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  1. I'm on my laptop and it wasn't workin. Due to work I'm in an OSX and iOS environment so it should have been just fine.
  2. Is that video playing for anyone else? I'm gettin an oontz error.
  3. From what I understand he's been gettin blazed and playin video games with his kids on twitch, which... honestly seems like the most wholesome outcome for ol boy. Desus is doing a trial run on Kimmel during his sabbatical, he's gonna do just fine too.
  4. Surprised none of the old heads had started a thread about this yet. Sad to see one of our old own lose their show (although it seems to be a specific choice). From 12oz to victorylight.blogspot to podcasts to Viceland to Showtime. Still big ups to MERO for making me laugh for fucking years.
  5. Currently workin the DeLorean 3 in 1. Goin with the II config. I"ll post photos when done. Also, new app out utilizing visual AI to look at a spread of bricks and will show you what you can build based on what's there. Brickit. It's an open source model (or was) from stanford. we'll see what happens with it. I reached out to a really rad builder on IG and told em to get ahold and license their shit cus I'd love the ability to easily sift through possible furniture builds for minifig size architectural work.
  6. the.crooked


    it's pretty wild. This was his last marathon style competition. He's in his mid 30's also, if not late. He's done this before, and also done a pretty wild race in Europe as well. otherwise he lives the same dumb tech/career life that i do too. wife is a script editor/writer, two cute ass kids. just a wholesome ass man who entertains my dumb shit sometimes while continuing to be an absolute fucking monster on a bike. qualifications for the RAAM, not sure. I just know no one would be able to question his bona fides.
  7. the.crooked


    Buddy of mine just finished 4th in solo-mens in Race Across America. 11days 6hours and some odd minutes to complete 3000mi from west to east coast. what a beast.
  8. oh man, the fucking fungwah... also, this thread makes me all nostalgic for old ch0. everyone annoyed with each other. everyone dug into their positions. none of it fucking mattering one goddamnit bit. fuck boston.
  9. i'd love to be even less than a tourist.
  10. Good for you. Said sincerely.
  11. It's an independent war/crises journalism group. Some really solid stuff comes from them. I'd give them a look on twitter.
  12. Bellingcat seemed to think this was authentic. Which is fucking wild.
  13. It's most certainly sets in box. Lego rarely goes on sale, and even more rarely allows for retailers to put items on sale. So their prospective value in the market doesn't really dip. Some sets more than others will fetch more. Whether they are vintage or not. However, some collectors (myself included when not exactly sober) will pay for vintage sets out of box but with instructions. I have one set that I haven't put together yet that's from the mid century when they were being manufactured for Lego by Samsonite, of all companies. More recent sets that before they started doing second runs of them that were going pretty high in secondary markets were the Bonsai set, the Tree House, and from a few years ago the Architecture Studio. Three years ago you could still get that for under 200, I bought it last year at $399 unopened. Lego has stated they will never release that set again, hence the market spike. Ultimately it's like any other collectable. However, I think the pandemic had an impact on millenials and gen x that had time and cash to spare from not going out. A flood of demand and a lack of supply has jacked prices in the secondary market. I don't think there's a scalper/scammer effect yet, but after news articles like the one that got linked I wouldn't be surprised.
  14. RE: UCS Millenium Falcon: Fuck Yes. ETA: I built that Imperial Probe Droid two days ago. Not a hard build, but a little frustrating on the construction of the legs. Legit have thought about putting a lil glue in a few connections.
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