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  1. man if you didnt go this week before they shut it down you missed out, it was going off by flagship too many tourists came in from houston who were on lockdown so they shut it down, waves still poppin. It has been a lot less consistent from years back, im from Corpus Christi, so galveston is always a bit more inconsistent.
  2. nah, i'd be down though, im a selfish prick so most of my trips are surf related
  3. holy shit its only been 3 hours, whent skating around neighborhood, grabbed a cola and a beer. Today is Boss's bday, he died at 59 would have been 60 today Cheers John, you took care of your people
  4. +plus+

    The Hip Hop Thread

    wtf that guy has the LV pattern on his bald ass head
  5. I pulled out the cruiser and getting some neighborhood laps in to keep my sanity. No cars out barely, and avoiding people.
  6. the inside mechanical wizardry of that gun is ridiculous
  7. working from home, my hairs gonna be ludacris when i get outta lockdown
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