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  1. This made me happy, classic 12 oz indeed. @Mercer, bless you for stepping in.
  2. the.crooked

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Forgot a photo, but if you live in the east bay, then catch a slice from Market Hall's bakery in Rockridge. Shit is my new fave for what I can get in the bay.
  3. the.crooked

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Fucking working. Trying to social engineer my way into an admin pwd I lost for a staging database that I need access to so I can finish a fucking data feed for the most goddamn needy fucking clients ever. Don't take a director position within a company where you used to be a single contributor. You will never be left alone from your previous work no matter how much you delegate. /ican'tbelieveijustsaidthatlameshit
  4. the.crooked

    Sooki Made Me Do It..

    Yo, you came through to Oakland once in like 2009, yeah? I'm pretty sure you came over with like 2 other oontzers, we smoked some weed, drank racer 5, and then we never saw each other again. Am I crazy, or was that you?
  5. the.crooked

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Pizza Brooklyn post 1: pic 1 - Broadway Pizza - Fucking delicious. Just the welcome back I needed. Sauce was fuego. Size was great. Crust was crispy and flavorful. Classic NY slice. Pic 2 - Best Pizza - Pero, hipster food ccan be fire. This is fire hipster pizza. Frank L is doing some good shit. Fresh mozz and basil helps highlight the quality of the other ingredients. Paired with a pitcher of bud heavy is perfect. The light sweetness of an American adjunct lager carries the sugars in the sauce without making anything saccharine.
  6. the.crooked

    Boston sucks

    Lobstah roll. It was fuego. Now I’m on a fucking Peter Pan bus that I almost missed because my wife HAD to go to CVS before hand. Then she almost pissed herself cus some dude fell asleep in the bathroom doin the heron. Had to damn near break the door down to wake em up. Fucking welcome back to the North East.
  7. the.crooked

    Boston sucks

    At least there’s this:
  8. the.crooked


    What @massgraffsaid
  9. the.crooked

    Boston sucks

    Seriously, every fucking time I have to come here it’s some goddamn pain the ass to accomplish anything. I dont know why I ever think flying into Logan when I need to get to the east coast is a good idea. Fuck this place.
  10. the.crooked

    Boston sucks

    I hate this fucking town.
  11. the.crooked


    I’ve got a very narrow definition of sport. Of which, I’d agree, eXhammock does not meet. But I still talk a bout it a bunch.
  12. the.crooked

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    Oh I know. I was talking about a separate slice. It was an older place. Not far off the 72nd street stop. We were here staying at a feiend’s Apartment down there and it was this one magical period of time where the R train had full service. I half way believe it was a dream.