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  1. Part of the issue is that this is a novel virus. I know people here have heard the phrase, but I'm not sure people have legitimately considered the implications of that meaning. We are continuing to learn new things about symptoms, transmission, complications, treatment, every single day. PCR as a test only looks at one tissue in the body. Antibody blood tests are much more effective. Only research hospitals have the antibody test right now. There is a new finding that it can live in eye tissue for weeks to a month after the symptoms are no longer felt. We have friends in NYC and here in the bay area who are experiencing what can only be referred to as "flareups" of symptoms at days 40-50. And that doesn't mean that's when it ends. We don't know. My wife and I have been actively sheltering in place since late feb, only leaving for essential shit, and yet today, we both wake up with mild fevers. If we got it, you know why? Because even here, the single most abiding place to these dictates, people are still fucking off. Go look at the lake in downtown oakland, etc. People not taking this seriously are causing people to die. Not believing in the science is causing people to die. I have friends where both parents have it, and they are too poor to get treatment. It's a coin toss as to which one is likely to live and which one is likely to die. And for anyone who thinks there's a boundary condition to the government's responsibility to keep us healthy, "The pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Operative phrase being "to life." It just boggles me how many of you are rationalizing such insane shit.
  2. I'll start documenting more cooks. Also done a nice chili. Other simples like soups, and tuna melts. Did some carne asada on the grill, but some fuck stole the grill from my carport the other night... GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE TO GET A NICER ONE THAT CAN'T BE WALKED OFF WITH. Wife is going to love that conclusion.
  3. Banana walnut bread. Forgot the recipe. Pretty simple:
  4. Spam fried rice: Pretty self explanatory. If you have a Wok and gas range, I would suggest taking off the distribution cap that splits the flame coming out from the burner. Sets it more like a bunsen burner, but if you've got a good range it will function more like a wok station. Better for getting that maillard reaction on the cook.
  5. Made Carnitas recently: 2-3# pork shoulder (tied) modelo or similar mexican lager (half can) paprika adobo sazon (get that MSG in there) dried peppers 1 large yellow onion (quartered) 1 large grapfruit squeezed 2 limes squeezed grip of cumin grip of coriander salt pepper to taste grip of mexican oregano chicken broth (i used one quart) 3/4 cup mexican coke 8 crushed garlic cloves braised on low in slow cooker for 10 hours. Pork should fall apart at this point. Separate fat from meat Set meat aside with some left over braising liquid on top. Remove braising liquid Separate liquid from rendered fat (return rendered fat to slow cooker along with separated fat from meat) add 3/4 cup water to slow cooker Throw slow cooker back on to low for another 2.5 hrs to render more lard Blend left over braising liquid Reduce braising liquid over stove to concentrate. Once fat is rendered fully, break up meat into 2 inch cubes. Put meat in cast iron skillet, throw in reserved lard to fry. Once a good sear is on sides of meat, "shred" meat with fork and pour over reduced braising liquid (just enough for the meat) Cook down until no more braising liquid, and let it refry in the left over lard. CARNITAS
  6. Alright kids, get ready for a weird collection of photos and videos: First up quarantine started real saucey. Like, let's make bolognese and freeze half of it and use the other half for baked ziti: Primary recipe is just variant of Kenji Alt Lopez's from Food Lab. We sub out more beef for veal (2:1 beef to pork in ours). The thing that's most important, is the "umami bomb" mix that one uses: marmite fish sauce chicken livers All blended together. Add this to your browned meat which you add after you get your mirepoix nice and cooked down. I tend to fry some chili peppers and oregano in the oil before I toss the veg in. Gets some fragrance opened up, and gets more flavor into the veg as the oil cooks it through. Obvs a lil salt as after the onion starts to sweat. Get a nice frond on the bottom that you can deglaze with your wine. Contrary to popular opinion, I find a nice dry white does really well as the base, and contributes a nice color later (namely, not making it too red, for lack of a better phrasing). Once you've got your mirepoix, and your meat in and pot deglazed, drop in that chicken liver mixture (weird smell for sure, but please trust it will work so well. Cook this down for a bit until mixture is fully incorporated into meat base. At this point, if you've been making a sauce on the side, it's time to throw that in (i immersion blend whole or diced san marzano that has also been simmering for a while with some other spices and peppers. Add in a quart of chicken broth (I tend to buy whole chickens, break them down, save the backs and make broth with a roasted back and the left over trimmings from a previous nights veg prep). The one I added here we had made with some dried peppers that a friend grew as well. Just gives it a solid backbone in any usage. Now let that shit simmer. After a few hours of this, add in some heavy cream, and a little bit of pecorino romano or grana padana to smooth it out. Cook it all down for a bit, and then you're good to go. Cook your preferred pasta on the side, or cool it down and let it sit for a night to get even better. One of many shortly for me to do. There was a photo and a video but they weren't displaying properly, so I nixed em. I'll try to add them in another post.
  7. I made some pizza from scratch last night. Just thought you guys should know. I didn't take photos... We ate it too quicly. However, I did discover why even with a cold rise dough (my preferred method) you do really truly have to let it come to room temp before tossing. Even if the gluten gets to a good spot, it still just doesn't cook right. Could have been the dough mixture. For sure, but I think it was my fuck up in being hasty and not letting the dough rest properly. It was fucking delicious either way. What do people use to cook their pizza in when doing from scratch? I try to match the round to the cast iron we have, and then dress it on parchment paper. It's easier to cook it on parchment in a properly heated cast iron, than trying to drop a round into a floured heated cast iron and dress the pizza there.
  8. That's not how things work. Africa hasn't had its own pop yet, and everyone has been touting it as some miracle place. It's about to go off by all new projections min 300k will die. This is going to stick around for quite a while. This is going to continue. This is going to continue to suck. You will lose people you know. Places that are less populated will see this slower, but it will be there. And if those places do not take it seriously, it will persist there and spread back into more densely populated places after their own SIP procedures _should_ be done. We've already seen that people can likely be re-infected by the virus. Just get down with staying home if you can. This disproportionately impacts populaces that do not have a choice but to go to work or who have higher likelihood of comorbidities as a group , do it for them. Just stay the fuck home.
  9. Congrats my guy. Big moment to not be able to celebrate publicly. It's completely understandable to want it to be different.
  10. I would love to hear updates to this thread.
  11. FVHS. When my wife and I first moved to the west coast, we were broke af and this was simple retail therapy we could afford. Plus I love movies. At at this point I own over 2500 VHS. Some rarities in there: Fitzceraldo, Cannibal Holocaust, unopened CBS/FOX Empire Strikes Back, etc. also, mid century science and philosophy texts. Their covers were always so incredible from a design perspective.
  12. Watching some messy ass people on reality television and trying to plan a vacation on the low.
  13. DON'T TALK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN Sometimes you drunkenly buy clothing for your bengals and it turns out really well. @SukiSukiNowI showed up!
  14. PLEASE AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO @misteraven! Gonna cop some other stuffs on the same order. I'll take my discount and put it towards more stuff like a good capitalist!
  15. Watching American Gods while avoiding the housework I told my wife I'd do while she's workin.
  16. Forgot a photo, but if you live in the east bay, then catch a slice from Market Hall's bakery in Rockridge. Shit is my new fave for what I can get in the bay.
  17. Fucking working. Trying to social engineer my way into an admin pwd I lost for a staging database that I need access to so I can finish a fucking data feed for the most goddamn needy fucking clients ever. Don't take a director position within a company where you used to be a single contributor. You will never be left alone from your previous work no matter how much you delegate. /ican'tbelieveijustsaidthatlameshit
  18. Yo, you came through to Oakland once in like 2009, yeah? I'm pretty sure you came over with like 2 other oontzers, we smoked some weed, drank racer 5, and then we never saw each other again. Am I crazy, or was that you?
  19. Pizza Brooklyn post 1: pic 1 - Broadway Pizza - Fucking delicious. Just the welcome back I needed. Sauce was fuego. Size was great. Crust was crispy and flavorful. Classic NY slice. Pic 2 - Best Pizza - Pero, hipster food ccan be fire. This is fire hipster pizza. Frank L is doing some good shit. Fresh mozz and basil helps highlight the quality of the other ingredients. Paired with a pitcher of bud heavy is perfect. The light sweetness of an American adjunct lager carries the sugars in the sauce without making anything saccharine.
  20. Lobstah roll. It was fuego. Now I’m on a fucking Peter Pan bus that I almost missed because my wife HAD to go to CVS before hand. Then she almost pissed herself cus some dude fell asleep in the bathroom doin the heron. Had to damn near break the door down to wake em up. Fucking welcome back to the North East.
  21. At least there’s this:
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