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  1. 1. Sure, I'll be open about it. I find your, @Dirty_habiT, persistent overbearing perspectives flatly wrong, uneducated, ill-conceived, lacking rational backing, detrimental to the overall quality of content and engagement of this platform, and lastly, just fucking stupid. You've always been an idiot, now you're just a functionally dangerous idiot. 2. I'm not acting like I have huge balls. This isn't some dick swinging competition, it's the sad catharsis of grief about something from roughly half of my life dying a slow predictable death. I've sought to support this space regularly throug
  2. Welp, 2 out of 4 parents now have COVID. Great.
  3. Is there an impeachment process or censure process for moderators based on user opinion?
  4. the.crooked


    I think the distinction I'm making is "i can knock shit off generally when I feel it's truly necessary." Not, "I don't go on benders, and don't sometimes have a come to jesus moments with myself." Cus I do love me a bender. And if i got the unadulterated time, I'm down to shirk off this reality. Shit has certainly been harder this year. I'm a very bored human in general. I need people and novelty to feel engaged with the world around me. It's certainly led to an increase in consumption during pandemic for me and my wife (same situation on intellect, etc). I think
  5. the.crooked


    lastly, @Elena Delle DonneI was trying to figure out who you were as your posting in certain threads, and cadence seemed so familiar. makes sense. good to see you around and living. same to everyone else here.
  6. the.crooked


    On the double post trend, I think I should qualify this as I have issues with the way that words like "alcoholism" or other such behavioral syndroms/diseases are characterized. For a long time, I'd say about 40% of my life, I was worried I was a sociopath. Not in the strictly DSM version, but in what I think the term actually applies to. Not a lack of human empathy, but a lack of care once that empathy has been experienced. I've always thought it's the latter that is why some people are really good at lying/manipulation (read: me) and others are not. I think this ties into how
  7. the.crooked


    This is going to likely come across as remarkably self adulating or arrogant, but I'm hoping that a few of you who have known me here since I was a teenager in college will know I say this with all self awareness: Do any of y'all find being intelligent a blocker to the capacity to tone things down? I have always been relatively good at controlling consumption, other shitty behavior, and maybe this is more about depression than it is about consumption, but I find it very hard to give any real shits about the world or existing. From a philosophical standpoint, to a political stand
  8. @RUNINE- will let you know. I was mostly planning on FFP, but we'll see how I do with this one. @misteraven- r/aeroprecisioninstock is your friend. On tuning, everything I've seen suggests some amount of trial and error. My guess is you can come up with some rough estimates of what pressure is being pushed back into the chamber with some basic fluid dynamics (completely ignoring thermodynamic externalities) as a way of setting benchmarks even if it is just more precise trial and error.
  9. Finished: It finished a little different than I expected, but mostly due to me wanting to finish/cost: aero 16" barrel with 15" s-one atlas handguard bravo company VFG aero m4e1 lower cryptic coating bcg blem (i couldn't find what the blem was) larue mbt 2 stage curved bow trigger larue lpk magpul gen 1.1 grip magpul ctr with Larue RISR and enhanced butt pad armaglock gen4 with kingpin enhanced buffer tube with h2 buffer (instead of jp silent) primary arms 1-6x24mm LPVO SFP midwest industries qd moun
  10. Np! the consistency across them was surprising to see so many different artists there. Favorite post in a while here. Thanks.
  11. Biden won. Past tense. Almost every legal challenge has been thrown out on its face. The GA recount will favor biden more heavily. PA will get outside the margin for recount thus challenges there will be found moot by the courts. AZ is ultimately dunzo. It's done.
  12. Fuck. We tried so many times to catch up in the bay. Between this and Rage's thread. I'm really starting to re-evaluate how much of my life I've dedicated to the rat race this last decade or so. Pretty sure that's the legacy of impact he'd wanna have on us all. RIP Tierdo.
  13. I'm sorry to hear all this. As everyone else has already said in so many ways about the early aughts and the mark we've all left on each other, I can only agree. A few years ago my uncle was diagnosed with acute myelocytic leukemia. It was fast, relentless, and unforgiving. He was just about ready to receive a bone marrow transfer after forcing it into supposed remission through two very aggressive chemo rounds. He passed no later than 5 months from his initial diagnoses. It was incredibly hard to see him in the hospital: frail, scared, and more than anything just terrified to think abou
  14. I ended up getting a SFP 1-6X24MM ACSS from Primary Arms. Mostly for cost reasons. I'll probably get the Cyclops and a magnifier for the next build.
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