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  1. I remember her posting on here back in the day. RIP.
  2. That’s fucked up man. Being aware of some of the things you have seen - having seen them myself, the mind boggles at what else you stumbled upon.
  3. There is one major specific thing that I think is missing from this list which needs to be added, that is, having a job whereby you are satisfied with your position in the world.
  4. Good stuff man. I guess going on antidepressants and mixing them with. tonne of recreational drugs wasn't the greatest idea as it turned me into a paranoid schizophrenic. At first it was tremendous, getting high to feel good again, but the accumulated lack of sleep turned me into a crazy bastard. I am similar to you, but I am really just needing to get a job at this stage so I can make some money and get back to how I used to be, but this time I won't have any stress about bullshit like I had before as now I realise how good I had it. If you ever want to chat, feel free to hit me up in PM
  5. I am happy to help however I can. If anything you can learn from someone who has gone from the bottom to the top to the bottom again, but I guess I can tell you about things to avoid along the way. I miss dealing with the 1%er's but it is due to this experience that I have had difficulty in re-entering the market as I quit at the worst possible time (just as the property market and local economy here was about to take a shit) and against the advice of my boss I elected to quit rather than take a career break (due to suffering a manic episode) which would have seen me retain my job for up to a
  6. If you ever want over a mill in your transactional account you would need a shit tonne of other assets, as the return on your mill in cash is going to be nothing compared to other asset classes after taking into account the interest you get minus the inflation rate. You are better off having your money tied up in other assets like property (preferably commercial) or stocks and maintaining a much lower rate of liquid assets like cash. For me to have $1M in cash I would want to have at least $10 to $15M net assets with the mill in cash to cover the costs of paying the mortgages/interest payments
  7. Oh I forgot another one I have had since I was a kid to add to my list - get my helicopter licence.
  8. I don't know about that raven, I am hoping that the robots overtake humanity as I have given up hope regarding the human race after seeing the garbage that pop culture now feeds to the masses who gobble up the bullshit without any concern for the actual quality of the content they are consuming. I want the robots to take over before the entire global economy collapses in a few years once the information regarding the founding framework (ie. government) is totally deemed untrustworthy and unnecessary due to the rising use of deep fakes eventually resulting in the general population
  9. Since I am aware that this world is getting ever more fucked up from the one I became acquainted with as a child of the 80s, whereby you could walk the streets at night without fear of getting molested by a pedophile, whereby you had the freedom to live a life without being able to be contacted 24/7, where porn was hard to get a hold of and if you did you valued it like it was the ark of the covenant, I have decided to make this thread whereby you detail some items on your bucket list that you have a strong desire to tick off before you die. Add anything that is a must have on your
  10. Man, I know I responded to you above but I re-read this and say fuck dignity in The Ass and tell your story man. While it is cathartic, it is better you get it all out while you are around as coming back to this forum and seeing the RIPs of screen names all over the place make me feel like it is best to bite the bullet and put it out there. I am not ashamed of any of the things I have done, even though it involves the devil's dandruff which is pretty fucked up. Then again, I am a high chaser and I have been so fucking high I actually went to my own version of Heaven, albeit temporarily. Money
  11. Ralphy, I was also struggling with my mental health and I thought I didn't need help while I was suffering from delusional disorder as a result of getting too fucked up due to the depression I mentioned before. I don't have any friends like you that would help me, so what you are doing for your mate is amazing. Hopefully you being exposed to someone who is going through that makes you grateful for all you have and that you are not in a similar predicament. While it isn't a good thing to compare your life and existence to others, I sometimes find that it is the only way in which you can truly g
  12. Funnily enough, I haven't really touched alcohol for the better part of 3 years. I think the last time I got drunk drunk was with EBPH when I made the first trip to the USA. Raven, deadset, there is not a single word of a lie within there, and if I can get around to it, I could finish posting up all the photo evidence to prove it. I find that there is a lot more people who are envious to the point of hating, and it is a real bitch. It was so depressing to return home from Australia after my first USA trip whereby I had pretty much achieved all I had dreamed about, including my 30 y
  13. Well to carry on from the photothread I started, I had a nice corporate job, making good money, wife, mansion, a BMW & Merc in the garage and then I let it all go to shit. I then became single, found how much I loved my freedom, then had a midlife crisis after travelling to the USA getting high as fuck and developing a sense of guilt in that I had reached a point whereby I had lived and experienced all my lifelong fantasies as I was cruising around Nevada in a Lambo with a ball and a half of high quality gear in my camera bag. I then got so crazy I bought the drugs back to Australia with m
  14. RIP. I remember when I was in the bay and EBPH was giving me an update on him. Shit like this makes me realise that I am getting old.
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