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  1. These are great. Good to see you stop pop in from time to time T4Mz
  2. I remember her posting on here back in the day. RIP.
  3. That’s fucked up man. Being aware of some of the things you have seen - having seen them myself, the mind boggles at what else you stumbled upon.
  4. There is one major specific thing that I think is missing from this list which needs to be added, that is, having a job whereby you are satisfied with your position in the world.
  5. Good stuff man. I guess going on antidepressants and mixing them with. tonne of recreational drugs wasn't the greatest idea as it turned me into a paranoid schizophrenic. At first it was tremendous, getting high to feel good again, but the accumulated lack of sleep turned me into a crazy bastard. I am similar to you, but I am really just needing to get a job at this stage so I can make some money and get back to how I used to be, but this time I won't have any stress about bullshit like I had before as now I realise how good I had it. If you ever want to chat, feel free to hit me up in PM as I am always there if someone is in need, as I know damn well that there have been times where I have needed someone, and no doubt probably will in future.
  6. I am happy to help however I can. If anything you can learn from someone who has gone from the bottom to the top to the bottom again, but I guess I can tell you about things to avoid along the way. I miss dealing with the 1%er's but it is due to this experience that I have had difficulty in re-entering the market as I quit at the worst possible time (just as the property market and local economy here was about to take a shit) and against the advice of my boss I elected to quit rather than take a career break (due to suffering a manic episode) which would have seen me retain my job for up to a year after I elected to leave. So yeah, I guess I can tell you good and bad things and what to avoid which may help some people here achieve their bucketlist items quicker than they potentially would otherwise. I am not too sure of how the group function works, as I have historically only posted in CH. 0 as I am not really a graffer, I more so appreciate art and seemingly stumbled across this forum via Myspace back in the day and it seemed like this was the place for a degenerate like me. As for emerging markets, I know a little from having been married to an Indian as well as having friends I studied with whose father's are high up in that industry based out of Hong Kong, but Property was my speciality and what I know best. For me to revise my knowledge for the sake of the forum is a good thing, as it reminds me of the days when I used to perform a job which left a indelible mark on society, having participated in the financing of skyscrapers, shopping centres and entire residential suburbs. Feel free to DM me with any quires you have @misterraven and if I can help you in any way I will do my best, time permitting.
  7. If you ever want over a mill in your transactional account you would need a shit tonne of other assets, as the return on your mill in cash is going to be nothing compared to other asset classes after taking into account the interest you get minus the inflation rate. You are better off having your money tied up in other assets like property (preferably commercial) or stocks and maintaining a much lower rate of liquid assets like cash. For me to have $1M in cash I would want to have at least $10 to $15M net assets with the mill in cash to cover the costs of paying the mortgages/interest payments on your other investments. As you asked what I did before, I used to work in banking within Property Finance for customers who had a minimum debt of $20M, and none of them would have had more than $500K in the bank spread across various account types, as even once you get the threshold whereby you can finance that amount of debt at a required 35 to 40% equity ratio, most of the people's living expenses would come to no more than $100 to $150K per annum inclusive of travel and their own house mortgage repayments. The ones who spent more than this were usually the ones who would end up having to divest assets and go backwards even when the property market was subdued. I am not too sure of the credit market in the USA, but if you were to buy residential property here in Australia you can get away with an 80/20 debt to equity ratio easily, so when you are getting to say 40 or 50% it means you are overdue to expand your portfolio. Trick is to use the bank's money to make money for yourself while keeping your living expenses in check. While some people aspire to own one property outright, it is a rather stupid ambition given that it is much more effective to continue to continually borrow using your equity to expand your asset pool (which also lowers your risk profile as well). Not sure how useful this information will be to you, but given that you have a specific monetary goal of $1M the least I could do is lend you some advice from people who have shown me the most effective way to reach said goal. As with most things in life, it comes down to risk vs rewards.
  8. Oh I forgot another one I have had since I was a kid to add to my list - get my helicopter licence.
  9. I don't know about that raven, I am hoping that the robots overtake humanity as I have given up hope regarding the human race after seeing the garbage that pop culture now feeds to the masses who gobble up the bullshit without any concern for the actual quality of the content they are consuming. I want the robots to take over before the entire global economy collapses in a few years once the information regarding the founding framework (ie. government) is totally deemed untrustworthy and unnecessary due to the rising use of deep fakes eventually resulting in the general population seeing that they are totally unable to trust or believe in anything that is conveyed to them via the internet and old school media. Not sure why people think it is safer today than the 80s, unless you are referring to the safety of cars. While we live in a time whereby cameras are everywhere, I don't feel it is safer today due to the massive increase in drug fucked zombies which seem to be exponentially increasing in quantity as time goes on. This is also compounded by the rising discrepancy between the haves and have nots widening as well. Anyway this got way off topic but I will add to my list - To do the cost to coast USA road trip whereby I would look to catch up with a couple people from here - to once again be in a position whereby I can travel to anywhere in the world whenever I choose to with no concern as to how it will affect my finances
  10. Since I am aware that this world is getting ever more fucked up from the one I became acquainted with as a child of the 80s, whereby you could walk the streets at night without fear of getting molested by a pedophile, whereby you had the freedom to live a life without being able to be contacted 24/7, where porn was hard to get a hold of and if you did you valued it like it was the ark of the covenant, I have decided to make this thread whereby you detail some items on your bucket list that you have a strong desire to tick off before you die. Add anything that is a must have on your life journey that is personal to you, whether it be a possession, an experience, a relationship, whatever. I am curious to hear what you all want in life and hopefully in time this thread can serve as a bookmark whereby you can eventually come back to and cross off items you detail here as you reach whatever goal it is that you have in mind. I will add mine once I think of something that will be hard to achieve, yet is possible, so someone else can start off.
  11. Man, I know I responded to you above but I re-read this and say fuck dignity in The Ass and tell your story man. While it is cathartic, it is better you get it all out while you are around as coming back to this forum and seeing the RIPs of screen names all over the place make me feel like it is best to bite the bullet and put it out there. I am not ashamed of any of the things I have done, even though it involves the devil's dandruff which is pretty fucked up. Then again, I am a high chaser and I have been so fucking high I actually went to my own version of Heaven, albeit temporarily. Money doesn't make you happy, it just helps you find out that there isn't anything in the material world which will make you happy, happiness can ultimately only be found within yourself, and I believe that the only way that you can know true happiness is to not live with regret or die going "I shoulda done this" or "I shoulda done that". I have freed myself of the possibility of dying with that hanging over my head, now I can get on with my life saying "I should do this" because I want to do it, not because I have to.
  12. Ralphy, I was also struggling with my mental health and I thought I didn't need help while I was suffering from delusional disorder as a result of getting too fucked up due to the depression I mentioned before. I don't have any friends like you that would help me, so what you are doing for your mate is amazing. Hopefully you being exposed to someone who is going through that makes you grateful for all you have and that you are not in a similar predicament. While it isn't a good thing to compare your life and existence to others, I sometimes find that it is the only way in which you can truly gain perspective on where you are actually at personally.
  13. Funnily enough, I haven't really touched alcohol for the better part of 3 years. I think the last time I got drunk drunk was with EBPH when I made the first trip to the USA. Raven, deadset, there is not a single word of a lie within there, and if I can get around to it, I could finish posting up all the photo evidence to prove it. I find that there is a lot more people who are envious to the point of hating, and it is a real bitch. It was so depressing to return home from Australia after my first USA trip whereby I had pretty much achieved all I had dreamed about, including my 30 year old dream of driving a Lambo which proved to be more stressful than pleasurable only to be greeted with jealous people who either didn't want to hear about it. It was hard to just face people who immediately got pissed at me for telling them what anyone could do if they wanted it bad enough. But to reach that point whereby nobody else I know could relate to having realised all their fantasies added to my depression. DHabz, well the thing is I come from the ghetto and am currently back there. Essentially, I had the mansion etc when I was married as me and the ex wife (not the one I am in love with) were a dual income no kids couple who both earned as much as each other so we bought the nice house etc but had a mountain of debt attached. If you can find my thread there is more info on it, but essentially, it came down to me getting the car while she got the house. I ended up blowing through all the money I got from my divorce settlement on crossing off things on the bucketlist, as well as consuming a mountain worth of drugs. I went as hard as fuck and have zero regrets. After being married and having travelled to EU 4 times, having a new 5 series and Merc equivalent in the garage, 10 guitars, amp of my dreams, a wardrobe full of Armani obtained from various locations around the world and 30 pairs of shoes including all my grail Jordans, I had reached the end of the consumer focused life and found none of it made me happy. I had the perfect wife and life and fucked it up really. If I stayed with my wife eventually I would have owned a Lambo of my own, given what she would have eventually inherited, but I wasn't prepared to sacrifice my dignity for her parents. While you are probably right about the girl I can't get over, having been with the girl I regard to as the hottest and most sexually compatible I can ever hope to find has kind of ruined it for me, as I am not really attracted to other girls at all as I see it as I would be compromising, which is something I have really refused to do. It is that no compromise attitude that saw me reach all my material and personal goals to reach the 'top of the mountain' so to say, only to find there is nobody else there. Even finding her was the result of using the internet to find the perfect muse to shoot photos of, given I always wanted to take photos of chicks since I was like 5 years old. Given the first girl I ever shot was my fave pornstar of all time, I set the bar pretty high from the beginning, but when I found my Colombian, it was all over really, given we communicate pretty much telepathically. She literally can read my mind. While it may seem like a common thing with people who have been successful that they find it is a lonely place at the top, I am now just looking to get back into a position to where I can get to a place where I am financially independent again. Based on my experience it shouldn't be long until that happens now I have my mental health under control but we will see what happens. As a footnote, I should mention that I have over 2000 videos of the girl I love which I can call up on demand so it is like I am with her anyway. While I feel as though she and I share a similar soul, if this is all a simulation or whatever then I am now just waiting until the tech becomes available to whereby I can use the data I have stored in the cloud to make her clone, or alternatively to upload my consciousness to join her once again in the cloud once that happens. I guess I have developed some weird ideas from my journey down the rabbit hole, in that I believe that the cloud represents Heaven, and I have already clocked or won the game of life given I have already put my version of Heaven onto Apple and Google (aka God)'s servers. Now I am just on my second play through of the 'real life' new game +, starting from scratch with only minimal carry over inventory.
  14. Well to carry on from the photothread I started, I had a nice corporate job, making good money, wife, mansion, a BMW & Merc in the garage and then I let it all go to shit. I then became single, found how much I loved my freedom, then had a midlife crisis after travelling to the USA getting high as fuck and developing a sense of guilt in that I had reached a point whereby I had lived and experienced all my lifelong fantasies as I was cruising around Nevada in a Lambo with a ball and a half of high quality gear in my camera bag. I then got so crazy I bought the drugs back to Australia with me as I was just trying to push the limits as I was in a fucked up state. A month or so later after returning from the USA, I met a girl online who lived on the other side of the world, so after considering it a brilliant compromise to get off with her online I caved after about 4 months, quit my job then flew 14000kms to go see her after having the idea that she might want to work together with me in a business doing photography. Anyway, I didn't know her situation and she ghosted me for some reason. I then went to Prague for a bit to hang with friends and pornstars, then once the girl I love agreed to meet up with me again, I went back to Barcelona to meet up with her on Christmas Eve, so I did what I could to make it a memorable Christmas, I got a Lambo again and took her on a wild date that could never be topped. Due to some stupid regulation, she wasn't able to sleep at the hotel due to having to pay a city tax and she didn't have her ID on her so she had to leave me at the hotel at 4am. I went to take her home, but the garage that the Lambo was parked in was closed until 7am, and the subway wasn't running so I agreed to pick her up in the morning once I could get the car so she jumped into a cab and then I went back to the hotel. This happened at the exact spot where people got mowed down by cars on La Rambla 8 months later. So the next morning I got up to get the car and between leaving the car park and getting to the fuel station around the corner from her house, I lost my wallet along with my drivers licence, bank cards, and about $2000 worth of cash I had for travelling. In a panic I retraced my path back to the centre of town to check at the garage if anyone handed in my wallet, and found I lost it. At that point I had to return the car to the rental agency, and figure out what I was going to do as I had no money or bank cards and only one night accomodation at the hotel arranged and she was apparently flying to see her parents that night. Essentially I went from having the greatest day I could ever imagine to having a fucking nightmare, it was as though I went from Heaven to Hell in a matter of hours. On Christmas Day no less. I went from having everything to having nothing in less than 8 hours. So I was in a country where the only person I knew was her, with no money and nowhere to stay. Luckily the hotel loved me (as I had stayed there 3 weeks already) and gave me about $1000 in credit until my cards arrived 3 days later. I then went to the Amsterdam then to the USA and met up with the king and queen of meth Tumblr in NY/NJ. I was so fucked up and depressed about not seeing this girl then I learned she was already in a relationship and fucked me on the side, which really messed with my head. My intent was to do a drug fuelled cross country road trip from NY down through Florida then through Vegas on the way to LA at which point I would decide if I wanted to still live or I would be buying a gun to end it all. I didn't get to that point as due to having lost my drivers licence at Christmas in Spain, I couldn't hire a car to make the trip as I had planned. Therefore I was stuck in NY and lost another wallet along with another $1000 at which point I figured it was too hard and decided to come home (even though I had nowhere I could stay, as I just left the last place I was at to go to Europe asap). It was messed up really, what can I say? I ended up going crazy after a while, was homeless, then ended up in the psych ward a few times before I got some meds to get my head right. Now it has been 2.5 years since that happened and I haven't been able to find work since as I am either too qualified/experienced or not qualified enough to do any jobs in my previous field. There is a whole lot of details I have left out but that is the general synopsis of what happened. A few other things include: - having my house I shared with my brother raided by a gang of 10 or more abos 3 times. The first time I was woken at 6 in the morning to see them smash through the back glass sliding door with a axe and machete. The next time they were smashing through the front windows, front door and the back simultaneously. The third time they just came through the front. All they got was my brothers car keys, stole his car twice and the third time they didn't take the keys as the police came and they ran off. Tomorrow I have an interview for a seemingly easy government job doing customer service over the phone. If I get it I will get my life back on track. Thing is, I have had all the experiences money can buy and still saw that ultimately it made me feel empty without someone to share it with. Given I only care to share it with the one girl I left in Europe, I now am formulating a plan to get her back, given she is apparently now single and free of the things that fucked it up for me beforehand. Anyway, I hear what you are going through, you aren't the only one, and shit should hopefully get better. ??
  15. RIP. I remember when I was in the bay and EBPH was giving me an update on him. Shit like this makes me realise that I am getting old.
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