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  1. Tierdo the weirdo you will be missed. Although I'm just an observer of your stories they had an impact on me and many others. Living life to the fullest and writing eloquently while creating some awesome stories. Not to mention the sick painting, taxidermy, and other various fields where you left your mark.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGxfqG1JblF/?igshid=9suw78cytfhs
  3. You alive bruhh checking on you
  4. Just watched UFC had people over for the first time in a while. They ordered that wiz khalifa food thing it was okay i fucked w the pork belly
  5. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    imagine project pat on that beat
  6. For fucks sake can we can get some policy discussion in these debates sounded like me drunk trying to put up with my coked out friend
  7. +plus+


    i'm sitting om 16k of debt batman step up your flex
  8. +plus+


    I just get scared to sleep. I know its just dreams bt fuck that, its more dread of the next day. Finally process today then next day comes up
  9. +plus+


    been isolating, aint no one wanna chill right now. Been hanging out watching movies all day. 1 am and im drunk again just sad thinking about my friends who are fried on drugs or gone
  10. where you in hawaii or sum chit? I wish we could get liquor canned drinks, i loved getting rum and coke and jack in a can in Mexico
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