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  1. RE: UCS Millenium Falcon: Fuck Yes. ETA: I built that Imperial Probe Droid two days ago. Not a hard build, but a little frustrating on the construction of the legs. Legit have thought about putting a lil glue in a few connections.
  2. We have a few other sets: The Moon Lander ISS Space Station I'm gonna start building some MOC sets I think: https://www.brickvault.toys/products/eagle-5-minifig-scale https://www.brickvault.toys/collections/all/products/ucs-delorean-time-machine https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-26511/Pleasedontspammebro/1971-nissan-240z-fairlady-alternate-build-of-42056-porsche-911-gt3-rs/#details
  3. This has been one of my big return of hobbies during pandemic. I've done a few interesting ones lately, but only got a picture of a few: At-St from Mandolorian Y-Wing bomber Cameron Poe Black X-wing A few other Star Wars sets Moving into some other series of sets: Aston Martin from No Time to Die Half Dome mini set from Yosemite Smal Scale Grave Digger
  4. Legitimate question for @mr.yuck were you unaware of the your parent's financial situation that led to this reality?
  5. I'l be in VT in a few years and I'll happily get a few tax stamps then.
  6. Not saying anything you don’t know, but a vandalism charge is drastically different than a federal firearms charge. that said, back to the things that go boom. Ppls preferred shotguns?
  7. While I certainly have no intention of engaging in the manufacture of illegal fire arms as designated by the state I live in, I most definitely wouldn't be posting on here about it.
  8. Oh, if we're pullin out Ro, that's a whole other thing. Guerilla Maab - Speak on it (Zro was 19 here I think?) Same album, him and his cousins Trae tha Truth and Dougie D - Keep Watchin me Classic Z-Ro freestyle - Mo City Don Z-Ro - I found me Bonus Fat Pat - Tops Drop
  9. And for those that like Paul Wall, this song is still so fuckin good:
  10. Chamillionaire - oochy wally freestyle: Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - before the kappa 2k1 freestyle Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - xxxplosive freestyle Chamillionaire and PW - EI Freestyle And one from the one album they actually released together: I could do this all day. It's certainly a time and place, but this shit was huge in Houston. The whole era of independent tapes comin out in the late 90s and early aughts was so fuckin great to ride around bangin. My first car was an 89' Crown Vic that I promptly threw two very fucking cheap 13s in the trunk. Busted those shits real quick.
  11. CA says no sir, on my ownership of a threaded handgun barrel.
  12. He got super into investing and tech. As far as I remember he's just livin lavish off that money and just doesn't even care about rap anymore. Which was a shame, his freestyles were a mainstay of my teenage years. I'll see if I can find some of the best ones from their peak.
  14. Touching on the female rappers discussion; For whatever you feel about the content of her music one has to admit that Megan Thee Stallion can fuckin rap. Staying on the Houston tip though, any of y'all fuck with Tobe Nwigwe? One of the most original sounds out of Houston in a long ass time: Also nice to see Paul Willicky Wallickan back on a fun track.
  15. I missed out on the first one like a dumbass. Shared on IG, did all the things... just forgot to come and order it. So I would happily get down on another run.
  16. Handgun saga comes to a close. My father is gifting me one from texas that's not on the CADOJ approved list. Which is very nice of him. Going with an Arex Delta L Gen 2 (9mm): Big fan of my buddy's Arex Zero 1s as an alternative to CZ or Sig p226, but the deal on the Delta Gen 2 right now is too good ($485). Nothing but great reviews, and if my buddy's Zero is any indication of build quality, I'd much more enjoy this than a standard gen 3 glock.
  17. We lived in a split duplex in west oakland once. Front and back. We were chill with the people in back, partied together a lot. A few of y'all actually came to a party there once or twice. Towards the end of our time there, our windows started to leak a bit, but primarily in the backside apartment. We both email the landlord and ask him to do somethin about it. His response was to put THE LARGEST TARP I HAVE EVER SEEN over 3/4s of the entire building. This was a converted victorian, 2 story 2 apartment building. To this day I've never seen a larger tarp. There's photos floating around somewhere, I'll find em. The poor folks in the back apartment had every single window covered in blue tarp. They lived in this blue haze for months. We all eventually moved out, but by the time we were leaving, there were actual mushrooms growing through the walls. I took photos for them, and a few things that were going on in our side of the house too. Naturally the management company/landlord tried to keep the whole deposit on both apartments. Saying we left it trashed. They also didn't show up for the walk through. I took extensive photos of the cleaned apartment just in case this happened. I borrowed a family friend's legal letter head, and sent a strongly worded letter including a link to the photos I had collected over the last two years. Got our full deposit, and helped the back neighbors get their full deposit back as well.
  18. Salient is NOT CHEAP, but them some sexy guns.
  19. Found out it hasn't metastasized in our friend. Looking at options now, obviously not out of the woods, but seems like it may pan out alright.
  20. Found out this morning that a close family friend has lung cancer. Supposedly caught early, but hoping to hear more soon. Love to everyone here.
  21. I've fixed our dish washer a few times, but I have not had the wherewithal to tackle our clothes washer. If we were in a house and it was my money, I'd probably give it a go, but since I can just have someone come take a look at it and take it off my rent... I don't try. +1 on the manuals having most of it.
  22. No, I didn't. At no point did I reference today in relation to you. I assumed that you referenced two concepts that didn't make any sense when joined together, because they don't.
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