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  1. Once seen a video of footage from a military chopper and they were strafing the area with some mounted machine gun that was evaporating these iraq soldiers. wasn't too graphic since it was like heat vision mode, but they spotted some dude in the middle of the field turbo pounding a sheep behind a boulder, they had a good laugh before turning him into steam with that damn mounted machine gun.
  2. A student in North Korea has been sentenced to death by a firing squad for selling copies of Netflix’s hit show Squid Game. He is said to have smuggled the banned series into the Communist state on a stashed USB drive from China. He was caught after selling copies to several people including fellow students, according to sources in the country cited by Radio Free Asia (RFA). It is understood he will be executed by firing squad – one of the brutal methods by which characters in the horror series are also killed. Kim Jong said you wanna watch squid games? hold up this mirror ill show you squid games ----
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