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  1. I am on Ios ipad pro and it wont let me add images to my replies. Any idea why?
  2. Sorry guys, been the victim of uncovering some bullshit given I disappeared too far down the rabbithole.
  3. Hola all. It’s been a while, but a quick update on life over the past 10 years. Got educated. Travelled. Had a career. Got married. Got a mortgage. Got divorced. Hit the drugs. Found a muse. Created art. Lost my mind. 5150 was the number. (Become the lens for God to execute runtime experiments?) Here are the images from that time.
  4. Mauler5150

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    Glad to hear it man. You know much about Apple stuff? I swapped over completely after I lost 2 Windows 10 installs due to my old home network getting compromised and well, that is a long story. How's life been with you? Hope all is good man.
  5. Mauler5150

    Jesus, who in CHzero is NOT a faggot...

    Mauler - not a faggot. I have been busy the past few years. Travelling the globe. Met EBPH along with some other people not from the Oontz. Will share pics and tales of excessive debauchery if there is an audience for it.
  6. Mauler5150

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    I’ll try come back. Need some tech support. Apple devices. Seffiks and cases still around?
  7. Mauler5150


    Wow. I don't remember this thread. Probably a good thing
  8. Mauler5150

    Whatcha listenin' to..? *Music Thread 2016*

    Level 10 Zierler
  9. Mauler5150

    Whatcha listenin' to..? *Music Thread 2016*

    Devon Townsend. Anything else is just shit compared to the diversity in his discography. Buckethead's Pikes series.
  10. Mauler5150

    The Where Are They Now, prelude to a 12oz Reunion Thread

    Hi all. I am still alive. Currently in NY, who else is around from back in the day? I might go through this thread and see whose names I recognise.
  11. Mauler5150

    Travels with CALI...

    Cool thread. What type of camera were you using? I am currently on another euro trip and will have to post up some of my pic once I get home and sort through them (must have taken around 4000 or so so far!!). Not sure what the NSFW standard is around here these days, can you fill me in?
  12. Mauler5150

    Dear 12oz

    Where are my tictacs? This ish is weird...
  13. Mauler5150

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

    My doppelgänger from the What you think other users look like thread has passed. Shit is depressing that is for sure, but it is mad how focal the media has been about it.
  14. Mauler5150


    COS at it again. That didn't happen at all.
  15. Mauler5150


    Good to see you are still alive. That thread the original pic was from was teh business.