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  1. So, went to my grandmother's house in December to help with some family stuff. Part of which was finding out that my estranged and recently delusional grandfather stashed some guns he had apparently been carrying around. I asked to be taken to them to assure they weren't loaded and to get them out of the van they were apparently held in. This asshole was rolling around with a Ruger GP100 and a Glock 23. Luckily, they were unloaded, and I took them to my father's safe as to prevent them from getting back in the hands of a paranoid 80 somthin year old. Also, I'd argue this is the one time Texas having no registry has actually made things safer... ALSO found out there were 4 rifles in the house that apparently no one but my grandmother knew have been there for decades. No one in my family is into fire arms so I'm probably going to have them sent to me. See photos for curiosities: The four: Old nondescript 22 that I couldn't find any markings to help me identify Perfect condition Rem 722 that used to be my great grandmother's hunting rifle. Really wanting to keep this one as a family keepsake. Was only made for a few years in the 50's in a less common Rem .244. Was amazed at the condition. The bolt action was still nice and easy as well. These two are historically interesting even if bubba'd onto these stocks. Common for WW2 rifles that were brought back. The one on the left is an Italian Carcano that I was able to trace to the Terni armory in Italy and was produced in 1942. The one on the right is a Mosin Nagant. The stamp markings make it seem as though it was pieced together rather than having been a matching action and barrel. Ultimately, I should have possession of all of these within a year or so. Very excited to see if I can restore the WWII rifles and also jus to have my great grandmother's hunting rifle. There's a great photo of her with it I've been tying to track down.
  2. Gotta agree with the full bush crowd on here. Id rather that and healthy skin than a bunch of ingrown hairs/enflamed skin. Just seems like a lot of effort for minimal aesthetic or functional pay off. Now, if someone is on that laser removal tip... I'm not upset at that. At all. But if I'm going polar opposites, bush all the way.
  3. Actually I don't hate sayin that, fuck them.
  4. I hate saying this, but this was an exceptional experience for someone hangin out on twitter a lot. Some of the best jokes I've seen in years came from this absolutely absurd situation.
  5. I finally got the Arex my father gifted me. Then I was looking at glock parts compatibility. Theeeeen I was interested in finding a comp that doesn't require a threaded barrel (thanks CA). AND THEEEEEEN I found the Strike Industries Mass Driver Comp that replaces the guide rod and recoil spring. and this is the result. Gonna take it to the range this Friday and see how it performs. Slovenian cheaper better version than glock with glock compatibility for some clutch aftermarket parts? yes please.
  6. I'm on my laptop and it wasn't workin. Due to work I'm in an OSX and iOS environment so it should have been just fine.
  7. Is that video playing for anyone else? I'm gettin an oontz error.
  8. From what I understand he's been gettin blazed and playin video games with his kids on twitch, which... honestly seems like the most wholesome outcome for ol boy. Desus is doing a trial run on Kimmel during his sabbatical, he's gonna do just fine too.
  9. Surprised none of the old heads had started a thread about this yet. Sad to see one of our old own lose their show (although it seems to be a specific choice). From 12oz to victorylight.blogspot to podcasts to Viceland to Showtime. Still big ups to MERO for making me laugh for fucking years.
  10. Currently workin the DeLorean 3 in 1. Goin with the II config. I"ll post photos when done. Also, new app out utilizing visual AI to look at a spread of bricks and will show you what you can build based on what's there. Brickit. It's an open source model (or was) from stanford. we'll see what happens with it. I reached out to a really rad builder on IG and told em to get ahold and license their shit cus I'd love the ability to easily sift through possible furniture builds for minifig size architectural work.
  11. the.crooked


    it's pretty wild. This was his last marathon style competition. He's in his mid 30's also, if not late. He's done this before, and also done a pretty wild race in Europe as well. otherwise he lives the same dumb tech/career life that i do too. wife is a script editor/writer, two cute ass kids. just a wholesome ass man who entertains my dumb shit sometimes while continuing to be an absolute fucking monster on a bike. qualifications for the RAAM, not sure. I just know no one would be able to question his bona fides.
  12. the.crooked


    Buddy of mine just finished 4th in solo-mens in Race Across America. 11days 6hours and some odd minutes to complete 3000mi from west to east coast. what a beast.
  13. oh man, the fucking fungwah... also, this thread makes me all nostalgic for old ch0. everyone annoyed with each other. everyone dug into their positions. none of it fucking mattering one goddamnit bit. fuck boston.
  14. i'd love to be even less than a tourist.
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