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  1. Yeah I've watched some of his vids before. Dude is one hell of an eng.
  2. DHabz, Here's the problem in addressing anything in an article like that, it becomes a rhetorical fight that's not possible to win. When the basic premise denies theory rooted in practice or reality, there's no logic argument to frame against it. But I'll go for it just with the snippet you provided, cus I'm not having my computer logged visiting sites like that as I don't want dumb shit ads for Alex Jones Dick Pills. And unfortunately the more I come here and the more stuff like that is posted the more likely I'll get em anyways. 1. In three ish sentences he goes from saying that the DNC should bow out, and then flatly claiming that the DNC is trying to institute a fascist state. It's ridiculous that he would make the first appeal while expecting it to be plausible if the latter is also true. Make a choice man. 2. I don't think there's a shared understanding of what Fascism is. Countless historians and survivors of fascist regimes across the world have told us we're in a pre-fascist state due to the policies of the current admin, and broader, the policies that the GOP has put in place over the last 20 years. It's ridiculous on the face of it. 3. Obama Deep State --- come the fuck on. The Deep State as a concept is also firmly rooted in conspiratorial thought that has a loooong literature looking at the relationships between xenophobic anxiety and distrust of a changing demography and electorate. The general thought here is that what is often characterized as economic anxiety or generalized anti-government sentiment is a fear of a loss of power that fundamentally favored white folks. And if we aren't even gonna agree that the US has a structural racism problem, the idea of me continuing any of these trains of thought is probably pointless. Lastly, my point about textbook markets and how pedagogy affects cognition can be found in researching the relationship between textbook producers, who drives the market (Texas and California), which percentage of states go with either mass produced version (most go with texas), and how those publications are chosen within those respective markets. If you're worried about a cabal of people brainwashing kids into believing one version of history or another, I'm sad to inform you you're looking the wrong direction. It's more oft then not a small group of religious white people who go line by line in textbooks headed for the texas market and tell publishers what they do and do not like. Mind you these committees are state formed and backed. I'm not saying that there are not impacts that happen at large levels due to regional, local, national policy. But, it is a lot simpler to believe there is concerted effort and decision towards evil when in actuality humans are fucking stupid as a mass populace and as Americans even more so. Emergent properties are a function of disparate systems without a collective overseer. If you wanna talk about real policy that is directed at mass groups of people to their detriment for the gain of few, look at voter disenfranchisement, modern poll taxing, tax structure, gerrymandering, etc. All primary tactics and exploits of the GOP over the last 70 years. This conspiracy drivel is anti-intellectual, debases what should be actual conversations regarding the state of our populace and world, and does nothing to help but stoke racial anxiety and class disparity. Said as a human with a Masters in Public Policy, where politics and history are family business.
  3. How has the forum/site set up or dealt with the concept of CCPA or GDPR compliance? Just curious. This was a big part of my life the last couple years, first at google with GDPR and helping rework some data pipelines in one portion of the business, then at current company with CCPA becoming active at the beginning of the year. Realized I wasn't sure how smaller operations were interacting with these sorts of policy shifts in privacy regulation. Given, your views on freedom etc. @misteraven, how do see the necessity of regulatory frameworks like this? Let alone the burden on you and others in similar situations as the last buck on sites like this?
  4. At the very least I would highlight sources such as the one referenced in this thread as "media" but not a journalistic outlet. Not trying to "gateway" but would just like to see critical thought applied.
  5. Valid on admin vs mod (just saw red title and assumed). I'm happy to contribute, I just find that discourse here tends towards a certain lilt, and even when provided content of either contrary or substantial form otherwise it just gets ignored. I think this goes back to the question of what is "news" vs conversation in other parts of the forum. I reacted vehemently here due to the placement of the content. So much of our current world in the US and abroad is fucked by the misuse of terms to equate opinion with an attempt at objective reporting. If I start a thread on the concepts I mentioned above, where does that go without going to forum graveyard to die?
  6. Further, why is 3/4 of the first page of the "news" section not news? QAnon? A photo appreciation thread? ...
  7. I propose not positing dumbass personalized websites with clear agendas as "news" that just leads to people spouting off about whatever conspiracy de jour they are into that day.
  8. Systems simply do not work this way. Emergent properties develop from disparate systems all throughout nature without some deciding factor. Contemporary conspiracy theory discourse reminds me of the dumb ass intelligent design vs unguided evolution arguments of the early aughts. Believing that there is a cabal of people deciding policy for some nefarious purpose of some large scale collective end in clandestine fashions gives humans too much credit. It also speaks nothing to the general inefficacy of institutions. And it CERTAINLY gives too much credit to the DNC for this shit. Said as a left wing human with generally radical politics. I'd be happy to blast this thread with contemporary academic articles on the relationships between confirmation bias, political affiliation, economic fear vs inherent racism, etc. etc. etc. But quoting a website from an idiot who writes military novels that people wanna stroke to for their larping fantasies doesn't quite suggest we'll come to terms on what "truth," "evidence," "scientific method," etc. actually mean. You get that our education system has "started them off young" with a remarkably white washed and absurd version of american history right? You do know which states generally run text book markets, and which state governs most of the market itself, right? If there's a party in the US that's driven by craven ideology it's clearly the fucking GOP who gives shits about nothing more than corporate personhood/profit. Jesus christ, this is the type of dumb shit that became so pervasive on this forum that I left for a long time in the first place. DHz, cmon man, as a moderator, can we please bring some better content, or at at least if we're gonna argue about something like this let's start from a position that isn't a guy who makes his living stroking off boogaloo boys?
  9. Slowly, yet surely, things are coming together. Currently acquired and pictured: 16" Aero Atlas S-One barrel with mid-length gas, and 15" Mlok m4e1 Aero lower Acquired and not pictured: Larue MBT-2S trigger Larue RISR Magpul CTR ARMaglock Gen 4 Kingpin Cryptic Coating Mystic Bronze BCG Blem Sitting in a cart waiting for payday/birthday purchase (but cmon, honey, it's my birthday): JP Silent Captured Aero Enhanced Buffer Tube Aero field parts kit (doing this instead of a lower since I am choosing a different safety selector and I have to replace rear takedown anyway with Kingpin) PA 1-6x FFP LPVO with ACSS Reticle Couple Cross Industries 10/10 coupled mags Still looking for when in stock: Radian Ambi Charging Handle Surefire WarComp Surefire QD Warden Still debating what type of BUIs to go for. Be it inline or offset. Bulk Ammo (lol... ugh) It ain't a cheap one, but I'd rather just build this one once than upgrade later. Measure twice, cut once so to speak. All that said, Up next, is shotty, of which I'm stickin to the 870. So that's covered easy. Last is handgun, and I have a strong feeling my father in texas would love to gift a handgun to me here in CA. I've mostly been planning on a midgrade 1911 in .45 ACP. I like the Rock Island options, but open to hearing other opinions.
  10. Gentlemen, good to see you. And fuck fire ants. Fuck them so much.
  11. A friend's parents just picked up two of these. Shot it, liked it, found two the next day.
  12. AND THERE WERE A FEW UP THIS MORNING. Managed to get it at retail. Solid.
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