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  1. Perfect. Just perfect. Other than missing the oversize jeans, and perhaps a speech bubble with TPWF in big red text?
  2. Wonder why they never captured the purple hue of the paint in those images though. For any guitar players on here, try a Majesty and tell Me they aren't the easiest guitar to play ever made. My only dislike is due to the small body they don't sound as good as the other JP EB models but the difference in playability accounts and overcomes any tone deficiences IMO
  3. Nice. I want a EBMM JP6 BFR Bahama Blue 1 of 50 (preferably #4 or 45) and one of these which they are just coming out with https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-majesty-guitar-mystic.html My old SS Commodore had paint similar to the Mystic Dream paint, so it would be a 2 for 1 nostalgia thing for Me. Can someone post a pic from the link for Me given when I do I am still storage limited to 46.23kB and it wont let Me.
  4. ^ I think that tornado is just advertising for the new Twisters movie I saw a trailer of the other night, but I could be wrong.
  5. Was this the extent of it though with the recent allegations that have been thru the news cycle? (Also pics that still work are in the early 390 plus pages so I wasted time looking at 10 pages of nothing based on wanting to understand the significance of the monkey photo above) With this said, props to old Vince for taking a shit on the head of a woman who would have no interest in Him if not for the money and power be holds as a result of it. Not defending Arab Inst-toilet/cousin and camel fuckers by any means, the fact Vince got exposed as he has is why I view it as being a different thing entirely compared to the women who voluntarily opt to become camel sucking Dubai porta potties. With this said, I made a joke as I may have to leave the company I work for as they have become a literal "Shit company" with them now hiring porta potties as a main side hustle and I'm not sure how this aligns with My desire to have a uniform adorned with a logo that this city may come to view as being synonymous with portable shit tanks.
  6. Someone needs to photoshop a forklift driver with oversize jeans and a bloodshot alcoholic red DAO face screaming as they scoot around a factory, perhaps with a legendary SIK K piece on a box being carried by the forklift just to make this thread complete. Those who use the AI image generators, go to work.
  7. Also, having worked some shitty gigs the past few years, peak posting TPWF era DAO was the online incarnation of some of the forklift drivers I worked with, only booze infused as opposed to the hungover variety I had to deal with as a shitkicker. Makes so much sense in retrospect.
  8. I thought you were gonna fullon be an onion fan, but glad to hear I am not alone on hating the taste of onions to the extent we both do. The reason I said "Fuckwit" was due to the double entendre of us in Oz calling people "Fuckwits" similar to how we call people "cunts" with either of the duplicitious love/hate implications and thought that if I was to order a cheesesteak and use "Fuck wit" as in "Fuck that, I don't want none of that gross onion shit on My food you fuckwit" I wonder how it would be interpreted. Thanks for clarifying though, at least I know if I ever go back to the US and end up in Philly for whatever reason, I no to tell them "Fuckwit" when I order a cheesesteak as I mean it with the interpretation above of only tasteless fuckwits having chessesteak (or other foods) "with wit".
  9. I am kind of glad you confirm this to be the case. I view those who speak "retard" as being those who are unable to pronounce words correctly and this seems to be the case here as it is with those who verbalise "ight" instead of "right" or "lil" instead of "little". Speaking or spelling in "retard" isn't to be commended on any level, as it just reflects a lack of intelligence, effort, and respect for the purity of a language that was developed by generations of people much smarter than any of the retardspeakers who only do nothing but denigrate all the effort that gas gone into our universal language of English that I feel reached a zenith with the American spelling version of words. And given I exist and come from a country whereby an O is added to people's names that we shorten and butcher, I still feel there exists a difference between how we Aussies augment language and call people names like Shaneo when they are just Shane is different to the retardspeak I refer to above. While many may debate this fact, you have to admit that My "retardspeak" observation has merit as it not only corrupts and augments language to where it is only understandable to other "retards" who would argue that the Tower of Babel was the best idea ever given it lead to this world whereby we now actually glamorise and celebrate retards (using the Predator faced fool bearing the moniker Lil Wayne as an example). And I wouldn't order a cheesteak with onions as I despise them in anything but spagehtti source whereby they are so diluted in taste that they are unrecognisable, so what would I need to say to get this to be the case? Would I have to speak "Fuckwit and Fuckwiz"?
  10. Again it makes My point that these rappers can be easily mimicked and replaced with AI that far exceeds their abilities. Their value is effectively worthless at this point. So until AI can get the ability to even model hands to the extent it can replicate playing instruments such as the guitar and keyboards, "real" music shall always prevail as the dominant genre as opposed to this artificial garbage.
  11. You can call them a "poon". Not sure how common this is, but we discovered it from a guy named Murphy who was from North of the River here and when us SOR guys heard it we used it incessantly calling each other "poons". The meaning of "poon" is to describe a "seat sniffer" with a "bike poon" used to describe someone who smells bike seats after they have been ridden.
  12. As an Australian, I hated America for it's tipping bullshit. Make the price the price (with tax built in so I know what the fuck things actually cost) and pay people an actual living wage. Works in the rest of the fucking world so why am I bombarded with thieves in My pocket anytime I attempt to do anything in America as soon as I open My mouth and speak? These days I only tip the Asian busker guitar player chick in the city with whatever change I have on Me that day, or hotel cleaning staff in places I stay for 3 or more nights although I should stop doing this given that similar people took a newly opened bottle of My favourite cologne one time and i paid fuckers pistage costs ($50 or so at least from memory - this was 2011) at the Rembrandt hotel in Amsterdam to send Me the suit and tie I only ever got to wear once ever (at the Monaco casino whereby I trippled My money and gambled all night only to have the peasant French croups bitching about Me and the wife winning as tgey called Me kangaroo and shit).
  13. Do Americans ever use the phrase "Give us a ganz"? (Ganz = gander)
  14. Got the same story from Me being on wayyyyy too much amphetamine tablets and booze in the Windmill in Soho London. Said story might be detailed in My travel thread from 09 on here if anyone wants to verify, but it was fucked as after I had to get My suit jacket back after said bite saw Me ran from the place before security could kick Me out but they (the Bouncers and the Boss known as "The King of Soho" who we met at some point during that night who recently died the past few years) wouldn't let Me back in and My best mate said I missed the best part where all the girls came out at once and performed a choreographed routine whilst the Brazzo stripped I was temporarily in love with no doubt tended to her sharkbitten nip I left her. I probably blew £200 by that stage as I was ratfaced enjoying the last night of the trip before the horror flight back to Oz. Memories.......
  15. Sounds like you are speaking in tongues with that lingo. So you like onions but not cheeze wiz when you indulge in a cheesesteak if I am reading that correctly?
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