it was a lab made virus and didnt get 2nd, dude is a trip. most annoying coworker by a mile but I worked w him all year in an isolated office so we get along now Thanks for checking in europe, glad to see people return even if its passing with a wave and a nod, send some pics if you can on your mission mercer sounds good getting back to normal over there, moar colorado pix
  7. I have been at work and they lifted our mask mandate in office been working w same 10-15 people since last year not back yet but slowly we are adding more people Really depends on what team, some people are killing it at home and others are doing just okay Boss is going to make certain teams come in office for like monday tuesday wednsday or depending on if we are having meetings etc I don't know if everyone will go to fully in offce, although I have been prospering back in office but the least i ever worked this year was MWF or Tu- thr, I don't have kids and live in an ancient apartment so it isn't as cool to sit at home with my gf doing online school at home also taking mask off is kinda nice but my fuckin breathe and the face that I'm a mongoloid mouthbreather half the time is gnarly, might keep it just for the restroom cause duus bee shitting
  8. I was always scared of needles till this old school black nurse was like laughing at me when I had to get blood drawn "you don't have nothing o be scared of" Roasting me while making me feel at ease Respect to the nurses out there
  9. I need help with my Ns specifically haha
  10. Just sharing and looking for general critiques, i should probably post a few at a time not an archive. My bad! ive been stuck in a rut and trying to break out also on the topic of pens...the dudes who do those bic pen drawings w crazy layers are insane
  11. Corny is a weird phrase Who doesnt like corn and why does it mean cheesy wait why does cheesy mean goofy of lame
  12. Dump of the last 6 months
  13. Quick one take The Ks are weak here
  14. That letter guide is cool joker, thanks for sharing. Really been in a rut, for sme reason I like to punish myself? and use pen only and not use a pencil to try and force myself to get it right This isn't good for building up various styles and connections though. Maybe its my compromise since I dont want to paint illegally haha gotta add some drama
  15. not sure why my link is white outline
  16. levi's has 50% off sale styles (30% off sitewide) code SMILE https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/apparel/clothing/bottoms/skate-cargo-pants/p/228700013
  17. +plus+


    crazy story, are there any other weird sneaker urban legends or tales? Not lame ones like the 420 skunk dunks that were not released etc
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