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  1. Not black forces literally but black forces energy----Dude is prolly in the Ukrainian consulate getting his duck sicked right now
  2. Moneybagg joe brought his number 1 shooter home to pop up on live----zelensky showed up to the white house in green nike tech with black air forces after spending yesterday at the war frontline----joe sending subs and laughing at putin "He really out in the field putting numbers up" when zelensky gets that nato chain it's a new era
  4. I saw an owl a few months ago on this trail I take almost shitted on myself---- I had never seen one in the wild till then---Usually you’ll hear birds making sounds n shut but this muthafucka was just sitting on a branch looking at me with them big ass eyes----Had to pull my phone out and do my googles to see what I should do----I just backed up slowly & kept eye contact with it to make sure it wouldn’t sneak on me----
  5. I remember when this track first came out it had the streets on lock dudes on the block were just on the wave basically everyone was on the goo goo dolls wave----I wanted to grow my hair out like dude with the frosted tips on some singing criss angel hype rockin a long leather jacket looking at the world thru a telescope type shit-----Almost copped a telescope cause of this video
  6. Little Caesars really is the king of pizza great bang for your buck, nice light crust, stretchy cheese, balanced flavor profile, aesthetic pizza box-------
  7. Got a family friend that has around 5 grand nationals, had a clip on my phone from his garage I'll check if I still have it
  8. Brehs how is this white shawty the prototype----lookin like a bitch from 1962 and 2022 at the same time
  9. Kreay is the homie irl----------------------------------
  10. This is how you know their tech is so fuckin old. they probably couldnt look at the pictures until after they were developed. "well i guess this will do "-------
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