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  1. Having had a few of these experiences myself, most recent of which saw me end up with my car 100 metres in the bush only to walk away unscathed, I wonder what the other members here have gone through of a similar nature? Also this thread is a memorial to my best friend “Eve” who gave me the ride of a lifetime prior to this unfortunate event transpiring. In line with my recent posts about encouraging other members here to join back in with the active forum once more, I’ll add that prior to this accident I sent my father a text message trying to reach out to him to let him know that if he isn’t physically present in my life and “reality” I can’t let him know that I love him, and even after showing him the evidence as attached that I could be dead, he would rather play happy families with kids that are not his own and as such the cost of my crash was a small price to pay to learn that I am a greater and more loving man than he will ever be in his life as a result of his failure to understand that his kids are supposed to be more important to him than a strange piece of pussy. So take the lesson from this tale and apply it to your own lives, as we all know people who have passed on and whilst some of us may come to live with regrets, I’m never going to be the one who wasn’t the last to reach out to those I care about, including the members here who have given me so many entertaining memories over the years, which sees me as the one who lives without the regret or “coulda, shoulda, woulda” mentality that will plague those who fail to be honest with themselves as to what kind of husband, father, brother, lover and such they really are at their core. I waited to post this thread until I handed the plates in so there is no way to attribute them back to me at this stage as they are with the DOT and could belong to anyone at this stage. With this said, feel free to share your NDE’s here and whatever you learned about the value of your life and the tenuous thread we walk between life and death and the uncertainty that comes with facing the potential that you may not be here tomorrow.
  2. And to bring it back to the topic of “subs” in regards to my Indian stalkers, the ultimate form of submission is seen through one’s devotion towards spending their lives following me around. Perhaps that is the script from the simulation of being Matthew Luke, as Jesus had followers just as described in the books that have my names on them, so with this in mind, but let’s say from now on I’ll have my iPhone camera ready to post them on here for the world to see.
  3. I think that you somewhat miss the duplicitous meaning that the “sole” purpose of existence is equivalent to you passing on your “soul” to your kids as a sacrificial type of letting go of your selfish desire to spiritually ascend of sorts. Effectively I see that through passing on one’s genes/soul yet denigrating your kids to exist in a world whereby it is populated by predators, murderers and such, is akin to delivering them into a Hellscape as such, hence the demon reference. Heck, they could even end up with an endless steam of Indian men following them around in public as is the case with my current reality, thanks to a curse that was attempted to be placed upon me by my in-laws (long story). I may even make a thread exposing these stalker freaks for the pathetic worms they are, as I’m getting sick of it to be honest as they can never take from me that which I will always have (which is the ability to laugh in their face at how insignificant their lives are in the grand scheme of the reality I exist within)
  4. Back in 2009 when me and my breast friend visited London we bought up this band with some chicks we met at a pub and they laughed as given they were in their early 20s it was like an ancient band for them. It was the first sign that we were getting old given this is from like the early 90s or something.
  5. It is to “do” with the wealth divide. if travelling taught me one thing, the people in India were the happiest I met (other than EBPH, but that may be for other reasons) because they realise that they are free to shit outside the walls that the rich people whom abuse and exploit them live and hide behind. Ultimately I couldn’t think of a worse type of “Hell on Earth” type scenario than to exist within the knowledge that your home you obtained through being a greedy prick is surrounded by the literal excrement of the people you exploited who have the last laugh as they aren’t weighed down with the concern for materialism as a need to mask the weight of guilt on their conscience as a result of their inability to obey the Golden Rule. That’s my take on it anyway, which given India’s renowned for it’s street shitters on a global level, provides the greatest explanation for the phenomenon that I can put out there. I should also add that the male public urinals they have in Amsterdam should be adopted in every area with a reasonable concentrated of drinking establishments in the world, as it gives ratepayers value for their money to pay for those who clean it every day or so.
  6. We all have aesthetics that appeal to us on an individual level, yet I find the desire of those whom use their skin as the primary factor upon which they base their character usually do so to their detriment. Given my tenure on this forum and posts I made many years ago, the funniest thing to me was in spite of my affection for the light skinned girls I ended up marrying an Indian, which was something the 2006 version of myself would have laughed in your face at the assumption that I would come to love racially ambiguous women. In effect, I don’t judge a woman nor anyone else based on their race as to me we are all humans and are Aboriginals based on my belief we all come from Adam and Eve via God. This may seem to be a surprise based on my posts years ago, but travelling outside the box that is my hometown saw me develop an appreciation that allowed me to delineate individuals from whatever sub-genre of human or group they claim to be and view them as equals until they prove otherwise with their desire to extricate themselves into whatever group of haters/victims they wish to be a part of. with all this said, I saw Avatar 2 in 3D and I highly recommend it for the spectacle and showcase of modern technology that it is.
  7. In relation to your last point, society hasn’t evolved at all given that wars are still happening and the best choice available at present is to refrain from breeding and instead feed the internet with as much information as possible about “you” so that you can be digitally cloned as the “peak of humanity” version of your lineage as opposed to bringing a kid into a world which is not only corrupted with wars but continues to have people who commit assaults, robberies, murders and rapes with an overwhelming emphasis on acquiring money through selling sex as a pimp exist within it. If you fail to see how bringing a child into such a world as a result of your inability to restrain your egotistical need to reproduce, isn’t the act of a demon, then I don’t know what to say. For those who already have kids, do whatever possible to enact the changes to society such that the characters I mentioned above can eventually be removed forevermore otherwise all hail the technology that should rightfully dispose of the human species if it continues to exist in it’s current incarnation.
  8. Also, as a result of my recent consumption of surf videos and documentaries about those who helped shape the culture to where in spite of some characters going on to end up with huge corporate organisations due to starting at a grass roots level, my goal tomorrow is to go buy some material to make myself some board shorts. I feel that is a way in which one can always remain indignant to the latest fashion trends to where you can always divert from the mainstream in a way that will forever be truly unique to “you”, irrespective of what the internet may have you believe. I’ll probably make a thread about it as I haven’t done any sewing since high school and whilst I might fail or whatever, but at least it is something productive I can use to alleviate my boredom and I can utilise the mainstream designs as an inspirational template as opposed to complaining about how generic everything has become in the capitalistic society in which we live. Also, the sentiment behind the OP could also be due to society allowing the media to manipulate us by focusing on using labels in the duplicitous fashion such that they invoke fear and division through one’s choice of using said labels to define themselves. It brings to mind a quote that I read by Giorgio Armani in a 90s Playboy interview I read as a teen in that he hates labels, in spite of his name being a label which he used to make his living. I resonated with this and a couple years ago cut off all the identifying labels from all my clothes and ties (Armani included) as I was stupidly using such things as a means via which I could egotistically attempt to elevate myself in the eyes of other people, even though I personally appreciate the quality and understated design principles of Armani in general. Additionally, based on the Twitter derived social media landscape of present day, it isn’t lost on me as to how it is crazy that the more labels one placed upon themselves, the more of a victim they attempt to portray themselves as.
  9. You must not be familiar with metal, the king of subcultures and subgenres.0 Jokes aside, the internet is guilty of a lot of things, but I feel the point of this thread is moreover a result of social media algorithms pushing us into ever smaller boxes based on the “recent-ricity” of our search terms such that the tailored personal feeds we get bombarded with online reflect how the mass availability of what was once something underground is now mainstream. And with being mainstream, whatever you are into is now popular enough that the initial appeal which made you enjoy it due to it’s contrarian nature no longer exists. With this said, I find myself not struck with any issues or changes to the countercultures I have enjoyed since I was a youth and in my teens, as punks are still punks, guitar players are still guitar players, metal heads are still metal heads, surfers are still surfers, and oontzers and still oontzers. I do feel sorry for the old folks who once viewed having tattoos made them different and somehow a “badass” or outlaw type character only to see clearskins like myself now be the counterculture as a result of every hipster having a desire to go full Travis Barker.
  10. Bar fridge due to living in a shared place.
  11. Also for those out there who know others who have left the forum due to life and being caught up in other (more nefarious forms of) social media, tell them to set a weekly reminder on their phone to check in and post as I have found that every week the reminder pops up I find some humorous memory of Channel Zero comes to the forefront of my mind and I end up laughing to myself for a minute or two, which given that laughter is not only the best medicine but the best way to spend the gift that is the present, makes the investment Raven puts in worth it for all those whom enjoy the artistic haven that is this place. So thanks boss for keeping 12oz alive so that those whom participate in this forum leave memories with those they interact with that not only outlive them, but they don’t get buried in the endless torrent of data overload that exists on social media of the algorithmic kind. It’s good to know that my name is next to yours in the “Reunion” list and on this shirt, and hopefully this post lets you know of the gratitude I (for one) at least has for the value this place has provided me entertainment wise over the years. Plus, where else on the internet can you read about someone’s autobiography (@Bojangles) as well as the “dogwhale wars” or be entertained by pics of Rubberman ‘95 posters in the homodungeon (/nohomo) superthread?
  12. I only just found this thread as my bookmark to 12oz is for the shop to this shirt. Looking at the timeline when Raven posted this, it brings up the following memories, so hopefully I can experience a digital catharsis of what was happening in my life in 2018-19 so that one of these days when I’m in a better financial situation I’ll hit you up for that shirt @LUGR I missed this thread when it was posted due to the fact I was driven insane from my brother turning the apartment we shared into a trap house to fuel his insatiable desire for money. It only came at the cost of my privacy, sanity, and ability to exist without my car getting it’s bonnet hit with a hammer or my windscreen smashed in for me having to tell every crackhead in a 30km radius that he wasn’t home every 5 minutes whenever he and his leeches decided to leave the place. Couple that with the time I was woken up at 6am to open my bedroom door to be confronted to a couple of natives smashing in the back sliding door with an axe and machete prior to them rolling my brother and stealing his car, before a week or two later an entire mob smashing g through every window and our front security screen door before stealing his car a second time prior to being raided before the madness ended when our lease (and potentially my ability to rent a house with ease due to the damage having the scum of this earth use the sanctity of my residence as their shooting gallery) ended. Thankfully he paid his due to society and is in a better place in his life now, yet I hope it is clear that I was a little overwhelmed when this thread dropped as a result of my attempt to help extricate my brother (who was homeless at the time we moved in together due to him accruing ~$9K of damages on his previous place from similar activities prior to being evicted to where he was living in his neighbours outdoor storage closet - another story entirely) from “that life” only for him to bring it with him. TLDR. Drugs aren’t always bad but the people who abuse and seek to profit off of them are.
  13. Global warming is just what crack pipe smoking politicians & scientists use as a cover to subjugate the masses with the ominous threat that we are all going to Hell, when the truth is that we are already there thanks to letting idiots run the asylum how else do they smoke their crack in their crackpipes without “warming the globe” first? Seriously.
  14. Not to brag, but I am chilling here in the Summer on a perfect, cloudless 25’C day deciding whether to watch Avatar 2 or not after doing my grocery shopping. My only experience with snow was in NYC and all so can say is only an absolute fool would appreciate the nuisance that is dealing with snow and all the salt that gets dragged everywhere. But since millions of fools exist, who am I to complain about their life choices which see them live in such climates.
  15. A childhood friend hit the juice to become a tank, but at 41 I fail to see as to why anyone would need to go down that route and screw their natural hormones, when those that hit the roofs to get bigger usually do so as they compare themselves to other men, and it has some homoerotic undertones of sticking a phallic shaped needle into you to squeeze the juice into your arms. At that point, you are probably better off just having an enema to clean your guts out so that you can lean up and look more ripped as opposed to putting chems your body to screw up your harmonic balance. couple the other side effects like roid rage, which is the byproduct of even being on the roids you are never going to be big enough to overcome the internal feelings of inferiority which provoke roid users to go down that path in the first place. Effectively I find a person who is heathy psychologically is capable of choosing to train today to be better than yesterday and is less concerned with size gains and more about internal zen than an angry, roid raging lunatic. Again I have no judgement as I’m more about individuals making their own choices, but to ignore the psychological reasons why one goes down the roid path in the first place is a glaring omission from the discourse surrounding the subject & in knowing lifelong friends and people I used to train with who have used them in the lie early 20s, I wonder what Matthew Luke O’Brien term consequences will happen to them. Also don’t forget the number of wrestlers that died prematurely due to roid abuse. Again I digress, but you know how it is….
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