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  1. Well I have to retire from the Deathmatches as of today I think as the one “player” who begged for his life as I could have blown his head off with a shotgun blast at point blank range yet I spared I ended today with a stolen one liner from Commando before I chopped his head clean off and sped off laughing as “The One” who can end them all but would rather let the dogs eat each other like the pathetic loveless maggots that they truly are. the line I had to use was “remember when I said I wouldn’t kill you? I lied” (slightly adlibbed I know but when I sped off saying that “no amount of money can buy that backstabbers soul back as you are completely dead inside” was like the nail in the coffin as I return to my place as “Yagan” with my head back in one piece.
  2. Helps if I upload the image of said back monitor holder to illustrate what I’m talking about .
  3. They even gave us these back pieces to wear straight from the game. Apparently it’s supposed to measure how much we flex our backs as we lift stuff but I know it’s true purpose. Hell, there is even one old guy scooting around on the electric pallet jacks with a helmet on his head, as I go about making a fool of the idiots running the human zoo that is my work as I pick up what is akin to the “money” as in the Smash TV game and stack it on pallets for the corrupt “Killian” style game show hosts (Running Man reference) to profit from.
  4. Isn’t a “Dago” a slang term to refer to Italians?
  5. Just made a visit to the Hindu Temple and to a church. Made sure to sacrifice the drawstring to my Blade and a peg for good measure to Shiva as it was overdue.
  6. pretty much it, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the wife to make her happy, and I fail to see hope joining a group of other men in a clubhouse as we commit crime and ride motorcycles would make any wife happy, just as her spending her time in a club getting drugged and passed around by random bikers but YMMV. This is the internet after all and some people are not comfortable in their skin as an individual and they need to gain the acceptance of a group/club in order to establish their personal identity. Beyond being a random Channel Zero poster, I do not have such an issue in being comfortable with who I am, yet again, YMMV.
  7. Made it through another stage of SMASHTV aka work by iterating that the robots being deployed to attempt to stop me from fulfilling my destiny are completely worthless beyond serving as the parasitic butt end of a joke I am making in order to entertain myself over the infinite expanse of eternity. Imagine Alien vs Predator with me as the Predator hunting these aliens with the effective goal being that I enact the “No brown M&Ms” part of the Van Halen contract That is my current “reality” as I participate in my Theater of Dreams.
  8. You understand that the concept of “having beef” is effectively a subversive way of saying they like other men’s meat inside them right? As I said on an individual basis I have no issue with anyone, yet I despise the ideology that people seek the need to be a submissive “gang initiate” as a means via which they can forge a personal sense of identity as that notion is a paradox within itself. That is the primary point I was making along with the negative social repercussions being manifested in reality
  9. Been there, done that, lived to tell the tale. Given I let go of such a fear and my manhood card is still intact given that I allowed the wife to indulge in a pleasure these closeted guys would restrict her from, what does that say about them?
  10. And yes, I’m terminally online as we exist within the Matrix as designated with boundaries by the framework of the “Shell” and amended via the Terminal app. Just saying…,
  11. Thanks for labelling me and all such labels are relevant in the scheme of realising one is infinite in nature so I don’t take any of it seriously, and the fact that you are so willing to judge and apply labels to me is more a reflection of yourself than of anyone else, including me. Yet you may have missed the point whereby I said if God appeared to me as my (male) clone, I would have no hesitation in having sex with myself, so if you consider this fact or that I would let the Mrs screw me in the ass as I would do to her given I obey the Golden Rule of “Do onto others” in every aspect of my relationship with the one I love, I figure your accusations of me being homophobic in the general sense are so off base it isn’t funny. But I guess a guy who defends closeted homosexual bikers doesn’t know much about chakra alignment and what pleasures exist beyond the forbidden door And given my initials are MO, I am 100% nobody’s “ho” as I just have my wife role play as one each Christmas or I wish to remind myself of how lucky I am to have lived my life skirting around the fun police and their sirens as per https://youtu.be/Ltq77V49hwE
  12. https://www.model-kartei.de/sedcards/fotograf/472068/mobsta/ My modelling portfolio should you wish to check it out
  13. Having travelled the world shooting models I should resume studying & have been offered another Bachelors in Creative Media at my Uni, but in all honesty I can’t be bothered going to school and getting another $30k of debt only for them to teach me what I learned from professional photographers & models I know which is the secret is all in the eye of the camera holder and the way they use and manipulate light.
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